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In addition to containing some general information, this page is an aid to navigating the website and is intended to guide visitors in their initial explorations.  The site map, on the other hand, is intended for visitors who are already familiar with the website and provides a quick means of getting from any page to any other in a couple of mouse clicks.

General Information

Coverage of Variant Spellings

Alphabetically arranged sources (eg, the GRO indexes) have been searched for names beginning 'Jeg', although some have been searched for other possible variants as detailed on their individual web pages.  Other sources (eg, censuses, parish registers) have been searched for anything which might be a variant or mis-spelling.

Date Formats and the Calendar Change 1751



b born/birth m, + married/marriage d died/death
bap baptised/baptism bur buried/burial occ occupation
res place of residence ~ approximatel(y)  nk not known
q1, etc 1st quarter, etc poss possibly/possible prob probably/probable
GRO General Register Office FRC Family Records Centre

Original and Derived Data

One aim of this website has been to maintain a clear separation between original and derived data.  Some pages (e.g., GRO Indexes, censuses, parish registers) are intended to be accurate transcriptions of the original records, including their errors (both known and unknown!).  In some cases comments have been added.  Other pages, mainly family groups and trees, are derived data.  An attempt has been made to list the evidence for each tree and to indicate the approximate level of certainty of various items of information.

Some of the 'original' data described below is not original in the strictest sense.  Some are indexes to, or transcriptions of, truly original data, such as parish registers or registers in the custody of district registrars.  Perhaps what we have called 'original' should have been called 'external'.  Nevertheless, all are well established sources for family historians.  Entries are checked where time and money permit.

Transcribed Original Data

Boyd's Marriage Index for Essex and Suffolk - index to marriages recorded in parish registers - these pages contains their own introductory material.

Censuses of England & Wales - The information is tabulated in a form close to that of the original enumerators' books.  (The latter are usually available in record offices in microfilm form.  Not original in the strictest sense, but not subject to transcription errors.  Fingerprints, maybe, but 'finger trouble', no!)
1841 - The neighbouring Essex parishes of  Bocking, Castle Hedingham, Gosfield, Halstead, Shalford, Sible Hedingham, Stisted and Wethersfield completely searched.  Isolated references (located by other means) in Great Warley (Essex) checked.
1851 -  The neighbouring Essex parishes of Bocking, Braintree, Gosfield, Great Maplestead, Halstead, Little Maplestead, Pebmarsh, Stisted completely searched.   Isolated references in Fairsted and Great Warley (both Essex) checked.
1861 - The neighbouring Essex parishes of Bocking, Braintree, Gosfield, Halstead, Sible Hedingham and Stisted completely searched.  Isolated references in Fairsted, Great Dunmow and Great Saling (all Essex) checked.  The entry for Charles and Sarah Jeggo and family in Flamstead, Hertfordshire checked.  Complete search of Holdenhurst, Bournemouth, Hampshire locating Charles's aunt Sarah and sister Maria.
1871 - Sheriffhales searched and Charles & Sarah Jeggo and family found in the part that is in Shropshire.  A couple more entries found using an index have been checked, but no other systematic searches have been carried out as yet.
1881 - The first census to have a national surname index.  The whole census has been transcribed and indexed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the LDS Church - the Mormons) and is available on a set of CD-ROMs, which also includes the census of Scotland.  The index and transcriptions have been used to provide what is hoped to be a complete list of Jeggoes in the census. Some entries have been checked in the microfilms.
1891 - Sheriffhales searched and Charles & Sarah Jeggo and family found in the part that is in Shropshire.  Many other entries found using an index have been checked, but no other systematic searches have been carried out as yet.
1901 - The first online census, with notoriously inaccurate index and transcriptions which are gradually being corrected.  Coverage of Jeggoes is complete within the limitations of the index.  The images of the enumerators' books have been used for the actual details, rather than the transcriptions.

Certificates - of Births, Marriages and Deaths - issued by either the GRO or a District Register Office.
They cost at least £7 each, so people only buy them if it would cost them more to obtain the information some other way, from a parish register, for example.  If you have any certificates containing relevant information not present on the website, please pop a photocopy in the post to me, or scan and email it.

Electoral Registers - just Ashtead, Surrey, at the moment, researching my great-uncle Fred, gardener.

Essex Burials Index - an index to burials recorded in parish registers;  this page contains its own introduction.  I have also searched the National Burials Index, available on CD-ROM, but did not find any information in addition to what I already had.

The Family Register - a photocopy rather than a transcription - the record of the births of the children of Charles & Sarah Jeggo from their family Bible.

GRO Indexes - this top-level page contains introductory material, which contains some statements about accuracy of these not strictly original records.  Nevertheless, they are frequently relied on by family historians because the information is free, whereas the underlying certificates are not.  The data is tabulated in GRO Births, GRO Marriages and GRO Deaths.

Huguenot Records - The Huguenot Library (of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland) contains well indexed transcriptions of registers of Huguenot churches and other records, and has been searched for references to surnames which might be variants of Jeggo.

International Genealogical Index, or IGI - this is a well-known website (www.familysearch.org).  It has been searched for early (pre 1710) Jeggo and Jegon/Jiggon references, which have been sorted by county and date and tabulated.

Nonconformist Registers - There are events in the GRO Indexes in Halstead registration district which are not recorded in Halstead or Gosfield parish registers, so a search of registers of nonconformist churches has been started, in Halstead.

Parish Registers - We have searched extensively the registers of three Essex parishes (Bocking, Gosfield and Halstead), each of which has its own page, as do Castle Hedingham and Sible Hedingham.  The page Jeggo References in Other Parishes starts with a list of contents, parishes either in Essex or connected with Charles & Sarah Jeggo and their descendants.

Wills - there are two pages, for Jeggo and Jegon.  The latter are included because one of the possibilities under consideration as the origin of the Surname Jeggo is that it is a variant of Jegon or Jeggon.

Derived Data - Family Trees and Groups

Charles Jeggo (1834-1912) (Lilleshall, Shropshire) & descendants - Charles and Sarah moved from Essex to near Luton and then to Shropshire.  They had a large family, and many of their children had large families.  There is far too much information about the 'Shropshire Jeggoes' to fit on a single page, so separate pages have been created for their sons Jack (Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire), Robert (Shrewsbury, with surviving descendants in Canada), Tom (Shropshire), Dan (Congleton, Cheshire), Oliver (Hertford) and Walter (Shropshire).  Details of their other children, who have left no Jeggo descendants, remain on Charles's page.

Gosfield (Essex) Family Groups (1695 - early 1900s) - Most of the families on this page can be linked together to construct a single plausible family tree with Thomas and Elizabeth Jig(g)oe at the head, but this requires many assumptions for which we have no evidence as yet.  All modern Jeggoes have many ancestors on this page.

Jethro Jeggo (~1868-1938) & descendants - Jethro's father died young and his family left Gosfield and moved to Northumberland in north-east England.  Jethro himself moved to South Wales and brought up his family there.  This page has been constructed with information and assistance from Jethro's descendants.

Other Family Groups (Essex:  ~1700 - early 1800s) - Matthew Jeggo (16??-1759) of Wethersfield and three other groups in Essex almost certainly descended from him.  This line appears to have died out.

Penny Jeggo's tree - Penny's great-grandfather, Frederick William Benjamin Jeggo, moved from away Bocking, to Epping, much nearer to London.  He has many descendants, scattered all over the world.  His son Percy Jeggo had a large enough family at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, to warrant a separate webpage, and two of Percy's sons, Leslie Jeggo (St. Albans) and Fred Jeggo (Australia) also have their own webpages.  Frank David Jeggo (another of FWBJ's sons) and descendants also have their own webpage.  Much of the information on these pages has been contributed by Penny and other correspondents named on the relevant pages.

Sible Hedingham (Essex) Family Groups (~1600 - ~1700) - these family groups have been constructed from the results of searching two Sible Hedingham parish registers covering the period 1560 to 1745.  The Gosfield Jeggoes could well have come from this parish just to the north.


Jeggo Miscellany & Jegon Miscellany - Most of the information on these pages comes from searching the online catalogue 'SEAX' of the Essex Record Office, with some typographic errors corrected by reference to the card and other indexes which preceded SEAX.  There are also a few details found in various reference books, etc.