Charles Jeggo (1834-1912) and Descendants

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Sources:   GRO indexes;
(01c) 1901 Census;
(51c), (71c), (81c), (91c) 1851, 1871, 1881, 1891 Census, respectively;
(bar) Barbara Avis née Law, daughter of Arthur;
(fr) "The Family Register";
(gil) Gill Law, daughter of Alan Law, grand-daughter of Frank Law;
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(lds), a website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;
(reg) parish registers for Lilleshall, Sheriffhales and Wombridge held in Shropshire Records & Research Centre, Shrewsbury;

Numbers at the start of lines represent generations.

Charles Jeggo b 1834 @ Gosfield, the son of Joseph & Mary Ann Jeggo
+ 4/3/1860 @ St John the Baptist, Hoxton, Shoreditch, London (cert)
   Sarah Coote Adams b 4-11/1834 @ Shalford (81c), bur 18/11/1897 @ Lilleshall age 63 (reg)
   5 Jack Jeggo b 27/5/1857 and his descendants have their own page
   5 Bob Jeggo b 19/5/1860 (fr) (GRO ref: Shoreditch 1c 139), d q3/1860 @ Shoreditch (GRO ref: 1c 93)
   5 Julia Jeggo b 12/5/1861
   5 Ralph Jeggo b 3/5/1862 @ West Hyde, Luton (certif); bap 27/7/1862 @ East Hyde; (? "Ralf" d q2/1863 @ Luton 3b 281 ?)
   5 Robert Jeggo b 16/3/1863 and his descendants have their own page
   5 Osgood Jeggo b 8/2/1864
   5 Ada Jeggo b3/2/1865
   5 Tom Jeggo b 1/3/1866 and his descendants have their own page
   5 Elizabeth Jeggo b 6/5/1867
   5 Dan Jeggo b 31/3/1868 and his descendants have their own page
   5 Fred Jeggo b 1/3/1869 has his own page
   5 Leah Jeggo b 16/10/1870
   5 Emily Jeggo b 22/10/1871
   5 Oliver ("Jock") Jeggo b 18/12/1872 and his descendants have their own page
   5 Walter Jeggo 12/3/1874 and his descendants have their own page
Photograph possibly of Sarah and her younger
children in Identity Parade 3 (800 KB)

Details of Charles Jeggo

bap: 9/2/1834 @ Gosfield (reg)
d: 7/1/1912 (gol), bur Lilleshall 10/1/1912 (reg)

Ostler (51c).
Gamekeeper (1860 - m cert)
Gamekeeper to the Duke of Sutherland at Lilleshall Hall, which was used as a hunting lodge, the Duke's residence being some twenty miles away at Trentham, Staffs.  (Under gamekeeper (81c);  gamekeeper (91c);  head gamekeeper ("The Gamekeeper", November 1916);  retired by 1901 (01c).)
Receipted bill in Charles's hand. (75 KB image)

Children:  All Charles and Sarah's children and their dates of birth are listed in "The Family Register".

With aunt, Elizabeth Chamberlain, @ Green Man Farm, Gosfield in 1851 (51c)
? nr Wethersfield, Essex in ~1857 (b of Jack)
Britannia Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch in 1860 (m cert)
Papcell End, Flamstead, Herts in 1861 (61c)
?Flint Hyde (?nr West Hyde), Luton 1862-6 (East Hyde parish register)
Shifnal area in q2/1867 onwards (b of youngest children from Elizabeth onwards)
Sheriffhales Wood in 4/1871 (71c), 4/1881 (81c), 4/1891 (91c)
Lilleshall (01c)
20 Church Road, Lilleshall at death (reg).  Charles retired to this house, currently (2004) known as Acacia Cottage.

Details of some of Charles's Children

(Other children have separate web pages.)

Ada Jeggo/Ferby

b: 3/2/1865 (fr) @ Luton (71c,81c,91c)
bap: 30/4/1865 @ East Hyde
res: Sheriffhales (71c, 81c);  23 Acre Lane, Lambeth, London (91c);  26 Moss St., Bethnal Green, London (01c);  Kingsbury, Middlesex, some time during Audrey's childhood and teens, i.e. the 1930s and 1940s.
occ: cook (91c)
m: Joseph Ferby  (q2/1897 @ Lambeth GRO ref: 1d 616)
d: still alive in 1943 (gol)

Elizabeth Jeggo

b: 6/5/1867 (fr) @ Woodhouses, Sheriffhales (71c, 81c, 91c)
bap: 2/6/1867 @ Sheriffhales (reg)
res: Sheriffhales (71c, 81c, 91c), with sister Emily @ Gulworthy, Devon (01c)
occ: housemaid domestic (01c)
d: 7/2/1938 (gol) (GRO: age 70, ref: Cannock 6b 464)

Emily Jeggo/Storie

b: 22/10/1871 (fr) @ Sheriffhales (81c, 91c)
bap: 19/11/1871 @ Sheriffhales (reg)
res: Sheriffhales (81c, 91c); ?Hampshire (jac); Gulworthy, Tavistock (01c);
   26 Moss St, Bethnal Green, London (where sister Ada Ferby was living in 1901) at time of death (Lilleshall reg)
m: 16/8/1898 @ Lilleshall (reg) William Storie, b Scotland, forester & surveyor of woods, res Gulworthy, Devon
   6 Jessie E Storie b 1899/1900 @ Tavistock (01c)
   6 Emily Storie b 1900 @ Tavistock (01c)
bur: 24/7/1903 @ Lilleshall age 31 (reg)

Julia Jeggo/Law

b: 12/5/1861 (fr), @ Flamstead (71c), @ Pepperstock (91c) (Pepperstock is a hamlet 2 mi N of  the village of Flamstead and 2 mi S of Luton)
occ: a domestic nurse in Penkridge (81c), children's nursemaid before she married (bar)
m: 13/9/1887 @ Penkridge (certif), banns read Sheriffhales 28/8-11/9/1887 (reg)
   Edward (Ted) Law, house painter (01c), painter & decorator (jac)
res: Mill Street, Penkridge (01c)
   6 Ethel Law b 1890 @ Penkridge (91c) (FreeBMD:  b q2/1890 Cannock  6b 484)
   6 Mabel Law b ~1891/2 @ Penkridge (01c), headmistress (bar)
   6 Frank Law b ~1892/3 @ Penkridge (01c) (FreeBMD:  b q2/1893 Cannock  6b 547)
   + Mary ('Molly') (bar)
      7 Alan Law (gil)
         8 Gill Law (gil)
   6 Arthur Law b ~1894/5 @ Penkridge (01c) (FreeBMD:  b q3/1894 Cannock  6b 487)
   + Violet ('Vi') (bar)
      7 Derek Law (bar)
      7 Barbara Avis (née Law) (bar)
   6 Leonard ('Len') Law b ~1897/8 @ Penkridge (01c) (FreeBMD:  b q3/1897 Cannock  6b 511)
   + Kitty Hole (bar)
      7 Monica Law (bar)
   6 Oliver Law b ~1899/1900 @ Penkridge (01c) (FreeBMD:  b q4/1899 Cannock  6b 494)
   + Daisy (bar)
      7 Raymond Law (bar)
      7 Norma Law (bar)
   6 Edgar Law (jac) (FreeBMD:  b q1/1902 Cannock  6b 526), sound mixer/recordist/designer in the film business where known as 'Red Law'
   6 Fred Law (jac) (FreeBMD:  b q2/1904 Cannock  6b 539)
   + Marian (bar)
      7 David Law (bar)
   6 Dorothy ('Dot') Law (jac) (FreeBMD:  b q2/1907 Cannock  6b 506)
   + Bill Lewis, successful builder (bar)
      7 Freda Lewis (bar)
      7 Sylvia Lewis (bar)
Family Photograph in 'Jeggo Identity Parade' (1.1 MB)

Law Family Photographs(660 KB)

d: still alive in 1943 (gol)

Leah Jeggo/Hales (1870-1945)

b: 16/10/1870 (fr) @ Sheriffhales (71c, 81c, 91c)
bap: 26/3/1871 @ Sheriffhales (reg)
res: Sheriffhales in 1871, 1881, 1891; Lilleshall in 1901.
Photograph in Identity Parade 3 (800 KB).
Photograph with Jack Hales.
Other photographs.
m: 25/6/1913 @ Congleton (certif) Frederick Alfred Hales, gardener, from Lilleshall (jac) but living in Eccles at the time of the wedding.
   with her father Charles in and around Lilleshall up to his death in 1912;
   at 5 Wagg St., Congleton prior to her wedding in June 1913 (m certif);
   Cappleside, Settle, Yorkshire (jl);
   Broughton, Salford (jl);
   Dolgellau (jl);
   1, Nearwell Cottages (1, Sparrow Lane), Shrewsbury from about 1925 to about 1937; thereafter at 9, The Armoury, Shrewsbury (jl).
d: 16/3/1945 @ Shrewsbury, bur 19/3/1945 @ Shrewsbury Cemetery (jl).

Leah was the daughter who stayed at home (91c, 01c), and who looked after Charles after Sarah died in 1897 and nursed him through his final illness.  John Llewelyn has two letters from the doctor, Justin M. C. McCarthy, to Leah.  On Jan 11th, 1912 (the day after Charles's funeral) he wrote, "It will always be a pleasant recollection to me that he had so devoted and skilful a daughter who so successfully smoothed the rough & trying road which he had to travel the last few years." On May 15th, 1912 he wrote, "I shall always remember with thankfulness the nurse who was so devoted to her father & who did so much to soothe the last weary way which he had to pass through."

John Llewelyn writes (December 2004):  "Amongst the papers that have recently come into my possession is a postcard addressed to Auntie Leah and her husband Fred at Cappleside (which is at Rathmell), sent just before Christmas during the early part of WW1.  There is a photograph of Charley Jeggo (Dan's eldest son) in army uniform on the other side.  Cappleside House remains in the ownership of the same family today, and had extensive gardens which employed six gardeners."

Having no children of their own, Leah and Fred Hales adopted Stanley Jack Jeggo (b 1917), a great-nephew of Leah (and a grandson of Dan) who became known as Jack Hales.  John Llewelyn continues (December 2004):  "I now have photographic evidence of Jack Hales's attendance at St. John's Infants School, Higher Broughton, Salford."

Amongst correspondence to Jack Hales's wife Mildred (deceased) is a letter from Leah dated 10 August 1942 stating that "Cousin Fan died on the 28th July".  This can only refer to Fanny Rose, daughter of Leah's Aunt Maria, and who is referred to in the will of Fanny Jeggo, and who was a (posthumous) beneficiary of Golden Jeggo's will.  There is also a letter dated 26th August 1941 from Fanny Rose who was living at 57 Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth. (jl)

Osgood Jeggo

b: 8/2/1864 (fr) @ Luton (71c) Photograph in 'Jeggo Identity Parade 2' (700 KB)
bap: 24/4/1864 @ East Hyde (lds)
occ: railway clerk (81c); house painter (01c); coal miner (jac).
res: Watford (81c); with his sister Julia Law in Penkridge (01c); later at Holmfields, Cannock Road, Penkridge (Gill Law's sister).
m: q2/1901 (GRO ref: Cannock 6b 898)
   Emma Smith, d q1/1951 @ Cannock age 92 (GRO ref:  9b 206)
children: none (jac)
d: q2/1948 @ Cannock age 84 (GRO ref:  9b 77)