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3 March 2002 1881 Census page completely updated; Certificates page added; Bocking parish registers page expanded.
Gosfield Family Groups page:
   Joseph & Maria Jagger's family split off from Joseph and Mary Jeggo/Jagger's family.
   Text on Jeggo => Jagger name change updated.
   William & Sarah Jeggoe/Jigger/Jegger added.
   Thomas & Emma Jagger's family updated.
5 March 2002 GRO Marriages page extended to 1922 and some consequential additions made elsewhere.
9 March 2002 Gosfield, Halstead and Sible Hedingham added to 1861 Census page.
10 March 2002 Boyd's Marriage Index for Essex page added.
11 March 2002 Jegon Cambridge graduates added to Jegon Miscellany page.
7 April 2002 Sible Hedingham Parish Registers and Family Groups pages added;  Jegon Wills page added; minor changes elsewhere.
8 April 2002 GRO Deaths 1906-1939 added -- now complete to 1959.
10 April 2002 GRO Marriages extended to 1932; GRO Births extended to 1930.
13 April 2002 Bocking, Braintree and Stisted added to 1861 Census page.
John Jeggo + Rebecca Cutts marriage certificate added and family details updated in Gosfield Family Groups.
20 April 2002 Some details of Fred Jeggo added to Penny's Tree page, plus some further children of Percy.
27 April 2002 Further descendants of Fred Jeggo added to Penny's Tree page, plus minor changes to GRO pages.
4 May 2002 More descendants of Percy Jeggo added to Penny's Tree page (info. from Jill Jeggo).
5 May 2002 Essex Burials Index page added.
20 May 2002 GRO Births extended to 1949; GRO Marriages extended to 1948.
31 May 2002 Percy's Descendants split off from Penny's Tree, and Fred's Descendants and Leslie's Descendants (new) split off from Percy's Descendants.
Minor changes (eg GRO index details added) to Main Tree, Oliver's Descendants, Tom's Descendants, Walter's Descendants, Penny's Tree, Percy's Descendants, Fred's Descendants, Leslie's Descendants.
4 June 2002 Minor changes to Penny's Tree.  New page added: Descendants of Arthur T Jeggo (?1897 - ).  Details of James & Matilda updated on Gosfield Family Groups page.
5 June 2002 New info. from Jill Jeggo and Elaine Jeggo added to Percy's, Leslie's, Fred's and Penny's pages.
6 June 2002 Minor changes to Arthur T J's, Percy's, Walter's, and Penny's pages.
8 June 2002 Receipted bill in the hand of Charles Jeggo (1834 - 1912) added.  Two baptisms found in Halstead Parish Registers by George Weegar added.  Skiing photos added to Fred's page.  Minor changes elsewhere.
11 June 2002 Susannah Bridge née Jeggo:  added to 1881 Census; Fairstead added to Other Parishes and 1851 & 1861 Censuses; Gosfield Family Groups and Main Tree (Joseph & Maryann and descendants) updated.
14 June 2002 Minor changes to Penny's and Leslie's pages.
19 June 2002 Bocking Parish Registers page extended.
22 June 2002 Boyd's Marriage Index, Essex page extended.
30 June 2002 Photos of Tom and Ada Jeggo added.
15 October 2002 Further information found by George Weegar added to Halstead Parish Registers.  Information from John Cutmore added to Oliver's tree.
20 October 2002 New page Jethro Jeggo & Descendants added, and related changes made to Certificates and James & Matilda section of Gosfield Family Groups.
10 November 2002 1901 Census page started, and consequent changes made to James & Matilda in Gosfield Family Groups and to Jethro Jeggo & Descendants.  Gerald Fowler added to Penny's Tree.
13 November 2002 1901 Census page enlarged, and consequent changes made to Joseph & Maryann's tree.
22 November 2002 New pages: Jack Jeggo (1857-1943) and Descendants and "The Family Register".
29 November 2002 Church Lawton, Congleton and Shrewsbury added to 1901 Census.  New pages for Dan Jeggo (1868-1955) and Robert Jeggo (1863-1935) and their descendants. Tom's, Walter's, Jack's, and Oliver's pages updated.  Consequent changes to Joseph & Maryann's Tree.  Birthdates from "The Family Register" added to all the foregoing.
1 January 2003 Separate page created for Charles & Sarah Jeggo and their descendants. Stanley Jack J added to Dan's page. 1901 Census - details of rest of Charles's children added, with consequent additions to Charles's & other pages.  Monumental inscription for William & Susannah Jeggo added to Great Warley parish details.  Marriage of John Jeggo and Ann Jarvis at S. Weald added to 'Other Parish Registers' page.
6 January 2003 Gosfield, Colney, Bocking, Takeley & Halstead added to 1901 Census page, and consequent additions made to Penny's Tree, Percy & Descendants, and Gosfield Family Groups inc new family Charles & Emily.
10 January 2003 Brentwood, Coggeshall and Stisted added to Other ParishesWilliam & Elizabeth in Gosfield Family Groups updated and their daughter Susannah's b cert added to Certificates.  John & Ann (Brentwood) and William & Susannah Mary (Great Warley) added to Other Family Groups page.
12 January 2003 Details of Thomas Carmelo Jeggo and family added to Jack's page.
16 January 2003 What is a cordwainer? John Golden Jeggo's details expanded.  Jeggo Identity Parade (1.1 MB).
18 January 2003 Jeggo Identity Parade 2 (700 KB).
21 January 2003 Some details (found on official Australian websites) on Noel Jeggo and Marian Leah Jeggo added.
30 January 2003 See Patrick Jeggo's paintings.  Acton, Islington, Kensington, Kenwyn, Lambeth, Warley Barracks and Wormwood Scrubs Prison added to 1901 Census page.
7 February 2003 Cann Hall, Danbury, Dunmow Workhouse, Gillingham, Great Maplestead, Kingston Barracks, Portsmouth, Wood Green, Wrotham and some Jaggers in Bocking added to 1901 Census page.  Photograph of Peter Brian Jeggo & family added.  Three certificates concerning Fred Jeggo added and Fred's details updated.
9 February 2003 Great Warley added to 1841 and 1851 Censuses.
14 February 2003 Bromley, Chiddingfold, Claybury Asylum, Colchester added to 1901 Census.  Jeggo Miscellany and Jegon Miscellany updated regarding sums of money quoted in SEAX.
20 February 2003 1901 Census page completed with addition of summary of searches carried out.  Monumental inscriptions added to Halstead Parish Registers.
21 February 2003 Jaggers in Hackney and Hampstead added to 1881 Census page.
28 February 2003 GRO Deaths extended.
13 March 2003 Charles Jeggo's birth year corrected.
27 March 2003 Halstead Holy Trinity:  marriages extended to 1909.  Braintree added to 1851 Census.  Great Saling added to 1861 Census.  Minor revisions to 1871 Census page.
30 March 2003 Gosfield parish registers extended, baptisms to 1930, marriages to 1913;  three families added to Gosfield Family Groups - Charles William & Alice, Alfred & Kate, and Percy & Annie.
3 April 2003 A poem, etc., by Sylvia Hughes née Jeggo added.
6 May 2003 Halstead Parish Registers page extended.
2 June 2003 Further info. on Thomas B Jeggo and Jane added.
22 August 2003 A photograph (83 KB) of Joseph Jeggo (1804-1875) added.
30 August 2003 A note re. the birthplace of Sarah Ann Jeggo added to the 'Gosfield Family Groups' page.
5 September 2003 'Jeggo Identity Parade' page updated and links to it added elsewhere.
9 September 2003 'Jeggo Identity Parade 2' page updated and 'ID Parade 3' page added, and links to them added elsewhere.
12 September 2003 Three more of Gill Law's photographs added to 'Jeggo Identity Parade 3'.
24 September 2003 'Jeggo Identity Parade 4' page added.
8 October 2003 Photograph of Fanny Jeggo added to Dan Jeggo's page.
14 October 2003 Dan Jeggo's page updated, including the addition of several photographs.
18 October 2003 A sixth photograph added to Jeggo Identity Parade 4.
19 October 2003 Law Family Photographs added, and a better photograph of Tom Jeggo (1866-1918) substituted.
20 October 2003 Some photographs of Leah Jeggo added.
3 November 2003 More details about Leah Jeggo added.  Birth certificate of James Jeggo/Jagger added.  Minor changes to Tom Jeggo's page.
5 November 2003 Photograph of Oliver Jeggo added.
19 November 2003 Certificates re. Oliver Jeggo added to Certificates and Oliver's page updated, including the addition of images from "The Gamekeeper".  More photographs of Oliver added.
22 November 2003 More photographs of Oliver and his descendants added.  Oliver's page updated.
31 December 2003 Photographs of Lyn Jeggo added.
6 January 2004 East Hyde baptisms added, and consequent minor changes elsewhere.
7 January 2004 Another set of Gill Law's photographs added.
9 January 2004 Charles and Sarah's marriage certificate added, and consequent additions elsewhere.
10 January 2004 Dan Jeggo identified in Fred Jeggo's wedding photograph.  Minor revisions scattered elsewhere.
11 January 2004 Some photographs from Charles and Sarah's, or Leah's, album added, plus a few changes to photograph captions elsewhere.
16 January 2004 "The Green Man" (ie, Maryann Jeggo's parents) added to 1841 Census.  Another poem and photograph added to Sylvia Hughes's page, and some associated changes to Dan Jeggo's page.  Minor revisions elsewhere.
17 January 2004 Fanny Jeggo found in 1891 Census in Bath.
18 January 2004 A few people named Jago added to the 1861 and 1881 census pages.
19 January 2004 Details and photographs of Rebecca Jeggo and others added.
21 January 2004 Some general information moved off home page to separate pages, including revised general information about GRO Indexes and FreeBMD.
22 January 2004 Press report of Fred Jeggo's wedding (1915) added and photograph caption revised.  Five more photographs from Leah's/Charles & Sarah's album added.
27 January 2004 Revising home page.
31 January 2004 Revising home page - added draft of proposed new home page.
1 February 2004 Revising draft new home page and draft 'What is on This Site'.  Site map added.
2 February 2004 Revising drafts of new home page and 'What is on This Site'.
3 February 2004 Minor changes to A Jeggo Miscellany and A Jegon Miscellany.  Section arguing that Jeggo might be a variant of Jegon moved to The Surname Jeggo, and now includes a piece about Earls Colne village records.  'What is on This Site' completed.
4 February 2004 Three more photographs added to Identity Parade 8.
10 February 2004 A page of Huguenot Records added, and the Huguenot hypothesis added to the The Surname Jeggo.
12 February 2004 New page - Castle Hedingham parish registers.
16 February 2004 Halstead Parish Registers page extended.  Additions to Other Parish Registers.  Consequent revisions to Gosfield Family Groups.
20 February 2004 Halstead Nonconformist Registers page added, and consequent revisions to Gosfield Family Groups.
23 February 2004 Ernest Henry & Lilian added to Gosfield Family Groups.  New home page substituted for old one.
24 February 2004 Photographs added to 'Law Family Photographs'.  Congleton press cuttings added to Dan Jeggo's page.
25 February 2004 New page: Early Jeggo References in the IGI.
8 March 2004 Boyd's Marriage Index for Suffolk added.
14 March 2004 "Charles Jeggo - Gamekeeper at Lilleshall" added.
22 March 2004 Robert Jeggo's page expanded, thanks to Arthur Jeggo in Canada.
24 March 2004 New page: Early Jegon/Jiggon References in the IGI.  Further details of Bill Jeggo and others added to Tom Jeggo's page.
25 March 2004 Minor changes to Charles Jeggo's page and Law Family Photographs regarding "The Bungalow" and where Osgood Jeggo lived in Penkridge.
2 April 2004 Some Suffolk entries added to Other Parish Registers, and details of Joseph and Elizabeth's marriage at Lidgate added to Penny's Tree.  Information about Charles Jeggo's retirement home, Acacia Cottage in Lilleshall, added.
12 August 2004 1891 Census updated, including Charles & Sarah's daughter Ada found in Lambeth, and consequent minor revisions elsewhere.
18 August 2004 Further additions to 1891 Census, with consequent minor updates elsewhere.
26 August 2004 Further additions to 1891 Census, including Oliver Jeggo in Market Drayton.  Some Jaggos added to 1881 Census. Joseph Jeggo Damaging Leeks added to a Jeggo Miscellany.
28 August 2004 Two entries added to 1871 Census. Jack Jeggo's page updated.
9 September 2004 Minor additions re Frank David Jeggo added to Penny's pageLawton Hall added to 1901 Census.
2 October 2004 Minor additions concerning (1) Jack Jeggo's family and (2) Fred Jeggo in Ashtead.
7 October 2004 Information on Frank David Jeggo (1891-1980) and descendants split off from Penny Jeggo's tree as a separate page.
25 October 2004 New page on Electoral Registers added, including only Ashtead, Surrey, to start with.  This resulted from researching my great-uncle Fred, gardener, whose details have been updated.  A few minor changes elsewhere.
10 November 2004 Details of Frederick Joseph Jeggo (1909-2002) added to Penny Jeggo's tree.
24 November 2004 Photograph of Fred Jeggo's house in Ashtead added.
27 November 2004 Details of Martyn Jeggo added to Penny Jeggo's page.
27 December 2004 Leah Jeggo's marriage certificate added to Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.  Details of Fred Jeggo (Ashtead) split off to a separate page and a photo and some new information added to it.
28 December 2004 "Charles Jeggo - Gamekeeper at Lilleshall" and Acacia Cottage in Lilleshall split off from Charles Jeggo's page to separate pages.
29 December 2004 Leah Jeggo's details updated.
24 January 2005 Tom Jeggo's page updated (children of Martin Jeggo & Samantha Jordache).
17 February 2005 Further information about Stanley Noel Jeggo added to Robert Jeggo's page.
4 March 2005 Walter's page updated (info re Scott Jeggo) and photograph of Jack Jeggo's descendants added.
30 March 2005 Minor amendment to The Family Register.
8 April 2005 Richard Jeggo and family (Halstead) added to 1871 Census.
9 April 2005 Added to Dan Jeggo's page:  photograph of Charles Frederick Jeggo, and links to Maric Jeggo Gilbert's wartime story.
28 June 2005 Details of Arthur Frank Jeggo added to Frank David Jeggo's page. Dan Jeggo's page updated.
29 June 2005 Identity Parade 9 added and links between Identity Parade pages improved.
20 July 2005 Minor additions to Frederick Joseph Jeggo's and Arthur Frank Jeggo's details.
21 July 2005 An update to Jethro Jeggo's page.
29 December 2005 Photo of Oliver Jeggo and his falcon added to the Oliver Jeggo photographs page.  John Jeggo's date of birth revised to 1814±3.
6 January 2006 Information from Audrey added to Jack Jeggo's page and to Ada's section of Charles Jeggo's page.
15 February 2006 Photo No. 16 of the Identity Parade thought to be Oliver Jeggo; details of Ted Jeggo added to Oliver Jeggo's page.
17 March 2006 Rebecca Larter's year of death corrected on Rebecca Jeggo's page.
18 November 2006 Marriages of James Symonds to Emily Jeggo (1862) and of Jane Smoothy Ratcliff to Thomas Bailey Jeggo (1858) added to GRO Marriages.
21 November 2006 Many spouses added to GRO Marriages, courtesy of FreeBMD.
22 November 2006 Tom Jeggo's and Frank David Jeggo's web pages updated.
26 November 2006 An error in Richard & Emma's Family Group (there was only one Emily, not two) corrected, with corroborating certificates added.
18 February 2007 A photograph of Oliver and Elizabeth Jeggo and their family added, and minor updates to Oliver Jeggo's page.
21 April 2007 A better photograph of Oliver and Elizabeth Jeggo and their family substituted, a photograph of the wedding of Ted Jeggo (sen) and Mina added, and a minor update to Oliver Jeggo's page.
7 August 2007 Internal link added in Gosfield Family Groups.
19 January 2008 Further details of Scott Jeggo added, plus a few other updates on Walter Jeggo's page.
24 June 2009 Poplar Jeggoes added to 1881 Census.
4 July 2009 Minor update to Halstead Parish Registers re 1849 burial of Thomas Jeggo
1 August 2009 Leo Redman's info re Mary, daughter of Alfred & Kate, added.
26 September 2009 Leo Redman's info re Rose Amy Burst née Jeggo (daughter of Alfred & Keziah) added.  Also, details of Alfred & Kate's family group updated.
24 October 2009 Updates to Charles Jeggo (1834-1912) and Descendants and Law Family Photographs based on information provided by Barbara Avis née Law concerning the large Law family photograph and its subjects.
2 November 2009 Julia Jeggo's marriage certificate added.
3 November 2009 Dates of burials at Hadley of Walter (1943), Mary (1970) and Jack (1991) Jeggo added to Walter Jeggo's page.
27 November 2009 Young Thomas Edward Jeggo, son of Scott & Claire Jeggo, added to Walter Jeggo's page.
15 January 2010 George & Emily family group updated.  Minor edits to home page.
18 January 2010 James & Matilda and Charles & Emily family groups and Jethro Jeggo's page updated.
26 January 2010 Minor updates to Jeggo Identity Parade 8.
8 July 2010 Other Family Groups and Jeggo Miscellany updated with information about the fire insurance policy of John Jeggo, peruke maker of Great Warley.
10 July 2010 The story of Thomas Jeggo and the silver watch added to the Jeggo Miscellany page.
28 December 2010 New pages The Jeggo - Bournemouth - Dacombe Connection and Some Dacombe Wills added.  Links added to Gosfield Family GroupsSite map updated.  Photo no. 15 on Jeggo Identity Parade 4 identified.
25 March 2011 Details of Delith/Delyth Jeggo's marriage added to Jethro Jeggo's page.
18 August 2012 James & Matilda's entry added to the 1871 Census page.
6 November 2012 Broken hyperlinks on 'The Jeggo - Bournemouth - Dacombe Connection' page repaired.
8 November 2012 Minor edits to 'The Jeggo - Bournemouth - Dacombe Connection' page.  John/Joan Jeggo Dacombe's death found as 'Dackombe'.
9 November 2012 More minor edits to 'The Jeggo - Bournemouth - Dacombe Connection' page to make it more consistent with the Dackombe/Dacombe website.
15 January 2014 Further info. on Stanley Jeggo added.
20 August 2015 Death of Arthur Jeggo added.
22 January 2016 Wedding photograph - Dorothy Jeggo and Ron Pirie, 1944 added.
5 September 2016 Martha Jeggo's marriage certificate added and consequent edits made to the 'John & Rebecca' Gosfield Family Group.
10 September 2016 Martha Jeggo's birth certificate added and consequent edits made to the 'John & Rebecca' Gosfield Family Group.
23 June 2017 Michael Kirby Jeggo's death recorded.
7 September 2018 Contact phone number updated on home page.
31 January 2021 Two Thomas Carmelo Jeggo drawings added to the TCJ photographs page.
10 April 2021 Will of Thomas Jeggo (d. 1844 @ Gosfield) added to the Jeggo Wills page. Also added to the Jeggo Wills page were cross-refs back to family groups.
11 April 2021 Tony & Pam added to Gosfield Family Groups.
12 April 2021 1862 Baptism of Alice Jane Jeggo in Great Saling added. Details added to Thomas & Sarah and Thomas Bailey Jeggo & Jane.
14 April 2021 Newspaper report added showing that Thomas Bailey Jeggo was a churchwarden at Great Saling. Site map updated.
15 April 2021 Generation numbers added to some family groups in Gosfield Family Groups. Benjamin Cook added to GRO Index to Marriages 1852.
16 April 2021 Generation numbers added to some family groups in Gosfield Family Groups. Penny Jeggo's Tree tidied.
17 April 2021 Generation numbers added to some more family groups in Gosfield Family Groups. Jethro Jeggo & Descendants tidied.
19 April 2021 Minor edits to Gosfield Family Groups and Robert Jeggo (1863-1935) and Descendants. Charles & Ellen Jeggo and descendants page added.
20 April 2021 Details added to Leslie Jeggo (1921 - 1990) and Descendants and Frank David Jeggo (1891-1980) and Descendants.
22 April 2021 William & Catherine Jeggo/Jago in Poplar page added with related changes elsewhere. Site map updated.

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