Jeggo Family Groups in Gosfield and Surrounding Area

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The family groups are more or less in chronological order, based on the birth date of the eldest child.

Alphabetical Index:
Alfred & Kate
Alfred & Keziah
Charles & Elizabeth
Charles & Emily
Charles William & Alice
Ernest Henry & Lilian
George & Emily
Golden & Emily
Henry & Sarah
James & Hannah, Mary
James & Matilda
John & Eleanor Jago
John & Mary
John & Rebecca
Joseph & Elizabeth (Boones Farm)
Joseph & Hannah
Joseph & Maria Jagger (formerly Jeggo)
Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger
Joseph & Mary:  Which Couple is Which?
Joseph (the labourer) & Mary (shopkeeper)
Joseph (the tailor) & Mary
Joseph & Mary Ann (Beachley Farm)
Joseph & Susannah
Josiah & Charlotte
Matthew & Mary
Matthew & Mary, Martha, Elizabeth
Percy & Annie
Richard & Emma
Thomas & Ann
Thomas & Emma Jagger (formerly Jeggo)
Thomas & Elizabeth
Thomas Bailey Jeggo & Jane
Thomas & Jane
Thomas & Mary
Thomas & Sarah
Tony & Pam
William & Elizabeth
William & Sarah

Note:  Joseph & Mary:  Which Couple is Which?

There are many couples called Joseph & Mary Jeggo and they take a little disentangling.
Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger (and Joseph & Maria Jagger formerly Jeggo) (all res Bocking) are easy to separate from the rest.
Some comment is needed on the deductions I have made regarding the Gosfield ones. There are three marriages: 1803, 1822, 1830; in each case the Joseph is a batchelor. There are baptisms of children of Joseph & Mary from 1804 to 1845. The 1733-1812 register does not give the father's occupation, but the 1813-1854 one does. The first six Joseph & Mary children in the latter are all to the tailor (m 1803), and all the ones in the former are presumed to be. The children born (1825-1836) to labourer, labourer & shopkeeper, and shopkeeper are all assumed to be of Joseph the labourer and Mary the shopkeeper (m 1822), except that Maria Ann bap16/10/1836 is known from the 1841 census, etc., to be the daughter of Joseph (the farmer) & Mary Ann. The children born (1829-1845) to the farmer (m 1830) are assumed to constitute the third family, except that Mary Ann bap 5/4/1829 is probably the child of the labourer. There is a Mary Ann Jeggo age 22 in 1851 daughter of Mary Newman, who is probably the remarried widow of Joseph the labourer.

If a name is preceded by a number, this is a generation number. Generation numbers are consistent between family groups between which links have been established, but cannot be guaranteed to be consistent for family groups which have not been linked.

Thomas & Elizabeth

Evidence:  Gosfield parish registers

Is this one couple or two? There is a long gap in the baptisms, and the spellings change. If there are two Thomases, is one the son of the other?

Thomas Jigoe/Jiggoe
   ? a child of Thomas Gigos bur 13/5/1695 ?
   Thomas Jigoe bap 15/12/1700 @ Gosfield
   Jane Jigoe bap 15/12/1700 @ Gosfield
   Edward Jiggoe bap 20/12/1703 @ Gosfield
   Matthew Jiggoe bap 20/12/1703 @ Gosfield

A Thomas Jiggoe was buried 1/5/1713 @ Gosfield

Thomas Jegoe
   Thomas Jegoe bap 8/9/1723 @ Gosfield; probably buried Jan/Feb 1726 @ Gosfield
   John Jegoe bap 21/11/1724 @ Gosfield
   Thomas Jegoe bap 19/3/1727 @ Gosfield

An Elizabeth Gigger was buried 9/6/1727 @ Gosfield.  Did Thomas then remarry? ... Ann Tiffen?

Matthew & Mary

Evidence: Sible Hedingham and Gosfield parish registers

Matthew Jegoe -- possibly Matthew Jeggo bur 16/2/1750 @ Gosfield
+ 16/9/1732 @ Sible Hedingham
Mary Smith (of Gosfield)
   Mathew Jegoo bap 18/2/1733 @ Gosfield
   Mary Jegoo bap 18/2/1733 @ Gosfield
   Sarah Jegoo bap 23/2/1734 (old style) @ Gosfield -- (1735 new style)
   Thomas Jeggo bap 8/5/1737 @ Gosfield
   Edward Jeggo bap 5/8/1739 @ Gosfield
   William Jeggo bap 5/7/1741 @ Gosfield
   Richard Jeggo bap 2/10/1743 @ Gosfield
   Joseph Jeggo bap 10/8/1746 @ Gosfield

Thomas & Ann

Evidence:  Gosfield parish registers

0 Thomas Jeggo, prob a parish officer @ Gosfield
+ 12/2/1736 @ Gosfield
0 Ann Tiffen
   1 Joseph Jeggo bap 18/4/1738 @ Gosfield

Ann wife of Thomas Jeggo was buried 15/10/1742 @ Gosfield.

Matthew & Mary, Martha, Elizabeth

Evidence:  Gosfield parish registers

1 Matthew Jeggo, poss bur 16/11/1783 @ Gosfield
+(i) 22/12/1755 @ Gosfield
1 Mary Harvey, bur 27/1/1763 @ Gosfield
   2 Matthew Jeggo bap 3/10/1756 @ Gosfield, prob bur 12/3/1762 @ Gosfield
   2 Thomas Jeggo bap 16/7/1758 @ Gosfield, prob bur 26/5/1759 @ Gosfield
   2 Mary Jeggo bap 8/2/1761 @ Gosfield
+(ii) 6/10/1763 @ Gosfield
1 Martha Reynolds, prob bur 25/2/1766 @ Gosfield
   2 William Jeggo bap 6/5/1764 @ Gosfield
+(iii) 1766 (Banns read August @ Gosfield)
1 Elizabeth Gibbins of Castle Hedingham
   2 Sarah Jeggo bap 16/12/1767 @ Gosfield, prob bur 30/5/1768 @ Gosfield
   2 Joseph Jeggo bap 20/12/1772 @ Gosfield
   2 Sarah Jeggo bap 2/3/1777 @ Gosfield

Joseph & Hannah

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers

Probably the parents of Thomas (husband of Mary), and therefore Penny Jeggo's great-great-great-great-grandparents.
Probably the parents of Joseph (the tailor), and therefore Chris Jeggo's great-great-great-great-grandparents.

1 Joseph Jeggo b ~1736/7, could be the son of Thomas & Ann (the only Joseph b @ Gosfield at the right time), poss a parish officer @ Gosfield
+ 20/9/1758 @ Gosfield
1 Hannah Butcher b ~1737/8, from ?Paswick, Essex (Patswick/Pattiswick?)
   2 Hannah Jeggo bap 9/9/1759 @ Gosfield, prob bur 28/3/1826 Gosfield age 66
      3 James Jeggo, natural son of Hannah Jeggo (almost certainly this one), bap 22/12/1776 @ Gosfield
   2 Joseph Jeggo bap 4/1/1761 @ Gosfield, bur 7/4/1761 @ Gosfield
   2 Thomas Jeggo bap 28/3/1762 @ Gosfield (see Thomas and Mary)
   2 Mary Jeggo bap 9/1764 @ Gosfield
   2 Joseph Jeggo bap 22/3/1767 @ Gosfield, bur 11/2/1769 @ Gosfield
   2 Anne Jeggo bap 1/10/1769 @ Gosfield
   2 Sarah Jeggo bap 19/5/1772 @ Gosfield
   2 Joseph Jeggo bap 12/2/1775 @ Gosfield (see Joseph (the tailor) and Mary)
   2 Martha Jeggo bap 12/2/1775 @ Gosfield, bur 24/5/177? @ Gosfield
   2 Susan Jeggo bap 15/3/1778 @ Gosfield

William & Sarah Jeggoe/Jigger/Jegger

Evidence:  Bocking parish registers

William Jeggoe
+ 11/12/1763 @ Bocking
Sarah Wright
   William Jeggoe b 10/11/1764, bap 25/12/1764 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Sarah Jigger b 11/12/1766?, bap 9/6/1771 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Matthew Jigger b 24/11/1770, bap 9/7/1771 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Joseph Jegger b 4/1775, bap 13/6/1779 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Ann Jegger b 21/9/1778, bap 13/6/1779 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Thomas Jegger b 10/3/1779, bap 13/6/1779 @ Bocking St. Mary

Thomas & Mary

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers. Thomas's will shows that he left a widow Mary, sons Thomas (Peartree Farm) & Joseph (Boone's Farm), daughters Sarah Wing, Mary Root and Ann Reeve, and sister Susan. Monumental inscriptions quoted in "The Gosfield Magazine".

Thomas is probably the son of Joseph & Hannah; he is the right age, and this is the only Thomas with a sister Susan. He was a wealthy man. See also the story of the silver watch.

Penny Jeggo's great-great-great-grandparents.

2 Thomas Jeggo b ~1760/1, farmer and broom maker, Peartree and Boone's Farms, d 10/8/1829 aged 68, bur 16/8/1829 @ Gosfield
+ 10/4/1787 @ Gosfield
2 Mary Constable b ~1755/6, d 8/6/1836 age 80, bur 14/6/1836 @ Gosfield
   3 Sarah Jeggo bap 2/12/1787 @ Gosfield
      + Benjamin Wing
   3 Thomas Jeggons bap 22/6/1790 @ Gosfield - see Thomas & Sarah
   3 Joseph Jeggoe bap 4/8/1793 @ Gosfield, prob bur 4/10/1793 @ Gosfield
   3 William Jeggoe bap 10/5/1795 @ Gosfield, prob bur 19/5/1795 @ Gosfield
   3 Mary Jeggoe bap 26/6/1796 @ Gosfield
      + 27/3/1823 @ Gosfield
         George Root of Halstead
   3 Ann Jeggoe b 10/6/1799, bap 10/4/1803 @ Gosfield
      + ?? Reeve
   3 Joseph Jeggoe bap 10/4/1803 @ Gosfield - see Joseph & Elizabeth

Joseph & Susannah

Evidence: 1841 & 1851 censuses, Gosfield parish registers.

2 Joseph Jeggo b ~1766-71, agricultural labourer, res Gosfield, prob bur 14/6/1846 age 78 @ Gosfield
+ 10/12/1797 @ Gosfield
2 Susannah Hays
   3 Joseph Jeggo bap 6/9/1801 @ Gosfield, prob Joseph the labourer
   3 William Jeggo bap 6/9/1801 @ Gosfield - see footnote to John & Mary
   3 Ann Jeggo bap 4/9/1803 @ Gosfield
   3 Richard Jeggo bap 22/9/1805 @ Gosfield - see Richard & Emma
   3 Thomas Jeggo bap 26/3/1809 @ Gosfield - maybe he married Jane Macarthy
   3 John Jeggo bap 18/8/1811 @ Gosfield - see John & Rebecca
   3 James Jeggo bap 6/2/1814 @ Gosfield - see James & Hannah, Mary
   3 Henry Jeggo bap 7/7/1816 @ Gosfield - see Henry & Sarah

Joseph (the tailor) & Mary

Evidence: 1841 & 1851 censuses, Gosfield parish registers, monumental inscriptions quoted in "The Gosfield Magazine", GRO certificates. See Note: Joseph & Mary:  Which Couple is Which?
The households of Joseph @ Little Biggs, Gosfield (1841) and Mary @ Road, Gosfield (1851) have been presumed to be the same family, as seems probable.

Who were Joseph's parents?

There were two elderly Josephs in Gosfield in 1841, the tailor age "65" (ie b 1771-6) and the labourer and father of Henry age "70" (ie b 1766-71). There were two Josephs born in this period who survived: son of Joseph & Hannah bap 12/2/1775 and son of Matthew & Elizabeth bap 20/12/1772. It seems more likely that the tailor was the son of Joseph & Hannah and the labourer (Joseph & Susannah) the son of Matthew& Elizabeth, but the converse is possible.

The balance of probabilities is therefore in favour of Joseph & Hannah being Chris Jeggo's great-great-great-great-grandparents, and being Chris's and Penny Jeggo's common ancestors.

2 Joseph Jeggo b ~ 1771-6, tailor and broom-maker, res Little Biggs, Gosfield in 1841, parish officer @ Gosfield, d 16/8/1845 age 73 (res "one of the houses near the bridge"), bur 22/8/1845 @ Gosfield
  + 14/7/1803 @ Gosfield
2 Mary Morley b ~1781 @ Halstead; in 1851 a widow & broom maker res Road, Gosfield, d 7/12/1853 age 71, bur 13/12/1853 @ Gosfield
   3 Joseph Jeggo bap 12/8/1804 @ Gosfield -- see Joseph & Mary Ann
   3 Thomas Jeggo b 27/11/1805, bap 11/3/1810 @ Gosfield
   3 Mary Ann Jeggo b 7/3/1808, bap 11/3/1810 @ Gosfield, m Benjamin Cook q1/1852 GRO ref Sudbury 4a 493, d Mary Ann Cook 7/10/1868 age 60 'of Halstead', bur 11/10/1868 @ Gosfield
   3 Elizabeth Jeggo bap 14/12/1810 @ Gosfield
   3 John Jeggo b 11/5/1812, bap 21/1/1816 @ Gosfield -- see John & Mary
   3 William Jeggo b 16/12/1815, bap 21/1/1816 @ Gosfield -- see William & Elizabeth
   3 Elizabeth Jeggo b 26/11/1817, bap 9/7/1820 @ Gosfield, bur 3/11/1825 @ Gosfield
   3 George Jeggo b 2/7/1820, bap 9/7/1820 @ Gosfield, bur 4/7/1824 @ Gosfield
   3 Susannah Jeggo bap 14/4/1822 @ Gosfield, servant of Rector of Fairsted in 1851, lodging house keeper in Holdenhurst in 1881
     + 29/5/1860 @ Fairstead
        Thomas Bridge, d before 1881 census
   3 Sarah Ann (Sarahanne) Jeggo bap 6/11/1824 @ Gosfield, lodging house keeper in Holdenhurst in 1861
      + 13/6/1861 @ Christchurch (certif)
        George Brown
   3 Ann Jeggo b ~1825/6/7 @ Gosfield, dressmaker
   3 Elizabeth Ann Jeggo b ~1827
      + 24/7/1862 @ Christchurch (certif)
        John James Dacombe

The marriage entry for John & Mary (q.v.) states that Joseph was a broom maker. It thus appears that Joseph, wife Mary and son John were all broom makers, with Joseph regarding tailor as his main occupation. (Would a village like Gosfield provide full-time occupation for a tailor ca 1840? Possibly not.)

Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger

See Note:  Joseph & Mary:  Which Couple is Which?

This family appears as Jeggo in the 1841 census and as Jagger in the 1851 and 1881 censuses.  Joseph (senior) could well be the son (b 1775) of William and Sarah, whose surname is given variously as Jeggoe, Jigger and Jegger in births registered in the parish of Bocking 1764-79.  Although Joseph did not start life as a Jagger, he and his descendants certainly finished up bearing that name.  This change was not a tidy process.  In Bocking parish registers there are births of children of Thomas and Emma Jeggo up to 1861, but in 1858 Honour was born to Thomas and Emma Jagger.  All the burials (1862 onwards) are in the name of Jagger.  In the Bocking marriage register (1837-1870) there is a letter dated 2nd September 1920 from the General Register Office, Somerset House, to the Rector of Bocking stating that it had been represented to the Registrar General that the bridegroom's name should be Jagger, not Jeggo, in Entry No. 216, the marriage of Joseph Jeggo/Jagger and Maria Willett on 23rd December 1848.  It also states that in the duplicate register held by the Superintendent Registrar the bridegroom's surname appears as Jeggo in column 2 but in the signature to the attestation as Jagger.  Nevertheless, a GRO copy dated 20/5/1996 of the certificate clearly shows Jeggo in both places, and so does the parish register itself (microfiche copy at ERO).  However, Entry No. 248 in the same register, the marriage of Thomas J to Emma Butcher on 5th May 1851, gives the bridegroom's name as Jeggo in column 2 and his father's name as Jeggo in column 7, but he signs as Thomas Jagger, and a Joseph Jagger also signs as a witness.  Finally, the birth certificate of James (1860, son of Joseph & Maria) states "Jeggo otherwise Jagger" in columns 4, 5 and 7 and "Clerical error in cols 4, 5 and 7 corrected on 13/9/1920 by me Fred J. Wiles, Superintendent Registrar on the authority of the Registrar General".

A search of the Public Record Office's online catalogue has so far failed to find any details of Joseph's military service.

Joseph b ~1777/8 @ Bocking, Army Lt. (in waggon train), then ret'd on half pay, res Bocking Church Street, bur 4/10/1862 age 85 @ Bocking St. Mary
Mary b ~1785/6/7 in Ireland, bur 23/8/1870 age 83 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Joseph bap (Jeggo) 29/6/1820 @ Bocking St. Mary, see Joseph & Maria Jagger
   William bap (Jeggo) 8/9/1822 @ Bocking St. Mary (1881 - Jagger - with wife Jemima, beerhouse keeper @ Gt. Dunmow)
   Henry bap (Jeggo) 2/4/1826 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Thomas b ~1825/6/7/8 @ Bocking, see Thomas & Emma Jagger
   James bap (Jeggo) 28/11/1830 @ Bocking St. Mary, Shoemaker

Joseph (the labourer) & Mary (shopkeeper)

Evidence: Gosfield and Halstead parish registers, 1841 & 1851 census. See Note: Joseph & Mary: Which Couple is Which?

There are some uncertainties here: are Sarah and Sarah Anne one and the same? likewise Eliza and Elizabeth Ann? were they baptised twice, or the baptisms recorded twice, or the first baptisms invalid for some reason? There are a Sarah, Eliza and Mary Jeggo living with Mary Newman in 1841. The 1841 & 1851 census entries for Naaman & Mary Newman show that they were not very good at ages; possibly Mary was better than Naaman. Mary Ann Jeggo daughter of Mary Newman was age 22 in 1851, which suggests (i) that she is Mary Ann bap 5/4/1829, (ii) that she is the daughter of Joseph the labourer, Joseph the farmer not being married by then, and (iii) that Mary Newman is the widow of Joseph the labourer. There was a Joseph buried 19/9/1832 @ Gosfield age 33, and Naaman Newman married Mary Jeggo (widow, of this parish) on 24/9/1833 @ Gosfield. Further evidence is needed to prove these conjectures, but they seem probable enough to be adopted as a working hypothesis for the time being.
Further evidence comes from the marriage of Mary Ann Jeggo, daughter of the late Joseph Jeggo (labourer), witnessed by Naaman and Maria Newman.

3 Joseph Jeggo b ~1798/9, labourer and shopkeeper, bur 19/9/1832 @ Gosfield, prob the son of Joseph & Susannah bap 6/9/1801
+ 9/4/1822 @ Gosfield
3 Mary Springet
   4 Sarah Jeggo bap 2/1/1825 @ Gosfield
   4 Eliza Jeggo bap 6/5/1827 @ Gosfield
   4 Sarah Anne Jeggo bap 13/5/1827 @ Gosfield
   4 Elizabeth Ann Jeggo bap 13/5/1827 @ Gosfield
   4 Mary Ann Jeggo bap 5/4/1829 @ Gosfield, seamstress/tailor
      + 18/1/1853 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
      Charles Plumb, shoe maker, Gosfield Lane, Halstead
      5 William Jeggo b ~1849/50 @ Bocking, grandson of Mary Newman (51c), GROB ref q1/1849 Braintree XII 13, prob son of Mary Ann Jeggo, maybe son of Charles Plumb
      5 Charles William Jeggo b ~1851 @ Halstead, grandson of Mary Newman (51c), GROB ref q1/1851 Halstead XII 133, prob son of Mary Ann Jeggo, maybe son of Charles Plumb
   4 William Jeggo bap 17/4/1831 @ Gosfield, bur 25/12/1836 @ Gosfield

Richard & Emma

Evidence: 1841 & 1851 censuses, Gosfield and Halstead parish registers.

3 Richard Jeggo b ~1805,  bap 22/9/1805 @ Gosfield, son of Joseph & Susannah, agricultural labourer then waggoner, res Ox Yard, Gosfield, then Rosemary La, Halstead (poss bur 24/12/1871 @ Halstead Holy Trinity "age 70" res Trinity Square)
+ 18/11/1825 @ Gosfield
3 Emma Ward b ~1806 @ Gosfield, bur 19/2/1870 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   4 Isabella Jeggo bap 12/11/1826 @ Gosfield, weaver
      5 Emily Jeggo, daughter of Isabelle Jeggo, b 9/3/1844, bap 28/4/1844 (Gosfield parish register), silk winder, weaver
      5 Emily Jeggo b 15/3/1844, daughter of Isabella Jeggo and William Warren, (b.certif.) (GROB ref: q2/1844 Halstead XII 113)
      + 18/5/1862 @ Halstead Holy Trinity (m certif.) (GROM ref: q2/1862 Halstead 4a 407)
        5 James Symonds (Simons?), tanner of Chapel Hill, Halstead
      5 Hannah Jeggo, daughter of Isabella Jeggo and Thomas Smith, bap 4/1/1847 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   4 Isabella Jeggo .....continued.....
   + 14/5/1848 @ Halstead Holy Trinity (m certif.) (GROM: q2/1848 Halstead XII 163 - from FreeBMD)
      Thomas Smith, labourer
   4 Eliza Jeggo bap 18/1/1829 @ Gosfield, factory girl/weaver
      + 30/6/1855 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
      Charles Oliver, fishmonger, of Bocking
   4 John bap 13/3/1831 @ Gosfield (1851: absent) (? d q1/1848 Halstead 12 94 ?)
   4 Maryann bap 2/12/1832 @ Gosfield, factory girl, bur 12/7/1853 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   4 Emma bap 7/12/1834 @ Gosfield, factory girl, widowed and shopkeeper in 1881
      + 24/3/1856 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
      Benjamin Rayner, painter, of Trinity Square, Halstead
   4 Charles bap 11/6/1837 @ Gosfield (prob bur 14/1/1853 @ Halstead Holy Trinity)
   4 Sarah Ann b 9/12/1840, bap 10/1/1841 @ Gosfield
      + 26/4/1868 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
      John William Willett, brazier of Haverhill
   4 Alfred b 2/3/1843, bap 2/4/1843 @ Gosfield, carter, Trinity Square, Halstead, bur 23/7/1871 @ Halstead Holy Trinity "age 26"
      + 25/12/1866 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
      Eliza Simons (Symonds?), weaver
   4 Martha Ann b @ Halstead, age 4 in 1851, prob b q1/1847 Halstead XII 121, prob bap 7/10/1849 @ Halstead Holy Trinity (daughter of Richard and Ann)

(1) Emily Jeggo, daughter of Isabella Jeggo, appears to have been brought up as a daughter by her grandparents Richard and Emma (1851 & 1861 censuses, marriage records).
(2) In Halstead Holy Trinity marriage register, the father of James Symonds (m Emily J 18/5/1862) is Thomas Symonds, tanner, and the father of Eliza Simons (m Alfred J 25/12/1866) is Thomas Simons, tanner -- probably one and the same.

Thomas & Sarah

Evidence: 1841 & 1851 censuses, Gosfield and Writtle parish registers, monumental inscriptions quoted in "The Gosfield Magazine", the will of Thomas Jeggo (1760/61 - August 1829), emails from Victoria Flewell, and the International Genealogical Index (IGI).

3 Thomas Jeggo bap 22/6/1790, farmer, Iron Peartree Farm, son of Thomas & Mary, parish officer @ Gosfield, d 30/12/1844 age 54, bur 6/1/1845 @ Gosfield, left a will
+ 23/12/1817 @ Writtle
3 Sarah Bailey b ~1797/8/9 @ Writtle, res Iron Peartree in 1851, res village Gt Saling in 1861, d 24/3/1863 age 66 (of Great Saling), bur 31/3/1863 @ Gosfield ("of Finchingfield?"), left a will
   4 Thomas Bailey Jeggo bap 27/3/1826 @ Gosfield, farmer at Iron Peartree in 1851 - see Thomas Bailey Jeggo & Jane
   4 Sarah Ann Jeggo b 3/2/1829, bap 13/4/1829 @ Gosfield, res Iron Peartree in 1851, d 4/1/1901 @ Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
   + 18/10/1853 @ Gosfield
      William Newton, student (son of William Newton, silk manufacturer)
   4 Martha Jeggo b 13/3/1841, bap 15/3/1841 @ Gosfield, res Iron Peartree in 1851, res village Gt Saling in 1861

Joseph & Mary Ann (Beachley Farm)

Evidence: 1841 & 1851 census, Gosfield parish registers, GRO certificates, "The Gosfield Magazine", the will of Amelia Jeggo, Golden Jeggo's will.
See Note: Joseph & Mary: Which Couple is Which?
Son Joseph age 9 in 1841 is apparently missing in 1851, but Joseph (the tailor) and Mary have a grandson Joseph (agricultural labourer) age 19 living with them in 1851. It is far more likely that these are one and the same than that the former mysteriously vanishes after 1841 and the latter mysteriously appears before 1851. We therefore deduce that this Joseph (farmer, Beachley Farm) is the son of Joseph (the tailor) and Mary, bap 12/8/1804. This is confirmed by "The Gosfield Magazine".

Joseph & Mary Ann are Chris Jeggo's great-great-grandparents.

3 Joseph Jeggo  bap 12/8/1804 @ Gosfield, son of Joseph (the tailor) and Mary; farmer, Beachley Farm (or Beechleys), Gosfield; jobber and ?dealer/?beater in 1851; parish officer @ Gosfield; latterly res Bridge Houses; d 29/9/1875, bur 3/10/1875 age 71 @ Gosfield; left no will. Photo (83 KB).
  +(i) 29/9/1830 @ Gosfield
3 Mary Ann Chamberlain b ~1808/9 in Essex, prob bur 6/1/1850 age 41 @ Gosfield
   4 Joseph Jeggo bap 15/4/1832 @ Gosfield; age 9 in 6/1841
   4 Charles Jeggo bap 9/2/1834 @ Gosfield, d 7/1/1912
   4 Maria Ann Jeggo bap 16/10/1836 @ Gosfield, age 4 in 6/1841, d 29/9/1898, lodging house keeper in Holdenhurst in 1861
     + q1/1864 @ West Ham (GRO ref: 4a 45)
        Charles Rose
   4 Fanny Jeggo b 27/12/1838, bap 20/1/1839 @ Gosfield, d 13/12/1913 age 74 @ Christchurch, ladies' maid in Bath in 1901, left a will
   4 Sam Jeggo b 16/1/1841 (certif), bap 25/3/1841 @ Gosfield, bur 28/5/1842 @ Gosfield
   4 Golden Jeggo b 27/1/1843 (b certif) or 21/1/1843 (parish register), bap 1/3/1843 @ Gosfield, d 9/2/1916
   4 Osgood Jeggo b 22/10/1845, bap 28/11/1845 @ Gosfield, bur 22/5/1847 @ Gosfield
  +(ii) 24/2/1852 @ Gosfield
3 Sarah ?How, prob bur 24/2/1865 age 65 @ Gosfield
  +(iii) 19/10/1865 @ Gosfield
3 Amelia Partridge, d 24/11/1899 @ Bury St. Edmunds, left a will (note: one of the beneficiaries was her cousin Charles Partridge), res Bury St. Edmunds in 1881.

Thomas & Jane

Evidence:  1841 & 1851 censuses, Gosfield and Halstead parish registers, GRO indexes.  The households of Thomas & Jean (Peartree Row, Gosfield, 1841) and Jane (widow, ?Sooty Square, Halstead, 1851) match well enough that they are deduced to be the same.

3 Thomas Jeggo b ~1811-1816, agricultural labourer, res Peartree Row in 1841, absent in 1851, prob bur March 1849 @ Halstead Holy Trinity.
      ..... If baptised in Gosfield then he was probably "Thomas, son of Joseph and Susanna Jeggoe 26/3/1809". If not, ???
   + 21/12/1834 @ Gosfield
3 Jane Macarthy b ~1816 @ Shadwell, Middx, crape weaver in 1851
   4 William Jeggo bap 1/1/1837 @ Gosfield - see William & Catherine Jeggo/Jago in Poplar
   4 Caroline Jeggo b 24/1/1839, bap 24/2/1839 @ Gosfield, bur 13/3/1839 @ Gosfield
   4 Joseph Jeggo bap 22/3/1840 @ Gosfield
   4 Andrew Jeggo b 7/2/1842, bap 26/6/1842 @ Gosfield
   4 Christopher Jeggo b ~1843/4 @ Gosfield (prob q4/1843 Halstead XII 111)
   4 Jesse Jeggo b ~1845/6 @ Bocking (prob q2/1846 Braintree XII 16)
   4 Walter Jeggo b ~1848/9 @ Halstead (prob q1/1849 Halstead XII 126) (prob bur 26/5/1852 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   4 Caroline Jeggo b Mar/Apr/1851 @ Halstead (prob q1/51 Halstead XII 135)

Joseph & Elizabeth (Boonses/Boone's/Boon's Farm)

Evidence:  Gosfield parish registers, 1841, 1851 & 1881 censuses, information from Penny Jeggo, monumental inscriptions quoted in "The Gosfield Magazine".
The will of Thomas Jeggo (1760/61 - August 1829) shows that Joseph is the son of Thomas & Mary.

Penny Jeggo's great-great-grandparents - see Penny Jeggo's Tree, where there is further information about this family and their descendants.

3 Joseph Jeggo b @ Gosfield, bap 10/4/1803 @ Gosfield, farmer, Boonses Fm, d 24/12/1867 age 63, bur 31/12/1867 @ Gosfield, left a will
+ 29/9/1835 @ Lidgate, Suffolk
3 Elizabeth Butcher b @ Gosfield, d 24/9/1876 age 62, bur 28/9/1876 @ Gosfield, left a will
   4 Joseph David Jeggo bap 4/6/1837 @ Gosfield, (b @ Bocking - 1851 census)
   4 Mary Elizabeth Jeggo b 12/2/1839 @ Bocking, bap 21/4/1839 @ Gosfield
      + 23/1/1877 @ Halstead St. Andrew
         John James Clark, coal merchant of Halstead
   4 David Joseph Jeggo b 29/10/1840, bap 9/4/1841 @ Gosfield, farmer of 92 acres in Gosfield in 1881, parish officer @ Gosfield, res Hawkwoods
      + 5/2/1877 @ Halstead St. Andrew
         Hannah Clark b ~1835/6 @ Halstead, d 20/6/1910, left a will
   4 Benjamin William Jeggo b 10/5/1842 @ Bocking, bap 18/10/1842 @ Gosfield, bur 17/5/1845 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 Frederic William Jeggo bap 18/10/1844 @ Bocking St. Mary, bur 24/12/1844 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 William Jeggo bap 25/8/1845 @ Bocking St. Mary, bur 30/8/1845 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 Frederick Benjamin William Jeggo bap 7/7/1846 @ Bocking St.Mary
   4 Ann Elizabeth Jeggo b 1848 @ Bocking, bap 25/7/1848 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 Matilda Elizabeth Jeggo b 29/8/1851 @ Boonses Farm, Bocking (certif), bap 26/12/1851 @ Bocking St. Mary

Joseph, Frederick, Ann, & Matilda (brothers & sisters, all unmarried) were living together, still farming Boones Farm, in 1881.

John & Rebecca

Evidence:  Gosfield parish registers, Halstead Nonconformist registers, 1841, 1851, 1861 & 1881 censuses, Ruth.

3 John Jeggo bap 18/8/1811 @ Gosfield, son of Joseph and Susannah, agricultural labourer, gardener, res Beasleyend Rd then Ox Yard, Gosfield, d 7/11/1889 aged 78 (Ruth)
 +(i) 24/10/1835 @ Gosfield
3 Rebecca Saward b ~1815 @ Halstead, probably bur 16/7/1857? age 42 @ Gosfield
   4 Josiah Jeggo b q4/1837 @ Halstead,  agricultural labourer - see Josiah & Charlotte
   4 Charles Jeggo b 21/7/1840, bap 6/12/1840 @ Gosfield, agricultural labourer - see Charles & Elizabeth
   4 Alfred Jeggo b 29/3/1842, bap 26/6/1842 @ Gosfield, agricultural labourer - see Alfred & Keziah
   4 Susannah Jeggo b 27/7/1844, bap 15/9/1844 @ Gosfield
   4 William Jeggo b 27/12/1846, bap 14/3/1847 @ Gosfield
   4 Jane Ann Jeggo (1851 census: age 2, b @ Gosfield) prob b q4/1849 (GRO ref: Halstead XII 110), baptism not found in Gosfield parish register
        (poss + William Harrington 9/10/1874 @ Halstead Holy Trinity)
   4 Ezra Jeggo bap 27/10/1853 @ Gosfield (GRO ref. Halstead 4a 248, q3/1853), bur 28/3/1855 @ Gosfield (GRO ref. Halstead 4a 236, q1/1855)
 +(ii) 13/3/1858 @ High Street Chapel, Halstead (certif)
3 Rebecca Cutts, d 2/8/1898, aged 75 (Ruth), aged 74 (Halstead High St Chapel register), bur 6/8/1898 @ Halstead cemetery
   4 Emma Jeggo b q4/1858 (GRO ref:  Halstead 4a 283)
   ? 4 Rebecca Jeggo bap 30/10/1859 @ High St Chapel, Halstead ?
   4 Rebecca Jeggo b q2/1860 (GRO ref:  Halstead 4a 291), bap 5/8/1860 @ High St Chapel, Halstead
   4 Martha Jeggo b 13/3/1863 @ Gosfield (certif supplied by Linda E, Martha's great-grand-daughter), bap 29/5/1864 @ High St Chapel, Halstead;  crape weaver
     + 23/6/1891 @ Fulham Register Office (certif supplied by Linda E), (GRO ref. Fulham 1a 539, q2/1891)
        Alfred Thomas Jennings (house painter)
   4 Ezra Jeggo b q3/1865 @ Halstead (GRO ref: 4a 320), bap 29/4/1866 @ High St Chapel, Halstead;  errand boy res
        Kensington with his aunt Emma Holland in 1881;  d 28/7/1890 (Ruth) (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 311, q3/1890)
   4 Thomas George Jeggo b ~1868/9 @ Gosfield (81cen, not in GRO Births indexes);  bap 30/5/1869 @ High St Chapel, Halstead;  d 15/12/1885 at sea (Ruth)

Who were John's parents?

Tracing John & Rebecca through the census records, his implied date of birth varies from census to census and could be anywhere within 1813 to 1817, but there is no baptism record consistent with this. There were two Johns baptised in Gosfield at about the right time - son of Joseph and Susanna, baptised 18/8/1811, and the son of Joseph (tailor) and Mary (b 11/5/1812, bap 21/1/1816). In 1841 the latter is living with his parents John & Mary while the former is living with wife Rebecca and children so his parents must be Joseph and Susannah. Two relevant deaths can be found in the GRO Indexes: John age 75 in q2/1886 in Braintree Reg. Dist. and John age 78 in q4/1889 in Halstead Reg. Dist. The latter agrees with Ruth's family bible, which records that this John died 7/11/1889 aged 78, so the ages in the census records are probably inaccurate.

James & Hannah, Mary

Evidence: a synthesis of the following (some of the deductions are probable rather than certain):
1841 census: Halstead Enum. District 9, p.8, household of James Jegger at Chapel Hill;
1851 census: Halstead Enum. District 7F, Schedule No. 95, household of James Jeggo at Mount Hill;
GRO Index to Deaths: Hannah q1/1849 Halstead 12 87;
GRO Index to Marriages: James q1/1850 Halstead XII 119 & Gosfield parish registers: m 3/2/1850;
Information including certificates from Diane Barnard, whose husband is descended from Charlotte Jeggo;
Gosfield and Halstead Holy Trinity parish registers; Halstead Nonconformist registers.

3 James Jeggo b ~1815 @ Halstead/Gosfield, (son of Joseph, husbandman - m certif), probably the son of Joseph & Susannah, husbandman/labourer
+(i) 29/10/1837 @ Halstead parish church (certif, and St. Andrew's Church register)
3 Hannah Howard b ~1816 in Essex, silk weaver, d q1/1849, prob bur 27/2/1849 (Hannah Jiggo age 33) @ Halstead St. Andrew
   4 Charlotte Jeggo b 6/2/1838 @ Halstead (certif) bap 2/4/1839 @ Halstead St. Andrew
     + 9/7/1858 @ the Old Chapel (Independent denomination), Halstead (certif)
        George Barnard b ~1836, husbandman
   4 Ann Jeggo b ~1842/3 @ Halstead, poss Eliza Ann b 9/4/1843, bap 8/12/1844 @ Holy Trinity, Halstead
   4 James Jeggo bap 29/4/1849 @ High St Chapel, Halstead (prob GROB q4/1848 XII 97),
                  prob bur 22/10/1849 @ Halstead Holy Trinity (prob GROD q4/1849 12 74)
+(ii) 3/2/1850 @ Gosfield
3 Mary Amelia Powell b ~1826/7 @ Halstead/Gosfield
   4 Amelia Jeggo bap 3/10/1852 @ Holy Trinity, Halstead
   4 Elizabeth Jeggo bap 15/4/1870 age 16 years @ Gosfield
   4 Sarah Jeggo bap 2/5/1858 @ Gosfield

William & Elizabeth

Evidence:  1841, 1851, 1881, & 1891 censuses, Stisted parish registers, b certificate of daughter Susannah

3 William Jeggo b ~1815/6 @ Gosfield, almost certainly the son of Joseph the tailor and Mary, shoemaker, cordwainer*, res High Street, Stisted (near the Dukes Head Inn), bur 30/12/1892 @ Stisted
+ q2/1840, GRO ref Witham 12 419, banns read at Stisted 15/3/1840
3 Elizabeth Beards  b ~1815/6 @ Gosfield, res Great Braxted in 1840, res Wood Green in 1893, bur 11/5/1893 @ Stisted
   4 John William Jeggo b ~1840 @ Stisted, bap 14/3/1841 @ Stisted ( prob q1/1841 Braintree XII 20)
   4 George Jeggo b ~ 1842/3 @ Stisted (prob q1/1843 Braintree XII 18), groom res Chippenham in 1875
    + 12/7/1875 @ Stisted
        Georgina Ring b ~1851/2, res Chippenham
   4 Sarah Elizabeth Jeggo b ~1844/5 @ Stisted, bap 20/7/1845 @ Stisted (prob Elizabeth Sarah q2/1845 Braintree XII 16)
    + 17/9/1867 @ Stisted
        Stephen Bryant, butcher, of London
   4 Emily Jeggo b ~1848/9 @ Stisted, bap 6/1/1849 @ Stisted (prob q4/1848 Braintree XII 11), domestic servant (1881), domestic servant at High Garrett Road Cottage Hospital, Bocking in 1891.
      5 Gertrude Blanche Jeggo, daughter of Emily Jeggo, bap 14/11/1869 @ Stisted, bur 16/4/1873 @ Stisted
   4 Susannah Jeggo b 15/3/1851 @ Stisted, bap 29/5/1851 @ Stisted, housekeeper in London Stoke Newington in 1881
   4 Mary Louisa Jeggo bap 17/3/1854 @ Stisted, bur 27/12/1855 @ Stisted
   4 Alice Mary Jeggo b ~1856/7 @ Stisted, bap 27/9/1857 @ Stisted, servant in Crayford, Kent in 1881
      5 a granddaughter Ada Jeggo age 8 in 1881, almost certainly Ada Maria Jeggo b q4/1872 GRO ref Braintree 4a 397, but whose daughter?
* cordwainer - a worker in cordovan or cordwain (goatskin leather, originally from Cordova), a shoemaker.

John & Mary

Evidence:  1841 & 1851 censuses, Gosfield parish registers.

3 John Jeggo b 11/5/1812, bap 21/1/1816 @ Gosfield, birch broom maker, living with parents Joseph (the tailor) & Mary @ Little Biggs, Gosfield in 1841, and at Halsted Road, Bocking in 1851, widower res Bocking in 1881
  + 25/10/1846 @ Gosfield
  Mary Jeggo b ~1810/1 @ Gosfield

This marriage matches the only entry in the GRO index of a John Jeggo during 1841-51. Mary Jeggo has the identical GRO reference, which is entirely expected because the Gosfield register shows that she is a widow, daughter of John Lewis, and also that John is the son of Joseph Jeggo, broom maker.

The Gosfield registers also contain:
the marriage of William Jeggo & Mary Louis 8/7/1823,
the burial of William Jeggo 17/9/1834 age 33, and
the baptism of William, son of Joseph & Susannah Jeggo, 6/9/1801,
apparently a brief history of Mary's first husband.  This first marriage seems to have been childless.

Henry & Sarah

Evidence: 1841, 1851 and 1901 censuses, GRO indexes, Gosfield and Halstead parish registers. One assumption has been made, that there is only one Henry Jeggo in this period. This seems highly likely, since there is no evidence for the alternative hypothesis, that there was more than one. The alternative hypothesis generates many more loose ends and unanswered questions. Henry is the son of Joseph & Susannah.

3 Henry Jeggo bap 7/7/1816 @ Gosfield, agricultural labourer, res Gosfield Village with father Joseph in 1841, res Ox Yard, Gosfield in 1851, (prob bur 31/10/1858 "age 39" @ Gosfield)
  +(i) 30/9/1838 @ Gosfield
3 Phebe Totham, bur 13/1/1839 @ Gosfield
  +(ii) 16/8/1846 @ Gosfield
3 Sarah Byford b ~1826/7
   4 James Jeggo b 12/2/1847, bap 18/7/1847 @ Gosfield - see James & Matilda
   4 George Jeggo bap 9/6/1850 @ Gosfield, bur 20/10/1850 @ Gosfield
   4 Arthur Jeggo bap 9/11/1851 @ Gosfield, bur 1/2/1852 @ Gosfield
   4 George William Jeggo bap 16/4/1854 @ Gosfield, possibly George of George & Emily
   4 Charles Henry Jeggo b ~1858/9, bap 9/1/1859 @ Gosfield - see Charles & Emily

Thomas & Emma Jagger (formerly Jeggo)

Evidence:  censuses, Bocking parish registers.  See Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger for the change of name Jeggo => Jagger.

Thomas b ~1826 @ Bocking, mechanic/bricklayers labourer res Bocking, son of Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger
+ 5/9/1851 @ Bocking
Emma Butcher
   Selina bap (Butcher) 30/5/1847 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Albert bap (Butcher) 18/9/1850 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Clara bap (Jeggo) 29/8/1852 @ Bocking St. Mary, crape finisher in 1881
   Julia bap (daughter of Thomas & Ellen (sic) Jeggo) 30/7/1854 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Alcena/Alsena b ~1855-58 @ Bocking (silk parter/silk mill hand in 1881)
   Dora bap (Jeggo) 29/6/1856 @ Bocking St. Mary (? domestic servant in 1881)
   Honour Elizabeth bap (Jagger) 25/7/1858 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Rosamond  bap (Jeggo) 18/8/1861 @ Bocking St. Mary
   Walter b ~1864/5 @ Bocking (bricklayers labourer in 1881)

We have not found any of these children in GRO Births, presumably because they are not (now) registered as Jeggo.

Joseph & Maria Jagger (formerly Jeggo)

Evidence:  censuses, Bocking parish registers, certificates.  See Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger for the change of name Jeggo => Jagger.

Joseph bap (Jeggo) 29/6/1820 @ Bocking St. Mary,  Mechanic/Machinist/Loom Fitter, res Bocking Church Street, son of Joseph & Mary Jeggo/Jagger
+ 23/12/1848 @ Bocking (parish register and m certif both say Jeggo)
Maria Willett b ~1821/2 @ Bocking, bur (Jagger) 4/3/1882 age 59 @ Bocking St. Mary
   William b (Jeggo) 24/12/1848 @ Bocking, bap (Jago) 6/6/1852 @ Bocking St. Mary (1881 - Jagger - with wife Caroline, servants @ Birch, Essex)
   Harriet bap (Jeggo) 21/8/1853 @ Bocking St. Mary
      + (as Jagger) 11/9/1874 @ Bocking St. Mary
      William Breens
   James b ("Jeggo otherwise Jagger" - correction 1920) 18/11/1860 @ Bocking
   Alice bap (Jagger) 11/2/1873 @ Bocking St. Mary (1881 silk winder)
   Amis b ~1863/4 @ Bocking, silk weaver

Josiah & Charlotte

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers, Halstead Nonconformist registers; 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses

4 Josiah Jeggo b q4/1837 @ Halstead, son of John & Rebecca, agricultural labourer, res Ox Yard, Gosfield in 1881, 1891 & 1901
  + 4/10/1863 @ Gosfield
4 Charlotte Cooper b ~1839/40 @ Gosfield
   5 Charles Henry Jeggo b ~1863 @ Gosfield (GRO q4/1863 Halstead 4a 310), bap 29/5/1864 @ High St Chapel, Halstead, agricultural labourer
      ..... but when he marries and has children in Gosfield he is Charles William Jeggo son of Josiah Jeggo -- see Charles William & Alice
   5 Herbert William Jeggo b ~1865 @ Gosfield (GRO q1/1866 Halstead 4a 340), bap 29/4/1866 @ High St Chapel Halstead, ag. lab., res Ox Yard 1891 & 1901
   5 Cecilia Jeggo b ~1867/8 @ Gosfield (GRO q1/1868 Halstead 4a 341), bap 5/4/1868 @ High St Chapel, Halstead, ('Celia') silk weaver, res Ox Yard 1891
      + John Gibbons ("The Gosfield Magazine", November 1891)
   5 Eliza Jane Jeggo bap 20/3/1870 @ Gosfield, factory weaver silk, res Ox Yard 1901
   5 John Jeggo b 31/12/1871, bap 21/7/1872 @ Gosfield (prob lodger with John Ward in Gosfield in 1881), agricultural labourer, res Ox Yard 1891 & 1901
   5 Alfred Jeggo b 10/4/1874, bap 21/6/1874 @ Gosfield, agricultural labourer, res Ox Yard 1891 & 1901
   5 Emma Jeggo b 9/2/1876, bap 18/6/1876 @ Gosfield, silk winder, res Ox Yard 1891
   5 Florence Jeggo b 8/8/1878, bap 1/11/1878 @ Gosfield, res Ox Yard 1891, factory weaver silk, res Ox Yard 1901
   5 Lily Jeggo b 1/5/1881, bap 26/5/1881 @ Gosfield, ('Lilly') res Ox Yard 1891, ('Lillie') factory weaver silk, res Ox Yard 1901

John & Eleanor Jago

Evidence: Halstead parish registers, 1881 and 1901 Censuses.

John Jago b 1835/6 in Ireland, schoolmaster res Halstead, bur 8/8/1917 age 82 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
Eleanor b 1837/8 @ Walmer, Kent, schoolmistress, d 24/11/1900 age 63, bur 29/11/1900 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   Eleanor Jago b 1863/4 @ Deal, Kent
   Percival Jago b 1865/6 @ Deal, Kent
   Frederick Jago b 1868/9 @ Walmer, Kent
   Cecil Jago b 1870/1 @ Walmer, Kent
   Gertrude Mary Jago bap 22/7/1874 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   Margaret Jago bap 18/10/1878 @ Halstead Holy Trinity

It is highly unlikely that this family is connected with any Jeggoes.
In the 1901 Census John was still living in Halstead, while his son Percival, also a schoolmaster, was raising a family in Earls Colne.

Thomas Bailey Jeggo & Jane

Evidence: 1861 census, 1881 census (81c), 1901 census (01c), "The Gosfield Magazine".

4 Thomas Bailey Jeggo bap 27/3/1826 @ Gosfield, son of Thomas & Sarah, farmer @ Mounts Fm Great Saling in 1861, churchwarden @ Gt Saling, res Pewsey 1881, d q1/1904 @ Truro (GRO ref 5c 103)
+ q3/1858 @ Chelmsford (GRO ref: 4a 167)
4 Jane Smoothy Ratcliff b ~1841/2 @ Gosfield (81c) or Broomfield (01c), d q4/1903 @ Truro (GRO ref 5c 86)
   Alice Jane Jeggo b 27/7/1862 @ Great Saling (? prison wardress @ Wormwood Scrubs in 1901 ?)

Thomas B Jeggo was the farmer @ Iron Peartree in 1851, steward to S. Courtauld and parish officer @ Gosfield. The 1881 Census records him as a stationer at Pewsey, Wiltshire, but other evidence (186 KB) suggests that this might have been Jane's business. The 1901 Census records him as a hostel caretaker in Kenwyn (Truro), and I have come across a website which gives the same information in respect of 1891, but I haven't checked this myself yet.

Charles & Elizabeth

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers, 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses

4 Charles Jeggo, b 21/7/1840, bap 6/12/1840 @ Gosfield, son of John & Rebecca, labourer, horseman on farm,
            res Gosfield Street 1881, Coffee Room 1891, Village 1901
   + 11/11/1864 @ Gosfield
4 Elizabeth Hawkes, b ~1841 @ Halstead/Gosfield, needle woman (1881)

James & Matilda

Evidence: Gosfield and Halstead parish registers, 1881 & 1901 censuses, GRO indexes, Mike Beadle.

4 James Jeggo b 12/2/1847, bap 18/7/1847 @ Gosfield, son of Henry & Sarah, labourer, mechanic, engine driver, res 7 Tidings Hill, Halstead in 1881, prob d q3/1886 age 37 Halstead 4a 297, bur 12/8/1886 @ Halstead St A, he was dead when Jethro married (certif.) in 1895)
+ 25/12/1867 @ Gosfield
4 Matilda née Springett b ~1842/3 @ Halstead, (but took the name Clements after her mother Sarah Springett married Charles Clements - Mike B); laundress, res Cowpen, Northumberland in 1901, (? d q3/1914 age 70 Halstead 4a 750 ?)
   5 Jethro Jeggo b ~1867/8 @ Gosfield, bap 12/4/1879 @ Halstead Holy Trinity, res Tidings Hill, houseboy in 1881 - see Jethro Jeggo & Descendants
   5 James Jeggo b ~1868/9 @ Halstead (bap 25/7/1870 @ Halstead St Andrew, res Tan Yard), res Cowpen, Northumberland in 1901, (? James Henry b q2/1869 Halstead 4a 324, James H d q1/1951 age 81 Nthmbld.C. 1b 414 ?)
   + q2/1901 @ Halstead 4a 1227 (Mike B and FreeBMD)
   5 Emily Alice Newton
      6 Dorothy Victoria Jeggo b q3/1904 Southwark 1d 15 (Mike B),
      + q4/1937 @ Nthmbld. Central 10b 705
      6 George Laws
   5 Emma Jeggo b ~1870/1 @ Halstead (bap 19/2/1882 @ Halstead Holy Trinity, res Tidings Hill)
   5 Harry/Henry Jeggo b ~1871/2 @ Halstead (? labourer res Portsea with Charles (uncle) & Emily 1891 ?) (? Henry George Jeggo b q1/1872 Halstead 4a 386, d q3/1959 age 87 Nthmbld.C. 1b 222 ?)
   + 31/5/1909 @ Halstead St A (? ages wrong - understated - in parish register ?)
   5 Charlotte Wicker b 1876/7 (? d q1/1961 age 88 Nthmbld.C. 1b 314 ?)
      6 Olive A Jeggo b q4/1912 @ Halstead 4a 1594,
      + q3/1936 @ Morpeth 10b 1069
      6 Ernest Hindmarsh
? 5 Ada Elizabeth Jeggo bap 28/10/1875 @ Halstead Holy Trinity daughter of James (mechanic) & Elizabeth (? clerical error? should it be 'Matilda' ?) Jeggo of Tidings Hill, bur 4/11/1875 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
   5 Herbert Charles Jeggo b q4/1877 @ Halstead 4a 410, bap 2/2/1884 @ Halstead Holy Trinity, res Cowpen, Northumberland in 1901
   + (? q1/1897 @ Halstead  ?)
   5 Annie ??
      6 Mary Jeggo b ~1896 @ Blyth,Northumberland
   5 Annie Elizabeth Jeggo b q3/1881 @ Halstead 4a 453, bap 2/2/1884 @ Halstead Holy Trinity, res Cowpen, Northumberland in 1901
   5 Charles William Jeggo b q4/1883 @ Halstead 4a 516, bap 2/2/1884 @ Halstead Holy Trinity, res Cowpen, Northumberland in 1901

Alfred & Keziah

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers, "The Gosfield Magazine", 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses, information from Leo Redman.

4 Alfred Jeggo b 29/3/1842 @ Gosfield, son of John & Rebecca, agricultural labourer, stockman, res Street, Gosfield 1881, 1891 & 1901
+ 25/8/1867 @ Gosfield
4 Keziah Rose b ~1846/7 @ Bentley/Ipswich, Suffolk, res Street, Gosfield 1881, 1891 & 1901
   5 Alfred Jeggo bap 4/4/1869 @ Gosfield, agricultural labourer in 1881, groom and domestic servant in 1891 -- see Alfred & Kate
   5 Frederick John Jeggo b 10/3/1871, bap 28/5/1871 @ Gosfield, ag lab in 1891, stockman res with parents 1901
   5 Charles Jeggo b 8/9/1873, bap 16/11/1873 @ Gosfield, cattle dealer's stockman in 1891 -- see Charles & Ellen
   5 Florence Anne Jeggo b 3/12/1875, bap 11/2/1876 @ Gosfield
   5 Rose Amy Jeggo b 19/3/1880, bap 16/5/1880 @ Gosfield, d 15/1/1952 @ Earls Colne
      + Walter Burst 4/6/1906 @ Gosfield (GROM q2/1906 Halstead 4a 1376)
   5 Alice Elizabeth Jeggo b 18/1/1882, bap 19/3/1882 @ Gosfield
   5 Ruth Jeggo b 1/4/1884, bap 11/6/1884 @ Gosfield, domestic servant in 1905
      6 Beatrice Violet Jeggo, daughter of Ruth Jeggo, b 21/8/1904, bap 23/4/1905 @ Gosfield
   5 Edith Jeggo b 27/3/1886, bap 20/6/1886 @ Gosfield
   5 Florence Ada Jeggo b 6/8/1888, bap 16/9/1888 @ Gosfield

Golden & Emily, Mary

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers, 1881 census, "The Gosfield Magazine", Golden's will and subsequent disposition of his estate.

4 Golden b January 1843 @ Gosfield, d 9/2/1916 (his will) age 73 @ Gosfield, farmer and broom maker, parish officer @ Gosfield, son of Joseph & Mary Ann
   +(i) q1/1873 @ Islington (GRO ref: 1b 387, and FreeBMD for surname Carver)
      Emily Carver b ~1840/1 @ Clifton, Bristol, prob d q1/1897 (GRO ref. Halstead 4a 363)
   +(ii) 26/7/1898 @ Halstead Holy Trinity
      Mary Elizabeth Goodram, d 8/12/1940 (Golden's will) age 87 @ Colchester

George & Emily

Evidence: 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses and Gosfield and Halstead parish registers

The only Georges born in the 1850s (according to GRO Indexes and Gosfield parish registers) are the sons of Henry & Sarah, George b 1850 d 1850 and George William b 1854. This agrees with George William's age of 22 in the 1876 Halstead St. Andrew marriage entry for George William & Emily Ann, so he seems highly likely to be the son of Henry & Sarah. The only snag is that the marriage entry gives his father as James Jeggo (deceased, labourer). However, Henry died in 1858 (probably), so maybe George William was brought up by his uncle; James is probably the son of Joseph & Susannah, who were Henry's parents.

4 George William Jeggo prob bap 16/4/1854 @ Gosfield, machinist/agricultural labourer,
      ..... res Slates (or The Slate), then Colchester Road, Halstead,
      ..... d by 1891 (prob. George Jeggo bur 28/2/1887 age 29 @ Halstead St Andrew, GRO ref: 4a 304)
+ 2?/12/1876 @ Halstead St. Andrew
4 Emily Ann Howard b ~1856 @ Halstead, silk weaver, res Halstead (1891 Colchester Rd, 1901 Ship Yard)
   5 George Albert Jeggo b q4/1877 (ref. Halstead 4a 413), bap 21/12/1877 @ Halstead St. A,
      ..... grandson of George & Ann Potter (1881 census) (NB George Potter boarder with Emily Jeggo 1901)
      ..... (? Albert George Jeggo age 23 soldier at Warley Barracks in 1901?)
   5 Beatrice Annie Jeggo b q3/1879 (ref. Halstead 4a 434) bap 4/8/1879 @ Halstead St A, bur 5/2/1880 @ Halstead St A
   5 David Jeggo b q4/1880 (ref. Halstead 4a 447), bap 9/4/1881 @ Halstead St A, bur 7/3/1882 @ Halstead St A
   5 Percy Jeggo b q1/1882 (ref. Halstead 4a 502), bap 8/4/1882 @ Halstead St. Andrew
      ..... (? boarder with John Bragg, silk factory clerk, 1901?);  clerk in 1912
   + 2/12/1912 @ Halstead St A
      5 Emma Annie Argent b ~1884
   5 Ethel Maud Daisy Jeggo b q4/1883 (ref. Halstead 4a 517), bap 12/1/1884 @ Halstead St. Andrew,
      ..... niece of Joshua and Louisa Wilson in West Ham in 1891, niece of Joshua Wilson in Cann Hall in 1901
   + q1/1909 ref. West Ham 4a 135
      ..... from FreeBMD ..... either Charles George Chalk or Robert Joshua Hamilton
   5 May Jeggo b q1/1886 (ref. Halstead 4a 568), bap 5/5/1888 @ Halstead St. Andrew, silk weaver in 1901
   5 Rose Jeggo b q3/1887 ("Rosa" ref. Halstead 4a 549), bap 5/5/1888 @ Halstead St. Andrew, silk weaver in 1901

Charles & Emily

Evidence: 1891 & 1901 Censuses, Halstead parish registers, GRO indexes, Mike Beadle

4 Charles Henry Jeggo b ~1858/9, bap 9/1/1859 @ Gosfield, son of Henry and Sarah;
    ..... gunner R A Marine aboard the "Briton" at Devonport in 1881;
    ..... soldier res Milton, Hants in 1884;  gunner, RMA, res Portsea, Hants in 1891;
    ..... night watchman at silk factory & res 3 Tidings Hill, Halstead in 1901; night watchman 1908-16.
  + 25/12/1884 @ Halstead Holy Trinity (GRO ref: 4a 759)
4 Emily Clements b 4/2/1862 @ Halstead Workhouse, daughter of Matilda Jeggo formerly Clements (Mike B)
    ..... factory hand in 1884, silk weaver in 1891, 1901
   5 Blanche Annie Jeggo b ~1885/6 @ Eastney, Hants, silk weaver in 1901
      + 8/6/1908 @ Halstead St Andrew
         Percy Alfred Johnson b 1884/5, res Black Notley (1908)
   5 Cecil Charles Jeggo b ~1886/7 @ Eastney, Hants, telegraph messenger boy in 1901, engineer in 1916
      + 18/3/1916 @ Halstead St Andrew
         Florence Eliza Farrant b ~1885/6
   5 Lavinia Emily ('Win') Jeggo b q4/1888 @ Eastney, Hants (GRO: Valina Emily, ref. Portsea 2b 506)
      + 3/2/1915 @ Halstead St Andrew
         Sidney Ward b ~1889, gardener, of Halstead
   5 Beatrice Alice Jeggo b ~1889/90 @ Eastney, Hants
   5 Ernest Henry b q2/1891 @ Eastney, Hants (GRO ref: Portsea 2b 501)
   5 Zilpha Florence Paulina ('Poppy') Jeggo b q4/1893 @ Eastney, Hants (GRO ref: Portsea 2b 502),
       ..... res 40 King Road, Halstead in 1917
      + 9/6/1917@ Halstead Holy Trinity (GRO ref: 4a 1349)
         Percy Frank Willsher b ~1892/3, fitter of Earls Colne
   5 male Jeggo b q1/1897 (GRO ref: Portsea 2b 512), d q1/1897 (GRO ref: Portsea 2b 355)
   5 Maud Jeggo b q3/1899 (GRO ref: Halstead 4a 740), bap 30/9/1899 @ Halstead Holy Trinity

Charles William & Alice

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers, 1881, 1891 & 1901 censuses.

5 Charles William Jeggo, b ~1862/3 @ Gosfield, son of Josiah & Charlotte (but b & bap as Charles Henry Jeggo),
         agricultural labourer, horseman, res High Gates, Gosfield in 1891, res Church Road, Gosfield in 1901
+ 17/10/1889 @ Gosfield
5 Alice Brundish b ~1869 @ Gosfield
   6 Florence Ada Jeggo b 23/12/1889, bap 5/3/1890 @ Gosfield, domestic servant in 1914
      + 25/6/1914 @ Gosfield
         Herbert Marvin b 1879/80, tron-painter res Halstead in 1914
   6 Annie May Jeggo b 14/5/1893, bap 18/6/1893 @ Gosfield, domestic servant in 1914
      + 2/6/1914 @ Gosfield
         Walter Ernest Pilgrim b 1890/1, iron moulder res Halstead in 1914
   6 Ivy Kate Jeggo b 16/8/1895, bap 17/11/1895 @ Gosfield
         7 Edna Catherine Jeggo, daughter of Ivy Kate Jeggo, b 18/4/1914, bap 16/9/1917 @ Gosfield
         7 Eileen Jeggo, daughter of Ivy Kate Jeggo, b 6/5/1930, bap 15/6/1930 @ Gosfield
   6 Ethel Jeggo b 4/5/1898, bap14/8/1898 @ Gosfield
   + q2/1915 GRO ref Halstead 4a 2132
      Ebenezer Drury
   6 Frederick Arthur Jeggo b 21/11/1906, bap 17/2/1907 @ Gosfield

Alfred & Kate

Evidence: Gosfield parish registers, 1901 census, GRO Indexes, information from Tony & Pam Jeggo and Leo Redman.

5 Alfred Jeggo b ~1868/9 @ Gosfield, almost certainly the son of Alfred & Keziah, groom, res Park Cottage, Gosfield in 1901
+ q1/1901 (GRO ref: Halstead 4a 749)
5 Kate Eary/Earey b ~1872/3 @ Maplestead
   6 Cyril Percy Jeggo b 6/11/1902, bap 21/12/1902 @ Gosfield -- see Percy & Annie
   6 Dorothy Kate Jeggo b 15/1/1905, bap 23/4/1905 @ Gosfield
   6 Leonard Jeggo b 31/1/1906, bap 28/10/1906 @ Gosfield
   6 Margaret Elizabeth Jeggo b 10/6/1908, bap 6/9/1908 @ Gosfield
   6 Amy Jeggo b 17/12/1910, bap 12/2/1911 @ Gosfield
   6 Joan Jeggo b 21/1/1913, bap 25/5/1913 @ Gosfield, b (as were her siblings) at Parkfields Cottages -- Leo Redman, grandson
   6 Mary Jeggo b 4/3/1915, bap 18/4/1915 @ Gosfield, res Ox Yard, d 24/5/2007, up until her death was the oldest inhabitant of Gosfield who was born in Gosfield -- Leo Redman

Ernest Henry & Lilian

Evidence: GRO Indexes, Mike Beadle

5 Ernest Henry Jeggo b q2/1891, son of Charles & Emily, d q1/1974 @ Croydon
+ q4/1916 @ Steyning (GRO ref 2b 642)
5 Lilian H Scammell, d q1/1971 @ Sible Hedingham
   6 Patricia Rosina Jeggo b q1/1920 @ Steyning (GRO ref 2b 640), res Sible Hedingham Feb 2004
   + q1/1941 @ Halstead (GRO ref 4a 2324)
   6 Edward E Beadle, res Sible Hedingham Feb 2004
      7 Mike Beadle b 30/10/1947 @ Sible Hedingham
   6 Poppy L Jeggo b q3/1923 @ Halstead (GRO ref 4a 1457)
   + q2/1946
   6 James Dickie

Mike Beadle has emailed: "Ernest Henry was in WW1 - he was in the Northants Regiment and a Lewis gunner - he was at the Somme and experienced the trench warfare although, quite naturally, he would not talk about it. After the war he became an apprentice grocer working up to be the manager of the local Co-op."

Percy & Annie

Evidence: GRO Indexes, information from Tony & Pam Jeggo and from their son Paul.

6 Cyril Percy Jeggo b 6/11/1902, bap 21/12/1902 @ Gosfield, son of Alfred & Kate, carpenter, d q3/1966 age 63 (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 328)
+ 27/6/1926 @ Braintree (GRO ref: q4/1926 4a 1859)
6 Annie Florence Mott b 22/6/1901 @ Bocking, d 1986 @ Braintree
   7 Jean J Jeggo b q3/1927 (GRO ref: Colchester 4a 1276)
   7 Dorothy E Jeggo b q1/1929 (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 1393)
   7 Derek F Jeggo b q4/1930 (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 1321)
   7 Anthony J Jeggo b q1/1932 (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 1326)
   7 Anne Jeggo b q3/1934 (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 1322)
   7 Doreen Jeggo b q3/1934 (GRO ref: Braintree 4a 1322)

Tony & Pam

Evidence: GRO Indexes, information from Paul Jeggo, Facebook (11/4/2021).

7 Anthony John Jeggo b 30/1/1932 @ Braintree (GRO ref: q1/1932 4a 1326), son of Percy & Annie, res Gosfield, d 16/2/2016
+ 23/9/1956 @ Halstead (GRO ref: q3/1956 4a 1643)
7 Pamela Rose Haynes b 17/1/1939 @ Kensington, res Gosfield, still living in April 2018
   8 Steven Jeggo, still living in April 2018
   + Angela Margaret Murtha
         9 Jacqueline Jeggo, still living
         9 Natalie Jeggo, still living
         9 Karina Jeggo, still living
   8 Paul Jeggo, still living
   +(i) Ruth Helen Elizabeth Gerrey
         9 Aidan Jack Jeggo, still living
   &(ii) Angela Irene Stannard
         9 Poppy Rose Jeggo, still living
         9 Sydnei Jayne Jeggo, still living

Details of Individuals

Golden Jeggo (1843 - 1916)

res: The Street, Gosfield (1861, 1881, 1891, 1901 - but not necessarily all at the same house).

'Jeggo Identity Parade' (1.1 MB) includes a photograph that almost certainly features Golden.

Obituary - "The Halstead Gazette" Saturday, February 12th, 1916

"Death of Mr. Golden Jeggo

"We regret to have this week to record the death of Mr. Golden Jeggo, who was a very well-known and highly respected inhabitant of this village [Gosfield].  The deceased, who had just passed his 73rd birthday, had lived in Gosfield practically all his life.  He was a birchbroom manufacturer by trade and the business which he gave up about a year ago, had been carried on by him and his ancestors for over a century and a half.  He was for a number of years church warden, and was also a member of Gosfield Parish Council, but for some long time he had been in failing health.  The funeral has been fixed for Monday afternoon at 2.30."

"The Halstead Gazette" Saturday, February 19th, 1916

The report of the funeral included: ".. among the mourners were Mrs. Jeggo (widow), Messrs. E. F. and L. Goodram (nephews), Mrs. Weaver (niece) and Mr. E. Smith (cousin)."   Also given were the names of those attending, and a somewhat fulsome description, including the fact that there were "many blinds down in the village" as a mark of respect.

Joseph Jeggo (~1772-1845) (the Tailor)

Deeds  (SEAX Ref. No:  D/DBm/T104)  1802-1803, 1829

Deeds of messuage in occupation of Joseph Jeggo, Gosfield, inc. memorandum that cottages were pulled down and rebuilt in 1829.
 6/9/1802  Mr. James Wing
 Mr. Joseph Jeggoe 
 Feoffment* in Fee of a Messuage etc. in Gosfield in Essex 

On the outside of the document:  Receipt for £90, from Joseph Jeggoe, signed James Wing.

Indenture ... between James Wing of Earls Colne and Sarah his wife ... and Joseph Jeggoe of Gosfield ... witnesseth ... ninety pounds ... messuage ground and hereditaments ...  All that messuage or tenement heretofore in the occupation of Mary Reeve widow, since of John Goldston, late of Soloman Palmer and Judith Quy and now of the said Joseph Jeggoe.  And also all that piece of ground lying at the East End of the yard belonging to the said messuage or tenement 14' long, 5' broad at the north end, 8' at the south end, right of passage over the Common Yard adjoining the north side of the premises and to take and draw water at the well at all times.

 2/12/1803 Mr. Joseph Jeggoe
 Jas. G. Sparrow Esq. 
 Feoffment* in Fee of a Messuage etc. in Gosfield   Added in pencil:
 Cottages adjoining
the Green Man
No. 23

On the outside of the document:  Receipt for £100, from James G. Sparrow to Joseph Jeggoe (made mark)

Indenture ... between Joseph Jeggoe of Gosfield Taylor and Mary Jeggo his wife and James Goodeve Sparrow of Gosfield Esquire  ... £100 ... .  All that Messuage or Tenement with all and singular the Outhouses Edifices ... heretofore in the occupation of Mary Reeve since of John Goldston late of Soloman Palmer and Judith Quy and now of Joseph Jeggoe and his under tenant John Quy ... to pass and repass with Horses Carts and other Carriages ... Common Yard ... Well ... at all times and seasons.  The mark  X  of Joseph Jeggoe.  The mark  X  of Mary Jeggoe.

 June 18 1829   Memorandum 

The Cottages mentioned in the Deed of Conveyance from Joseph Jeggo to J. G. Sparrow and dated December 2nd 1803 were pulled down this year and rebuilt and by their not extending so far towards the East the land behind them or yard is considerably enlarged and extends much further on the East and South than is mentioned in the Deed.  Witness my hand the day above written,  J. G. Sparrow (signed).  Dorothy Sparrow (signed) witness to the signature of ...

Feoffment:  The action of investing a person with a fief or fee.  In technical language applied especially to the particular mode of conveyance (originally the only one used, but now almost obsolete) in which a person is invested with a freehold estate in lands by livery of seisin.  (OED)

Rose Amy Burst née Jeggo (19/3/1880 - 15/1/1952)

"The Halstead And Colne Valley Gazette", Friday January 25th 1952

From the front page:

"Mr. Walter Burst wishes to thank all kind friends and neighbours for their sympathy in his sudden bereavement, especially Miss Hemsley, Mr. and Mrs. Causton, Mrs. Reading, Mrs. Higgleton and Mrs. Brown;  also for the floral tributes, will friends please accept this as the only acknowledgment?  - 18, The Green, Earls Colne."

In the same issue:

"The late Mrs. Burst - The funeral took place at the parish church on Saturday of Mrs. Rose Amy Burst, wife of Mr. Walter Burst of 18, The Green.  She passed away, at the age of 71 years, on January 15th after having been ill only a few hours.  A native of Gosfield and a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jeggo, she had lived at Earls Colne for over forty years, and took an interest in several village organisations, being a member of The Mothers' Union, Women's Conservative Association, Women's Institute and Women's Co-operative Guild.  She leaves a husband, an only son having died eleven years ago.  The funeral service was conducted by the Rev. Canon H. Monks, R. D.  Mr B. Smith was at the organ and the hymn, "Abide With Me," was sung.  The mourners were:  Mr. W. Burst, husband;  Mrs. Prentice and Mrs. Searles, sisters;  Mrs. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Jeggo and Mrs. K. Taylor, nieces and nephew;  Mrs. Brown, J. Causton, friends.  Mr. Jeggo, of Gosfield (brother) and Mrs. Hales (niece) were unable to attend.  Others present included Mr. and Mrs. A. Rayner, Mrs. H. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Gomer, Mrs. J. Carter, Mrs. Arnold, Miss Arnold, Mrs. Pakenham and Mrs. Seaber, whilst the Mothers' Union was represented by Mrs. Dobson and Mrs. Page;  the Women's Institute by Mrs. Hood and Miss E. Mann;  and the Women's Co-operative Guild by Mrs. Poole, Mrs. Stock, Mrs. Kemp, Mr. Tyler, Mrs. Newman and Mrs. G. Higgleton.  Floral tributes were from:  Her sorrowing Husband;  Sister Lizzie, Brother Fred and Sister Edith;  Sister Ada, Jonal and family;  Elsie, Kitch and Wendy;  Minnie, Ernie and family;  John, Rene and Mrs. Stock, Mr. and Mrs. A. Rayner;  Robert, Geoff and D. Higgleton;  D. Kemsley, Beatrice and Simony;  Mr. and Mrs. Reading and Eric;  Mrs. Layer, Major and Betty;  The Neighbours;  The Mothers' Union;  Earls Colne Women's Institute, and The Women's Co-operative Guild.  Funeral arrangements by Messrs. R. J. Leeds and Co."

(The above information found and contributed by Leo Redman.)

Sarah Ann Jeggo (1829-1901)

The following is a compilation of emails received in October & November 2001 from Victoria Flewell <>, 120 Merivale Crt., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada L1H 8S4.

My great-great-grandmother was Sarah Ann Jeggo born February 3rd, 1829 in Spain, according to the International Genealogy Index [but see below].  Sarah's father was a Thomas Jeggo who was a farmer in Gosfield.  Sarah married William Newton in 1853 in the Parish Church, Parish of Gosfield, in October 1853, according to a Certified Copy of an Entry of  Marriage issued March 1, 2001.  Sarah and William (whose father was also a William) went to Canada in about 1870 with a family of seven boys, namely Frank Herbert, Ernest Alwyn, Seville Martineau, Albert Angus, Louis Victor, Leonard Plato and Sterling Jeggo (my great-grandfather).

Her marriage was probably not a happy one.  William Newton, who was ordained an Anglican minister in Canada in 1871 in Toronto, Ontario, left his family in Lindsay, Ontario, in 1875 to be a minister, financed by the Society of the Propagation of the Gospel, to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for 25 years.  He never returned home even though the Bishop thought he should!  Two of his sons moved west as adults. One son became a mayor of a city in British Columbia;  I have no information on the other.  My great-grandfather, Sarah's son Sterling Jeggo Newton (she gave him her maiden name), stayed in Lindsay, married Harriet Bean October 1, 1890, and fathered my paternal grandmother, Neta Gladdis Newton (b May 28,1893).  She married Russell Bell and they had five children of which my father, Donald Louis Bell (b February 6, 1916 in Lindsay, Ontario) was the only survivor.  He is still alive and well in Whitby, Ontario.

I have the shawl Sarah wore on the voyage to Canada in 1870-1871. I also have quite a few photographs of Sarah as a young woman, alone and with her children.

Sarah died in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada on January 4th, 1901.  The cause of death was Bronchitis & Catarrha of the stomach which she had for 4 years.

Another descendant of Sarah Ann Jeggo is George Weegar, of Virginia, USA, the son of Margaret Jean Gordon Newton, the daughter of George Harrie (or Henry) Newton, the son of Sarah Ann (Jeggo) Newton.
Birth of Sarah Ann Jeggo:  in an email dated 27 August 2003 George Weegar writes that he submitted to the IGI some 30 or 40 years ago the information that Sarah was born on February 3rd, 1829 in Spain.  The date comes from Sarah's personal Bible, which he has seen, but the place was told him by his mother.  He says: 'I have never been able to verify that information. ... When I learned that she was baptized in Gosfield 13 April 1829, I started to seriously question my mother's statement. ... the Spain birthplace is questionable, ... this is not confirmed information.'

Thomas Jeggo (~1761-1829)

In the deeds of Potash Farm, Felsted, held in the Essex Record Office, there are three documents detailing the loan of £1400 from Thomas Jeggo to Ann Wright, secured on the copyhold part of the farm.

SEAX Ref. No:  D/DU 240/13

On the outside: Manor of Felsted
11th January 1813
Admission of Ann Wright Widow.
Conditional Surrender from her to Thomas Jeggo for securing £1400 and Interest.
Surrender to Will of said Ann Wright.

The Manor of Felsted otherwise Felsted Bury with Grand Court.
At the Special Court Baron and Customary Court of William Pole Tylney Long Wellesley Esquire Lord of the said Manor, holden ... on Monday the eleventh Day of January ... 1813 before Thomas Edlyne Tomlins Esquire Chief Steward there.

The first part of the document details the conveyance of the copyhold property from Rev. John Disney, D.D., to Ann Wright, i.e., her admission to tenure.  It lists the copyhold properties:

... Customary or Copyhold Hereditaments:  All that parcel of Land called Great Brookfield Mead in Felsted in the said County of Essex. And one other parcel of land called Great Brookfield with the Appurtenances And also one Croft of Land called Smallacres otherwise Small Wards and a way thereunto leading from the Common called Cleavelands Green adjoining to a certain parcel of Land called Colemans Quarter towards the West.  And also one Croft of Land with a piece of Meadow adjoining parcel of Colemans Quarter containing four acres formerly called Smallards  And also certain Lands called Martins Land and Polland containing Thirty acres be the same more or less with the Appurtenances and the Lands called Hither and Further Blanchards Pipers and Coblers containing by estimation twenty acres be the same more or less which said Copyhold premises do contain in the whole by a recent admeasurement Sixty two acres and eighteen perches be the same more or less and are now called known and distinguished by the several Names and do contain the several quantities hereinafter mentioned (that is to say);  Brookfield containing eight acres;  Brookfield Mead containing one acre and thirty three perches;  Chase Field or Smallacres containing Five acres and twenty five perches;  part of Great Highhills or Colemans Quarter containing five acres and thirty five perches;  Martins Lands and Garden containing nine acres and sixteen perches;  Pollands or Rushy Bottom containing six acres one rood and thirty two perches;  Middle Meadow containing one acre three roods and eighteen perches;  Little High Hills containing three acres one rood and twenty seven perches;  Potash-field with the Cottage and Garden containing five acres one rood and twenty five perches:  Blanches or Little Moat Field containing four acres and one perch;  Pipers and Coblers or Great Moat Field containing eleven acres two roods and fourteen perches;  the Farmhouse and Homestall containing two roods and thirty two perches:  All which said Copyhold Messuage or Tenement Cottage pieces and parcels of Lands and Hereditaments are situate in Felsted aforesaid and comprize all the Copyhold Lands Tenements and Premises belonging to a certain Farm called or known by the name of the Potash Farm heretofore in the Tenure or occupation of John Owers or his Assigns, afterwards of Peter Richardson or his Assigns, since of Thomas Wright and his Assigns and now and for some time past in the Tenure or Occupation of the said Ann Wright her undertenants or Assigns.

The second part of the document is Ann Wright's conditional surrender of the property to Thomas Jeggo:

... To the only use and Behoof of Thomas Jeggo of Gosfield in the said County of Essex Yeoman, ... Upon Condition nevertheless that if the said Ann Wright ... shall ... pay ... unto the said Thomas Jeggo ... the Sum of One thousand and four hundred pounds together with lawful Interest for the same ... in manner following (that is to say) the Sum of Thirty five pounds and Ten shillings on the eleventh day of July now next ensuing and the Sum of one thousand four hundred and thirty five pounds and ten shillings on the eleventh Day of January ... one thousand eight hundred and fourteen ... Then this Surrender to be void otherwise to be and remain in full force and virtue.

The final part of the document is Ann Wright's surrender of the property to her last Will and Testament.

SEAX Ref. No:  D/DU 240/14 - Bond to Secure Payment

On the outside: Felsted Bury
Bond on Conditional Surrender
Mrs. Ann Wright to Mr. Thomas Jeggo
Dated 11th January 1813
(endorsed) Received your Interest up
to July 11th 1813 (signed) Thos. Jeggo

Know all Men by these Presents that I Ann Wright of Felsted in the County of Essex Widow am held and firmly bound to Thomas Jeggo of Gosfield in the same county Yeoman in Two thousand and eight hundred Pounds ... to be paid to the said Thomas Jeggo ... for the true Payment whereof I bind myself ... Sealed ... Dated ... 11th January 1813.
Whereas the above bounden Ann Wright hath ... at a General Court Baron ... Surrendered ... All that parcel of Land ... (same list as above) ... To the Use and behoof of the above named Thomas Jeggo ... And also if the said Ann Wright ... pay ... Thomas Jeggo ... the full sum of one thousand and four hundred Pounds ... and Interest for the same in such manner as in the aforesaid Surrender is expressed ... Then this Obligation shall be void and of no Effect whatsoever otherwise the same shall be and remain in full force and virtue.
Signed sealed and delivered (signed) Ann Wright in the presence of (signed) Thos. Perkins of Chelmsford.
Received on the day of the date of the above written Obligation ... from ... Thomas Jeggo the sum of one thousand and four hundred Pounds being the Consideration Money for my making and passing the above recited Surrender. (signed) Ann Wright.  Witness (signed) Thos. Perkins.

SEAX Ref. No:  D/DU 240/18

8 October 1813
Assignment of principal sum of £1400 and interest secured by the above conditional surrender, and the bond to secure payment.
(i) Tho. Jeggo of Gosfield, farmer; (ii) Ann Wright of Felsted, widow; (iii) Frs. Cressey of Stock, gent.
Copyhold properties, as above.
Recites: (a) D/DU 240/13; (b) D/DU 240/14; (c) that the sum of £1400 is still owing to Jeggo, all interest having been paid up; (d) that Jeggo has occasion for the said sum of £1400, and that Cressey has been prevailed on to advance the sum.