Penny Jeggo's Tree

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Joseph & Elizabeth are Penny's great-great-grandparents.  Joseph is the son of Thomas & Mary

Sources:  Penny Jeggo (pen), Jane Paul (jane), Pat Jeggo (pat), Gerald Fowler (ger), GRO indexes, censuses(c), parish registers, GRO certificates

N.B.  The numbers starting each line represent generations.

3 Joseph Jeggo, b @ Gosfield, bap 10/4/1803 @ Gosfield,
       farmer,  Boonses Farm, High Garrett, Bocking, Essex, d 24/12/1867 age 63, bur 31/12/1867 @ Gosfield, left a will
+ 29/9/1835 @ Lidgate, Suffolk
3 Elizabeth Butcher b @ Gosfield (age 30 in 1841 census, 35 in 1851), d 24/9/1876 age 62, bur 28/9/1876 @ Gosfield, left a will
   4 Joseph David Jeggo b 1837 @ Bocking, bap 4/6/1837 @ Gosfield, res Boones Farm (1841, 1851, 1881, 1891, 1901)
   4 Mary Elizabeth Jeggo b 12/2/1839 @ Bocking, bap 21/4/1839 @ Gosfield
      + 23/1/1877 @ Halstead St. Andrew
      John James Clark, coal merchant of Halstead
   4 David Joseph Jeggo b 29/10/1840 @ Bocking, bap 9/4/1841 @ Gosfield, farmer, parish officer @ Gosfield, res Hawkwoods Farm
      + 5/2/1877 @ Halstead St. Andrew
      Hannah Clark b ~1835/6 @ Halstead, d 20/6/1910, left a will
   4 Benjamin William Jeggo b 10/5/1842 @ Bocking, bap 18/10/1842 @ Gosfield, bur 17/5/1845 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 Frederic William Jeggo bap 18/10/1844 @ Bocking St. Mary, bur 24/12/1844 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 William Jeggo bap 25/8/1845 @ Bocking St. Mary, bur 30/8/1845 @ Bocking St. Mary
   4 Frederick William Benjamin Jeggo b 1846 @ Bocking, bap 7/7/1846 @ Bocking St. Mary, farmer then butcher in Bocking/Braintree,
            res Boones Fm (1881), Bradford St (1891), d q3/1899 @ Epping (GROD ref: 4a 300)
      + 17/8/1882 @ Christ Church, Mortlake, Surrey
      Minnie Smith b 1862
      5 Florence Minnie Jeggo b 1881 (jane, 1891c), bap 3/2/1884 @ Bocking St. Mary
      5 Frederick Joseph Jeggo b 1883 @ Bocking,  bap 3/2/1884 @ Bocking St. Mary, d 4/11/1974 near Maidenhead, buried in Horton Church (pen)
      + q4/1907 @ Kensington (GROM ref: 1a 418)
         Daisy Minnie Merritt b 1886 @ Staines, Middx, d 1965 (pen)
         6 May Minnie M Jeggo b q2/1908 @ Kensington (pen)
         6 Frederick Joseph Jeggo b q3/1909 @ St Geo H Sq, d 11/1/2002 at Ashford, Kent (pen)
         + q2/1946 (GROM Wandsworth 1d 809)
            Helen Barbara Wright (pen)
            7 Penelope (Penny) Ann Jeggo b 9/1947 @ Cambridge (pen) (GROB q4/1947 4a 282)
            + Edward Michael Springall b 11/1944, d 8/1984 (pen)
               8 Matthew Michael Springall b 10/12/1983 (pen)
            7 Martyn Howard Jeggo b 10/1948 (GRO ref: Abingdon 6a H2664)
            +(i) q2/1973 @ Waltham on the Wolds (pen) (GRO ref: Melton Mowbray 3a 2236)
               Susan Ward (pen)
               8 Richard Ashley Jeggo b 2/2/1975 @ Melton Mowbray (pen)
               8 Ross David Jeggo b 10/3/1977 @ Edinburgh (pen)
            +(ii) 21/9/1989 @ Vienna, Austria (pen)
               Justina Melanie Woods (pen)
               8 James Alexander Jeggo b 12/2/1992 @ Vienna (pen), played baseball for the Cardinals, American International Baseball Club, in Vienna.
               8 Luc Michael Jeggo b 25/2/1994 @ Vienna (pen), also played baseball ( when he lived in Vienna.
            7 Simon Frederick Merritt Jeggo b 2/4/1951 (pen)
            + 9/7/1983 @ Ashleigh Green (? Ashley Green, 2 mi S of Berkhamsted, Herts ?) (pen)
               Victoria (Vicki) Henharen (pen)
               8 Kiara Jeggo b 7/10/1985 @ Johannesburg, South Africa (pen)
               8 Tahlia Jeggo b 5/11/1987 @ Cape Town, South Africa (pen)
               8 Zenia Jeggo b 24/12/1989 @ Cape Town, South Africa (pen)
         6 Frank John Jeggo b q3/1912 @ Fulham, d q3/1995, tobacconist, gardener, Rotarian (pen)
         + q2/1945 (GROM Uckfield 2b 415)
            Madeline Editha Purkis b q3/1913 @ Crowborough, Sussex, alive Jan 2001, member of WI (pen)
            7 Nicholas John Jeggo b q4/1946 @ Putney (GROB Surrey NE 5g 968), civil servant HM Land Registry, gardening, walking, scouting (pen)
            + Linda Christie b q4/1950 @ Islington, d q4/1990 (pen)
               8 Christopher Andrew Jeggo b q2/1979 @ Crowborough, Sussex, student @ Kingston U. (pen)
               8 Alexa Louise Jeggo b q2/1982 @ Pembury, Kent (pen)
            7 David Frank Jeggo b q2/1951 @ Crowborough, Curator of Birds, Jersey Preservation Trust (pen)
            + Kate Stanton (pen)
               8 Thomas Jeggo b q4/1990 @ Jersey (pen)
         6 Lillian Francis Jeggo b q2/1914 @ Fulham (pen)
         + q3/1937 (GROM Wandsworth 1d 1851)
            Charles B J Norman (pen)
            7 Jennifer Norman (pen)
            7 Annette Norman (pen)
      5 Margaret Matilda Jeggo bap 6/6/1886 @ Bocking St. Mary
      + q4/1912 (GROM St Albans 3a 1601)
      + Wilf (Doc) Wright, Market Manager at St. Albans (jane) ('William H Wright' - GROM)
         6 Joan Wright (jane), res St. Albans May 2002 (pat)
         + ? Guy (pat)
         6 Don Wright (died in a motor accident in the 1930s) (jane)
         6 (?Audrey?) Wright (died of cancer (?in her twenties?)) (jane)
      5 Frank David Jeggo b q4/1891 @ Braintree and his descendants have their own page
      5 Percy Edward Jeggo b q4/1896 @ Epping and his descendants have their own page
   4 Ann Elizabeth Jeggo b 1848 @ Bocking, bap 25/7/1848 @ Bocking St. Mary, res Boones Fm (1881), died young
   4 Matilda Elizabeth Jeggo b 29/8/1851 @ Boonses Farm, Bocking, bap 26/12/1851 @ Bocking St. Mary, res Boones Farm (1861, 1881, 1891, 1901)

Details of Individuals

Florence Minnie Jeggo/Horn

1901 Census: age 20, working as a barmaid in the Golden Lion, Colney, Herts.
married: August Horn (jane) q3/1910 @ Lambeth (GROM 1d 776)
   6 Doris Horn b 1907 (jane)
   6 George Horn (jane)
   6 Alice Horn b 27/11/1911, d 23/7/1972 (ger)
   + Charles Edward Fowler (ger)
      7 Gerald Fowler, res Auckland, New Zealand (ger)
      + Joyce
         8 two sons and a daughter
            9 six grandchildren
      7 three more sons (ger)
   6 Frank Leslie Horn b ~1915 @ Enfield, res (2002) Lowestoft (jane)
      7 Jane - now Jane Paul, history teacher in Norfolk
   6 Fred Horn (jane)

Frederick Joseph Jeggo (1883-1974)

FJJ had a good education at a gentlemen's school until 14 when his father (FWBJ) died.  He was taken out of school and sent to work in the stables of a hotel.  Later he became barman for a gentleman called Mills.  Mills died and Mills' father kept FJJ as his chief man, and they became partners in the "Bull and Star", Putney. (pen)
He was also known as "Uncle Ernie" in Nigel Jeggo's family.
1901 Census:  barman at the "Green Man", Takeley, Essex.

Frederick Joseph Jeggo (1909-2002)

(Old Westminster Citizens Association is for former pupils of Westminster City School.)


This is from Bill Harvey (1920-26), a great friend of Fred Jeggo.

"My daughter is writing this for me. I would like you to know that Fred Jeggo died in January. Fred formed the School Dance Band and contributed to the programs of school dances with the encouragement of Mr. Davies, the most popular English master at the time. Fred was honoured by Prime minister Tony Blair in Berlin on the fiftieth anniversary of the Berlin Relief, having been one of the R.A.F. pilots involved in the relief effort, breaking the Russian blockade of the city at the end of WWII. I think that Fred and I have been the longest lived members of our class."

Martyn Howard Jeggo

The following is précised (2004) from a CSIRO document which is no longer (2021) on their website.

Dr Martyn Jeggo has been the Director of the Australian Animal Health Laboratory since September 2002.

From 1996 to 2002 Dr Jeggo was the Head of the Animal Production and Health Science Section of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Agriculture in Vienna. (FAO = Food and Agricultural Organisation; IAEA = International Atomic Energy Agency.) In that role he managed a range of research programmes involving over 200 research contracts in some 130 countries. He also developed an international external quality assurance programme for veterinary laboratories.

For the past 15 years he has overseen the management of laboratory networks dealing with rinderpest and contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Africa, foot-and-mouth disease in Asia, and brucellosis worldwide.

He has visited over 150 national veterinary laboratories in Africa, Asia and the Americas, and was director of the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Yemen Arab Republic, and Head of the Department of Immunology at the UK's Institute of Animal Health Pirbright Laboratories.

Dr Jeggo holds: a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the Royal Veterinary College, London; a Master of Tropical Veterinary Science from the Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Edinburgh University; and a Doctor of Philosophy from Surrey University.

His outside interests include sports such as soccer, tennis, squash and golf.

(photo from the same source)

Minnie Smith

res:  Colney, Herts in 1901. Also resident in the same household was Henry Fleming (45, widower, b Epping). After FWBJ died, Minnie married Frank Fleming and they had a son Stan, who married Lily. (pen)