Jeggo Identity Parade 6

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Nine more photographs from John Llewelyn.  These come from a Victorian album which went missing but recently resurfaced.  John had remembered it from earlier years, when he believed it to be Leah Jeggo's.  Now, however, a first go at dating the photographs suggests it is older, and he now thinks it may have belonged to her parents Charles and Sarah.  Leah was the daughter who stayed at home to look after her father after his wife died, until his death.  It is therefore likely that family heirlooms would pass into her hands.

The album has slots for 32 photographs, and actually contains 29.  John also has one loose photograph very similar to one in the album, so this too might have come from it.

None of the photographs is labelled in any way.  John has started work on identifying the subjects, but that will not be easy.  For a start, dating a photograph, combined with estimating the age of its subject, lead to an estimated birth date which is far more approximate than one would wish.  If it is Charles and Sarah's album then it might be expected to contain one photograph (or maybe more) of each of their children who survived (there are no photographs of babies), so that helps.  John thinks the album contains all the daughters of Charles and Sarah, and also that the daughters are placed in the album in descending order of age.

The quality of the images below is not as good as that of the original photographs, but they have been placed on the website in the hope that some other Jeggo descendant will find them while surfing the web and be able to assist with identification, as has happened with photographs published previously.  John does not have access to a scanner so has posted me the best photocopies he can readily obtain and I have scanned those.  When it becomes possible to scan the originals, the new image files will be substituted for those below.

28.  This looks like Joseph Jeggo (1804-1875)

Back of 28.

29.  John thinks this is Charles Jeggo.

Back of 29.

30.  Is that a date (15 4 73) in the top right corner?  If so, this photograph is very close in time and place to Golden Jeggo's first wedding.

Back of 30.

31. John thinks this and the next two are of the eldest son Jack.  But did he ever go to Quebec?  (Or could J. W. Barrie have done some business while visiting England?)

Back of 31.

32.  Jack & Sarah?  In the album this faces No. 29 above.

Back of 32.

33.  Jack again?

34.  John thinks this could be Robert.

35.  John wonders whether this is Tom.

Back of 35.

36.  See also Nos. 11 (same photographer), 21 (studio in the same general area of London) and 42.  These look like the same young lady at different ages.  John thinks she is Ada, who married and settled in London.

Back of 36.

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