Jack Jeggo (1857-1943) and Descendants

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Sources:  "The Family Register"; GRO Indexes; 1871, 1881 & 1901 Censuses (71c, 81c, 01c respectively); certificates; John Martin (jrm); "Swanmore Monthly Magazine" (mag);  Adeline Battams and her daughter Judy(ade); Audrey Andrews née Wattson (aud).

Numbers at the start of lines represent generations.

5 Jack Jeggo, son of Charles & Sarah Jeggo
+ q3/1887 @ Marylebone 1a 1075
   Julia Annie Sargent (ade, FreeBMD) b ~1860 @ Watford, d 1942 (ade) (GROD: 1942/q1 @ Watford 3a 1926)
   6 Eleanor Jeggo b q3/1888 @ Bushey (GRO ref: Watford 3a 524), never married (ade)
   6 Thomas Carmelo Jeggo b 28/12/1890
   + 21/8/1915 @ Watford
      Julia Christina Adelaide Morgan b 28/12/1889 @ Romsey, Hants (certif), d 25/6/1970 @ Marylebone (certif)
      7 Christine Joan Jeggo b 23/6/1917 @ Watford
      7 Patrick Thomas Jeggo b 30/9/1919 @ Swanmore, Hants
   6 Hilda Jeggo b q4/1892 @ Bushey (GRO ref: Watford 3a 550)
   + q3/1916 @ Watford (GRO ref: 3a 1591)
      Roland Hewetson
         had no children (ade)
   6 Alice Dorothy ('Dolly') Jeggo b q4/1894 @ Bushey (GRO ref: Watford 3a 579), d 5/11/1984 (aud)
   + 6/6/1922 @ Watford (aud; GRO ref: 3a 1929)
      Robert ('Bert') Frederick Wattson, d 1/1975 (aud)
      7 one daughter - Audrey b ~1927 (ade)
   6 Gladys Ivy Jeggo b q4/1896 @ Bushey (GRO ref: Watford 3a 618), never married (ade)
   6 Annie Olive Jeggo b q2/1898 @ Bushey (GRO ref: Watford 3a 631), never married (ade)
   6 Frederick Harry Jeggo b q2/1900 @ Bushey (GRO ref: Watford 3a 697)
   + q3/1925 @ Watford (GRO ref: 3a 2284)
      Ruby E L Starling
         had no children (ade)
   6 Adeline Jeggo b q4/1902 @  Watford 3a 589
   + q3/1924 @ Watford 3a 2175
      Gerald A E Battams
      7 Barbara
      7 Judy

Details of Individuals

Christine Joan Jeggo (1915-1970)

Was known as both Christine and Joan.
b: 23/6/1917 @ Watford (certif)
bap: 5/8/1917 @ St. Barnabus, Swanmore, Hampshire (jrm)
d: 1970 (jrm)
res: with parents in 1941 (jrm)
occ: Ran her own antiques business in Berkhamsted.
"Joan - I believe that she used to work for Christies, the antique auctioneers, and also for the local Lord Mayor at some stage." - (jrm)

Jack Jeggo (1857-1943)

b:  27/5/1857 ("The Family Register"), @ Wethersfield (71c), son of Charles & Sarah Jeggo.  However, Essex Record Office microfiches D/P 119/1/5 and 119/1/11 Wethersfield Parish Registers -- Baptisms have been searched from 1856 to 1860 inclusive without the baptism of Jack Jeggo being found, nor Jack Adams, nor even Jack Coote.  Likewise, the GRO Indexes to Births were searched from 1856 to 1858 inclusive for John/Jack Adams/Coote;  no J. Coote was found, nor any J. Adams in GRO Volume 4a.
bap:  John, 20/5/1866 @ East Hyde, age nearly nine
d:  q2/1943 age 85 @ Watford (GRO ref: 3a 1174).
occ:  Railway Clerk (81c, 01c, and m certif of Thomas Carmelo).
res:  35 Lower Paddock, Bushey, Herts in 1901.

Patrick Thomas Jeggo (1917-2002)

b: 30/9/1919 (GRO ref: q4/1919 Droxford 2c 332) @ Swanmore, Hampshire, where his grandparents Henry & Clara Morgan were living. (jrm)
bap: 23/11/1919 @ St Barnabus, Swanmore (mag)
d: 11/1/2002 @ home (jrm)
bur: 1/2/2002 @ West Herts Crematorium, Garston, Watford, Herts. (jrm)
res: "FreeHills", Love Lane, Kings Langley, Herts.
Patrick liked to paint glamorous young ladies, landscapes and animals.
Some paintings (212 KB)

"Pat - Was a good sportsman at school.  Studied art at the Chelsea Art school.  Worked as an artist for the local printing company - Dickins.  Then helped his sister with the antiques business.  Pat's house was full of his own paintings, but he rarely sold or gave them away.  He once held an exhibition of his paintings at Watford Library.  (I went to the exhibition and took photos of a number of the paintings.)  His main hobby after painting was visiting air shows.  About 6 years ago I took him to the Farnborough Air Show.  During the Second World War he was a Concientious Objector.  The family thought this was due to his father's influence." - (jrm - January 2003)

Thomas Carmelo Jeggo (1891-1953)

b:  28/12/1890 (jrm) @ Bushey (01c) (GRO ref: q1/1891 Watford 3a 589)
Family photographs and two drawings
m: Julia Christina Adelaide Morgan on 21/8/1915 @ Watford Register Office (certif) (GRO ref: 3a 2439)
d: 25/4/1953 @ Royal Cancer Hospital (certif) (GRO ref: Chelsea 5c 253)
Railway clerk in 1915 (m certif)
Private, Royal Engineers in 1917 (certif)
Audit Clerk BR. (retired) in 1953 (d certif)
5 Woodford Road, Watford in 1915 (m certif)
Narborough, Albert Road, Watford in 1917 (certif)
133 Toms Lane, Kings Langley, Herts in 1953 (d certif)


(jrm) John Martin's maternal grandmother was Laura Beatrice Avery née Morgan - sister of Julia Christina Adelaide Morgan/Jeggo.

Swanmore Parish Magazine, January 1920 Issue

BAPTISM: Nov. 23. Patrick Thomas Jeggo
BURIAL: Dec. 1. Henry John Morgan, 70 years (Patrick's grandfather)