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Records of Castle Hedingham Estates (Majendie Family)

English copy of survey by Israel Amyce of Hedingham Castle estate in Bulmer, Finchingfield, Foxearth, Gestingthorpe, Gosfield, Halstead, Castle Headingham, Sible Headingham, Gt. Maplestead, Belchamp Walter and Great Yeldham, 1592. [mid 18th century copy]  (SEAX Ref. No: D/DMh/M2)

Gives detailed descriptions of properties with tenants, rents and acreages but no maps.
Properties inc. manors of Hedingham Borough and Hedingham Upland, Castle Hedingham, with detailed particulars of the castle, manors of Prayors alias Bowerhall and Grays, Sible Hedingham, Peppers and Pevers Farms, Sible Hedingham, Park Farm, Gestingthorpe, How Farm, Halstead, the Nunnery, Castle Hedingham, with lands inc. the Rectory of Gosfield.
Inc. alphabetical indexes of tenants and properties
At rear, list of copyhold and freehold lands held of the manor of Hedingham Upland by the late Edward Bullock and purchased by Joshua Gee, 1717;  later pencil and ink notes re. tenants and properties throughout the survey.
For original Latin survey with maps see D/DMh M1;  for map containing information from survey see D/DMh P1

From p.68:  John Jaggon holds by Coppy of Coart Roll one close called Mollan lying between Land of Heddingham Nunnery Called Blacke More towards the east and a free tenement ---- ?Fryen? in part the Customary Land of the said Manner called Great Collens (?/Collem/Callem?) in part towards the West and Containeth ---- for which he pays to the Lord of this Mannor yearly 4s.
The Same holds likewise one tenement situate at the Padduck gate to a hop ground to the same belonging and ajoyning and Containeth two ackers for which he pays to the Lord of this Manner by the yeare 8d.
The Same hold likewise one piece of the ?Was.. of this Manner parcell of Rusle Green lying between Lands of the said John and Contains twenty pole for which he pays to the Lord of this Manner by the yeare 6d.

From p.119:  John Jeggen holdeth at the Will of the Lord from yeare to yeare one croft of Land Called Nouns Croft (marginal note:  Nunns Croft) lying in the parish of Gestingthorpe that is to say between the lands of John Wentworth Esq. towards the North east and a field called home field belonging to the farm call ?Parkes? towards the South South west one head thereof abuteth upon a Croft of Land called Five Acre (Acker) Croft parcell of the said farm Called Parke(s?) towards the east the other head abuteth upon the lane leading from Castle Heddingham towards Gestingthorp and containeth four acres for which he payeth yearly at the feast aforesaid by equal portions ten shillings.

Deeds of Land in Sible Hedingham (SEAX Ref:  D/DU 536/6)

1 June 1606.  Quitclaim
John Potter of Colne Engine, Edward Harrington, son of Henry Harrington of Sible Hedingham, Thomas Cornell of Sible Hedingham and John Cornell, his brother, of Gosfield, yeoman to Thomas Jegon of Sible Hedingham, D.D.
Messuage or tenement sometime called Theboldes and of late Cowleheards in Sible Hedingham, sometime in the tenure of William Cornell and afterwards of his mother, Anne Cornell
[For court rolls of the manor of Wethersfield, 1514-1603, see D/DFy M14-21

Calendar of Sible Hedingham Charity Deeds (SEAX Ref:  T/A 225/33)

Jegon's Charity

12 March 1610/11.   Surrender for use of will
Tho. Jegon, professor of theology
Lands and tenements copyhold of manor of Prayors in Sible Hedingham
Court of Eliz., Countess of Oxford  Steward:  John Wright

Sessions Roll 324 - Easter 1645 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 324)

General Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 15 April 1645

32.  30 March 1645.  Indictment of John Coppinge, Nicholas Bragge, Josias Bowtell jun., Barthw. Browne, Robert Tiler, George Fynch and John Betts, all of "Hedingham Sible" labourers, together with divers unknown malefactors, 30 March, being Sunday afternoon at the time of divine service and in the singing of the psalms before the preaching of the word of God, riotously entered the parish church and disturbed the congregation, and said these words in a loud voice, viz., "All that are for Jesus Christ singe the eleven and twentieth Psalme", and thereon the said malefactors read and sang the psalm at their own setting (appunctuacionem) to the great disturbance of the people in the church, by reason whereof John Lock clerk, curate of John Jegon clerk, rector thereof, peaceable called on the constables of the parish being present to cause the malefactors to desist upon which Bragge and Betts, together with Copping, Bowtell, Bowne, Tiler and Fynch, assaulted Joseph Hart and William Kempe one of the constables, on which divers women in the church exclaimed in a loud voice, "Oh my husband, Oh my brother", and the whole congregation left the church in great fear and terror, leaving the malefactors to pursue the tumult.
Witnesses:  John Kinge, Robert Mason, Ann Last. True bill against Betts for breaking the peace and for striking the constable in the chancel;  true bill against Copping for "singeing of one other psalme after ye the usual Church Clarke had sett a psalme as he formerly used to doe, which was to the disturbance of the Congeraycion";  "ignoramus for all the rest mentioned in the Bill".  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 324/32)

110.  23 March 1645.  Indictments (True Bill in every case) of John Neweman, John Coppinge, William Butcher "at style", Ralph Gilbert and George Dilkes, all of "Hedingham Sible" labourers, with divers other malefactors whose names are unknown, 23 March, in the afternoon in the time of divine service in the church there, riotously entered the church and so disturbed the whole congregation whilst John Locke clerk, the curate of John Jegon clerk, the rector, was reading the first lesson (notwithstanding the order of Arthur Barnardiston, justice, then present), that Locke was forced to stop, whereupon Barnardiston on joined (precipit) Locke to name and chant the psalm in preparation for preaching the word of God, and on this Newman (and the others) said these words in a loud voice, "All:  All:  All:", and made so much noise in the chanting of the psalm that the greater part of the congregation were in great fear and obliged to leave the church, and Barnardiston was quite unable to quiet their noise, so that he end the post also left the church.  Witness:  Barnardiston.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 324/110)

Miscellaneous Deeds of Early Date or Special Interest  (SEAX Ref:  D/DHt/T49/3)

17 February 1659.  Declaration
Dorothy Jaggard, wife of Thoams Jaggard of Great Thurlow, Suff.
£75 to be allowed to Thomas Jaggard, and residue to her trustees, citing sale in discharge of a trust by Nicholas Gent of Sturmer, Clerk.
Thomas Jegon of Sible Hedingham, gent. and Martin Dyke of Steeple Bumstead, of a messuage called  `Harts' and various lands in Steeple Bumpstead, 23 September 1651. [Nicholas Gent, R. of Sturmer 1645-]

Calendar of Sible Hedingham Charity Deeds (SEAX Ref:  T/A 225/71)

5 October 1668.   Grant of reversion for natural love, etc..
John Jegon of Sible Hedingham clerk, to his son, William Jego, gent., both of Sible Hedingham
Messuage and croft between Prayor Field and highway leading from the High Street to the church;  croft between High Field and Highway leading to the church;  croft called Blakes alias Blackacre (1a.) near the dwelling house of John Jegon, all in Sible Hedingham

Sessions Roll 419 - Easter 1669 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 419)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 20 April 1669

37.  21 January 1669.  Indictment of Henry Jegon gent., Samuel Killingworth esq., Thomas Jiggs and James Osborne labourers, all of "Heddingham Sibley", 21 January, riotously assaulted William Jegon gentleman there.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 419/37)

Miscellaneous Documents -- D/DC 36/3-4 Manor of Dale Hall in Lawford  (SEAX Ref:  D/DC/41/107)

19 & 20 January 1705/6:  Conveyance (Lease and Release) to maek a tenant to the praecipe and to lead the uses of a Recovery
Anne Gulliver of Great Coggeshall, wid., to Robert Jegon of Kelvedon, gent.
[Property as in 41/106]

From "A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames with Special Americal Instances" by C. W. Bardsley (OUP, 1901)

In 1590 John Jeggon, son of Robert Jeggon, of Coggeshall, county Essex, was appointed Warden of Bennet College (now Corpus Christi), Cambridge.  He was a strict disciplinarian.  He fined the undergraduates for some offence and with the mulct whitened the college hall.  On one of the screens a young fellow wrote:-

Doctor John Jeggon, of Bennet College, Master
Broke the Scholars' heads, and gave the Hall plaister.

The Doctor, seeing it has he passed by, subscribed extempore:

Knew I but the wag, that writ this in a bravery,
I'd commend him for his wit, but whip him for his knavery.

Brief Notes from "Dictionary of National Biography"

John Jegon (1550-1618)

Son of Robert Jegon of Coggeshall, Essex, and Joan White, his wife, both of humble condition.  B.A., Queens' College, Cambridge, 1571/2, elected fellow 1572.  Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 1590.  Vice-chancellor for four years.  Bishop of Norwich, 1603, when he was succeeded at Corpus Christi by his brother Thomas.  Died and buried at Aylsham, Norfolk.  Left two sons, Robert and John (bur. Aylsham 1631), and a daughter, Dorothy. 
(Complete article, nearly one page.)

From "Alumni Cantabrigienses" (To 1751 & 1752-1900)

mat = matriculated

John Jegon (mat 1567) b 1550 son of Robert Jegon of Coggeshall, Essex.  Queens', BA 1571/2, MA 1575, BD 1583, DD ?1590, Fellow 1572-90.  Master of Corpus Christi 1590-1603.  Vice-Chancellor 1596-8 and 1600-1.  Bishop of Norwich 1603-18.  Died 13/3/1617/8 at Aylsham aged 67.  His arms are on the roof of the Catalogue room (ancient Senate House) to commemorate his Vice-Chancellorship.

Thomas Jegon (mat 1580) son of Robert Jegon of Coggeshall.  Queens', BA 1583/4, MA1587, DD 1602.  Fellow of Corpus Christi 1587, Master 1603-18, Vice-Chancellor 1608-9.  Rector of Sible Hedingham 1594-1618.  Died 2 March 1617/8.

John Jegon (mat 1612) b ~1595/6 at Sible Hedingham, Essex, son of Dr. Thomas Jegon (mat 1580).  Corpus Christi, BA 1614, MA 1618, Fellow 1614-20.  Ord. priest (Norwich) 1620.  Rector of Sible Hedingham 1634-72.

Robert Jegon (mat 1624) of Norfolk (b ~1606/7).  Corpus Christi.  Possibly son and heir of John (mat 1567).

William Jegon (adm 1627) of Norfolk.  Corpus Christi.  Perhaps brother of John (mat 1627).

John Jegon (mat 1627), son of John Jegon (mat 1567).  Corpus Christi.  Adm. at Gray's Inn 1630.  Buried at Aylsham, Norfolk, Sept. 1631, aged 19.

John Jegon (mat 1639) of Essex.  Corpus Christi, BA 1643/4, MA 1647.

William Jegon (mat 1669) b 6 May 1650 at Buxton, Norfolk.  Trinity (1668), then Scholar at King's:  BA 1672/3, MA 1676, Fellow of King's 1671.  Died 18 Nov 1710 at Swanton Morley, Norfolk (where Rector 1680-1710).

Robert Jegon (mat 1684) b ~1666/7 at York, son of Arthur Jegon.  St. John's.  Adm. at Gray's Inn 1684.

Robt. Jegon (mat 1757) of Kelvedon, Essex.  Jesus College, BA 1761.

"Alumni Oxoniensis" (1500-1714 & 1715-1886) - no Jegon-related entries found, nor, indeed, any Jeggo-related ones.