General Register Office Indexes

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The GRO Indexes are quarterly alphabetical indexes to the registers of births, marriages and deaths held by the General Register Office.  They are described more fully in official publications and in introductory books to family history.

They have been searched for Jeggo references and the results tabulated on three web pages:
. GRO Births . . GRO Marriages . . GRO Deaths .

In effect, the indexes were searched for names beginning Jeg.., of which the commonest is in fact Jeggo, at least until recent decades when immigration has produced some new ones.  In the tabulations, names which could be related to Jeggo or possible misreadings have usually been included, while names which are unlikely to be relevant have usually been omitted.  The indexes have not been searched for names beginning Jag.., Jig.. etc..

In a year or two (probably) the sort of searches we have done will become unnecessary, thanks to FreeBMD.

About the GRO Indexes

The following notes are from the Shropshire Records & Research Centre, and are based on
P. Saul 'The Family Historian's Enquire Within' (1995), and
A. J. Camp in 'Family Tree Magazine' (March 1999) pp 9 - 10.

If you do not find the information you are looking for this may be for a number of reasons.

It was not compulsory to register births until 1875.  Many births, particularly of illegitimate children, were not registered in the early days of civil registration.  Some children had not been named by the time they were registered -- they may be entered in the index as male or female at the end of the surname entries.

The index is sometimes unreliable because:-


FreeBMD is a website dedicated to making the data contained in the GRO indexes freely available online.  Tremendous thanks are due to the thousands of volunteers who are doing the transcribing, the voluntary organisers, and the website sponsors.  Please visit this wonderful site to find out all about it.  FreeBMD is kindly sponsored by RootsWeb, and The Bunker.

One thing you can do using FreeBMD that you cannot do using the paper (or microfiche) indexes is search by date+volume+page.  Used for marriages, this often enables you to narrow down the number of possibilities for the name of a spouse to two (but sometimes more, eg if there are alternative spellings).  In conjunction with other data, eg census records which give a wife's Christian name but not her maiden name, it can lead to an identification.  Brilliant!

The number of entries on FreeBMD has grown as follows:
January 1999 25,000
February 2000 1,000,000
January 2001 5,000,000
November 2001 21,000,000
December 2003 82,000,000