Joseph Jeggo (1804-1875)

From a photograph in a scrapbook kept by the Reverend Henry Lettsom Elliot, Vicar of Gosfield from 1871 to 1920.  Modern prints of Elliot's photographs are held by the Essex Record Office (ERO;  reference T/A 498/3), by whose permission this copy appears.

Extract from the ERO on-line catalogue SEAX:
Studio portrait of Joseph Jeggo, 'rate collector and small farmer', wearing agricultural worker's smock, 1874 (taken by F. Spalding of Chelmsford).

There were several Joseph Jeggoes in Gosfield; this one's identity is established by the smock and the stave in his right hand.  These are the Parish Constable's outfit, according to Linda Kemp, who lives in Gosfield (in a house formerly belonging to Golden Jeggo), has studied the village's history, and is related to the Jeggoes.  "The Gosfield Magazine" states that Joseph was Assessor (Land, Property & Income Tax) from 1871 to 1875, and further identifies him as "Farmer and Broom-maker, first at Beechleys, afterwards at ...", which when combined with the other information known about him completes the identification.

The guide to St. Catherine's Church, Gosfield (undated, purchased in 2001, post 1988) states:  "The six Constables staves in the family pew are from the reign of William IV (1830 to 1837)."  Sadly, the church was broken into early in 2003 and the staves are now missing.

This is Chris Jeggo's great-great-grandfather.

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