Tom Jeggo (1866-1918) and Descendants

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Sources:  GRO indexes;
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(81c) 1881 Census;
(fr) "The Family Register";
(frd) Fred Jeggo and his son David;
(gol) the will of Golden Jeggo and its execution;
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(mar) Martin Jeggo and Samantha Jordache

On this page Newport and Wellington are the ones in Shropshire.

Numbers at the start of lines represent generations.

5 Tom Jeggo, son of Charles & Sarah Jeggo
+ q4/1901 @ Shifnal (GRO ref: 6a 1365)
   Ada Pugh b Shifnal (jgj), d q4/1944 @ Shrewsbury (GRO ref: 6a 722)
   6 Sarah Leah (Sally) Jeggo b q2/1902 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 783)
   + q3/1928 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1825)
      George T Glover, res Westport, Somerset (jgj)
   6 Bill Jeggo b q3/1903 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 777), d age 89 @ ?Lilleshall (jgj)
   + q4/1928 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1577)
      Mabel Amos
      7 Sheila M Jeggo b q4/1929 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 968)
      7 Brenda A Jeggo b q3/1932 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1010)
      7 Sylvia E Jeggo b q2/1936 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 973)
   6 Alice Jeggo b q4/1904 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 739)
   + q4/1931 @ Langport (GRO ref: 5c 821) (confirmed by jgj)
      Thomas W Allen
   6 Lilian (Lily) Jeggo b q2/1907 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 743), d 1996 age 89 (jgj)
   + q4/1925 (GRO ref: Wellington 6a 1651)
      Charles Mason
           -- 14 children, 13 alive in 2000 (jgj), including --
      7 Bob Mason res Kingswinford
   6 Elizabeth (Bessie) Jeggo b q4/1908 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 660), d 1999 (jgj)
   + q1/1927 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1082)
      Joseph Cartwright
   6 Fred J Jeggo b q4/1910 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 638), timber trade, res Aldermaston (frd), d October 2003
   + q1/1940 @ Easthope (GRO: Bridgnorth, ref: 6a 2149)
      Gwendoline M Edwards
      7 David J Jeggo b q1/1941 @ Wokingham (GRO ref: 2c 1308)
      7 Patricia Jeggo (frd)
   6 Charles (Charley) Jeggo b q4/1912 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1252), RAF,  res Liphook
   + ??
      7 Martin Charles Jeggo (mar), b ~1944/45, res Liss then ?Hayling Island
         8 Martin Charles Jeggo b 4/4/1967 res Farnham
         + partner Samantha Jordache
            9 Ashley Alexander Jeggo b 14/9/1990 (mar)
            9 Benedict Jordan Jeggo b 18/2/1992 (mar)
            9 Rowan Charles Jeggo b 16/1/1995 (mar)
            9 Milan Rose Jeggo b 8/7/1999 (mar)
         8 Pauline Jeggo (mar)
   6 Tom Jeggo b q2/1914 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1286), d q2/1932 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 856)
   6 John Golden Jeggo b q2/1916 @ Newport (GRO ref: 6a 1228), d 28/8/2006, cremated 7/9/2006 @ Shrewsbury
   +(i) q4/1939 @ Ludlow (GRO ref: 6a 2473)
   Ethel Marjorie Townsend
      7 Michael John Jeggo b q2/1940 @ Wokingham (GRO ref: 2c 1279)
      + Maureen Clarke
         8 Nicholas Golden Leslie Jeggo, Davies & Jeggo Motors, res Newport
         8 Holly Jeggo
   +(ii) q4/1964 @ Whitchurch (GROM ref: 9a 581)
   Annie E (Betty) Kidson

Details of Individuals

Bill Jeggo

Lilleshall Hall Miniature Railway

Photos: (280 KB)
Bill Jeggo ran the miniature railway at Lilleshall Hall, where his grandfather Charles Jeggo had been head gamekeeper.

A wealthy local businessman, Herbert Ford, acquired Lilleshall Hall in 1927 and ran it from 1930 to 1939 as an amusement park with peacocks in the gardens, a narrow gauge railway operating between the Abbey and the Hall, tea dances in Ford Hall, and children's playgrounds.  ...  At the outbreak of the Second World War the track of the miniature railway was taken up and the engines sent to Trentham Gardens.  (Extract from "Lilleshall Hall - a brief history" - a handout of the National Sports Centre, which now occupies the Hall.)

One of my childhood memories is of visiting Trentham Gardens - it must have been in the early 1950s - and having a ride on a miniature train.

According to Bill's brother John and nephew Michael, Bill made three round trips on the train on a Sunday, "two for me and Mabs and one for Mr. Ford", as Bill put it.  They also recall that he enjoyed a drink.  Michael's 50th birthday was celebrated with a canal trip.  At one point the boat bumped hard against something.  "We've hit an iceberg", called Bill, falling on the deck.  But it must have been play-acting, for he spilt not a drop of his whisky.

"Begonia Bill"

"The carnation world is mourning the death of one of its great characters, Bill Jeggo, of Lilleshall, Shropshire.  Bill appeared on the carnation show scene during the Seventies and was a keen member of the Lancs and Cheshire Carnation Society.  In 1979, 'Apricot Sue' sported for Bill, producing 'Cream Sue', a now established variety which will be around for many years as a living memorial."  --  "Garden News" 21/10/1992

Fred Jeggo

Occupation:  timber trade, sawyer.  In the thirties, worked at Ponsbourne Park (S of Hertford, E of Hatfield).  Around 1930, beer cost 4d (1.7p) a pint.  Before the war, Fred worked in a timber yard near Easthope in Shropshire (between Much Wenlock and Church Stretton), and lived in an estate cottage with his brother John and sister Bessie whose husband Joe Cartwright was foreman of the yard (frd).  He was seriously injured in an accident at the sawmill;  an oak tiling lath was forced through him between his ribs, but missed his heart, lungs and other vital organs and he survived (jgj).
Residence:  In 1939 he moved to Aldermaston.  He went back to Shropshire to marry early in 1940.  During the war he and brother John lived in one of the cottages at Aldermaston while sister Bess lived in the other (frd).  (These are the cottages he and his son David were still occupying in 2003.)
A memory:  He and his brother John cycled on a tandem from Shropshire to Somerset some time in the thirties.

John Golden Jeggo

Born:  q2/1916 @ Newport
Education:  Adams GS, Newport 1926-34 (jgj)
Occupation:  motor trade - garage and filling station on the A41 at Hinstock, a few miles N of Newport.
Before that, John and his brother Fred worked for a while at a sawmill owned by an uncle where their sister Bessie's husband was foreman.
Residence:  Church Stretton, Shropshire, since retiring

Extract from "The Novaportan", the magazine of Adams GS, of which JGJ was an editor:

Written by one member of 'The Literary VI' about another:
G. J. Jeggo.
Has mischievous bright eyes and curly hair,
For cracking jokes and punning has a flair.
He sometimes laughter full and free provokes
With ape-like antics or with witty jokes.
When new wit fails, of "chestnuts" has a store
And, still polite, his colleagues laugh the more!
Is blunt and straight and likes unvarnished truth;
In nature gentle if in speech uncouth.
Like Isaac loves to lure with rod and line;
His name is John - and Golden, which is fine.

Although that was written as long ago as 1935, most of it still applies.  However, it does not mention his sporting prowess.  He was a star performer at cross-country and the distance events on the athletics track.  He likes to relate the story of how he missed winning the school's senior cross-country race for the third year in succession.  The race was nearly over, back into Newport from the fields, and he had a lead of fifty or a hundred yards.  He went through a gate, as usual, and then gradually became aware of a commotion behind him.  People were shouting at him;  he was off course.  He retraced, but by then the next runner had gone past and went on to win.  John had to be content with second place, the result of failing to pay attention during a pre-race announcement of a change of course.

This story has a sequel.  A few years ago (ca. 1998) the race winner and John met again. They had chats on the telephone and became great friends. The winner said "You know, this medal should really have been yours."  Then, more recently, he died, and his widow sent the medal to John, in accordance with her husband's wishes.

A childhood memory:  fetching water from the pump, which was 150 yards from Childpit Farm.
A memory:  John and his brother Fred cycled thousands of miles by tandem, including a trip to Somerset and back to visit their sister Sally.

Michael John Jeggo

Education:  Adams GS, Newport 1951-6
Occupation:  motor trade  -  Davies & Jeggo Motors, Newport
Residence:  Newport
Cycling:  Racing cyclist, cycle race commentator (lead car commentator, Prudential Tour of Britain), sponsor of Davies & Jeggo Motors cycle race in Newport, and, more recently, organiser and sponsor of the Newport Nocturne floodlit evening cycle race in Newport town centre together with his son Nick.

Tom Jeggo (1866-1918)

Born:  1/3/1866 (fr) @ Luton (71c,81c) (GRO ref: 3b 454), son of Charles & Sarah Jeggo.
Baptised: 20/5/1866 @ East Hyde
Died:  3/11/1918 (gol) (GRO ref: Atcham 6a 1338)

Went to Australia at some stage;  kicked by horse, health suffered, died age 52 (jgj).
Went farming in Australia, came back age 37 (jac).
Gamekeeper to Capt. Foster, Woodcote Estate, Lilleshall, Shropshire (jgj).
Residence:  Child Pitt (Childpit Fm), Lilleshall (jgj, frd).