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John Jegon to Wm Jego Grant 1668 Essex Quarter Sessions (1605-1704; 1832)
Essex Assize Files (1639-1676) Jago in Chigwell (1766)
John Jeggo, peruke maker, Great Warley, fire insurance (1780) Thomas Jeggo and the silver watch - Old Bailey Sessions 1786
Joseph Jeggo Damaging Leeks (1869) Kelly's Essex Directory (1867; 1886)
Terence Jeggo Prison Riot Settlement (1996)

Note:  Jegon.     In view of the possibility that Jeggo is a variant of Jegon/Jeggon, items on the latter names are included in A Jegon Miscellany.


Ignoramus:  the endorsement formerly made by a Grand Jury upon a bill or indictment presented to them, when they considered the evidence for the prosecution insufficient to warrant the case going to a petty jury.  -  Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

True Bill:  a bill of indictment found by a Grand Jury to be supported by sufficient evidence to justify the hearing of a case.  -  OED

Calendar of Sible Hedingham Charity Deeds (SEAX Ref:  T/A 225/71)

5 October 1668.   Grant of reversion for natural love, etc..
John Jegon of Sible Hedingham clerk, to his son, William Jego, gent., both of Sible Hedingham.
Messuage and croft between Prayor Field and highway leading from the High Street to the church; croft between High Field and Highway leading to the church; croft called Blakes alias Blackacre (1a.) near the dwelling house of John Jegon, all in Sible Hedingham.


The Sessions Rolls are actual physical rolls.  The following entries are from "Calendar of County Records" produced (as an archivist at the Essex Record Office told me) by professional archivists for Essex County Council so as to have available a ready reference (in legible modern script, and in English as opposed to Latin) to all historical legal records, for legal purposes. They are a précis of the original text on the rolls, not a transcript, but all the salient points have been extracted;  only legal verbosity has been pruned.  (See Sessions Roll 253 for a typical list of contents.)

N.B.  SEAX is the name of the on-line catalogue of the Essex Record Office (ERO).

Sessions Roll 171 - Easter 1605 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 171)

Sessions held 11 and 12 April, 3 James I

23.  17 Feb.1605.  Recognizances of Richard Morecrofte and Henry Ellis of Coggeshall, weavers, for John Jeggs of the same, sawyer, and Judith his wife to keep the peace towards Thomas Gray of the same. Before Sir Henry Maxey, knt.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 171/23)

Sessions Roll 203 - Midsummer 1613 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 203)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday and Friday after the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, being 1 and 2 July 1613.

54, 55.  Jury list and presentment for the hundreds of Hinckford and Witham.
"Ford bridge" which hath usually been made by "Nether Yeldom" Tilbury and Ridgewell, very dangerous for the country, which requires speedy necessity to be made (lying in the said three parishes of Yeldham and Tilbury).
Rich. Batman of Toppesfield (tailor), for not coming to his parish church for 2 years and upwards (nor to any other church 12 months past).
A bridge lying by "Tarling mill" leading from there to Boreham, very dangerous (to be made by Sir Thomas Mildmay bart. by reason of his tenure of the mill).
Alice Grove of Hatfield Peverel for victualling unlicensed (spinster).
Edw. Jego of Castle Hedingham, for not scouring his ditch in the highway lying against "the new parcke", 12 rods, which is a very great annoyance to the highway leading from Hedingham to Sudbury.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 203/54,55)

Sessions Roll 223 - Epiphany 1619 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 223)

106.  MEMORANDUM.  7 January, 1619  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 223/106)
Tho. Whitbye, Reg. Elkyn, William Smythe, Thomas Elkyn, John Homes, Francis Barne, to remain in Gaol.
Tho. Humfrey, Robert Howell, committed to Gaol for counterfeit passports.
Tho. Orton committed to Gaol for counterfeiting a "levari".
John Tabor, commited by the Sheriff until he pay the fine of £20 and for his good behaviour. Fine to be estreated.
Repentance Rowland, William Gray, whipped and delivered.
Simon Kinge whipped, Thomas Branham, George Stanes, John Waskett, Nathl. Jego, Andrew Wisemere, all committed to the House of Correction.

Sessions Roll 253 - Easter 1626 (SEAX Ref. No: Q/SR 253)

General Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday after the Close of Easter being 20 April 1626.

1-12.  WRITS ...

13-46.  INDICTMENTS ...

47-60.  PRESENTMENTS ...

61.  CALENDAR of the prisoners sent to the House of Correction

62-101.  RECOGNIZANCES for the appearance of the principals at this Sessions, except where otherwise stated.

70.  3 March.  John Jeggo tinker, Rob. Allison and Tho. Sutton, clothiers, all of Great Coggeshall;  Jeggo to appear.  Added:  Jeggo is bound over by the information of Isaac Warren of Great Coggeshall weaver.  Defaulted;  estreated.  (SEAX Ref. No: Q/SR 253/70)

102-3.  WRIT ...


105.  JURY LIST for ...

106.  MEMORANDUM ...


Sessions Roll 261 - Easter 1628 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 261)

General Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday after the Close of Easter, being 24 April 1628

100.  DRAFT MEMORANDUM.  "Names of the prisoners".

John Jeggo, for a bastard for want of sureties (for good behaviour for 6 months).  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 261/100)

Sessions Roll 263 - Michaelmas 1628 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 263)

General Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Thursday, 2 October 1628

36.  16 July 1628  Recognizance of John Jego, tinker, Jos.Reeve clothier, both of Great Coggeshall, and Peter Coxall of Copford miller; Jego to answer for begetting the bastard child of Elizabeth Webb of Little Coggeshall widow where with she chargeth him.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 263/36)

38.  5 July.  Jos. Reeve, Tho. Gray and Tho. Reeve, all of Great Coggeshall, clothiers;  Jos. to answer for keeping an unlicensed alehouse.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 263/38)

Sessions Roll 301 - Midsummer 1638 (SEAX Ref. No: Q/SR 301)

General Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 10 July, 1638

14-33.  INDICTMENTS.  True bill in every case.  Witness omitted if person against whom offence committed.

21,22.  Matthew Jeggo of Sible Hedingham labr., 30 March (21) and 1 April (22), about the 12th. (11th.) hour of the night, burglariously entered the dwelling houses of Matthew Butcher (and Wm. Harrington) there and put them in fear of their lives, and stole 18 cheeses worth 30s. and 10 lbs of butter worth 2s. (6 bushels (modios) of malt worth 24s., a bushel of wheat worth 4s. and a sack worth 18d.  Pleads not guilty.  Acquitted.  (SEAX Ref. No: Q/SR 301/21,22)

120.  10 July.  GAOL CALENDAR.  "In the Common Gaol."

Matthew Jeggo.  (He is indicted for two burglaries and is to remain in Gaol till the next Sessions.)  (SEAX Ref. No: Q/SR 301/120)
Examined by John Cole, Deputy Clerk of the Peace.

Sessions Roll 419 - Easter 1669 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 419)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 20 April 1669

37.  21 January 1669.  Indictment of Henry Jegon gent., Samuel Killingworth esq., Thomas Jiggs and James Osborne labourers, all of "Heddingham Sibley", 21 January, riotously assaulted William Jegon gentleman there.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 419/37)

Sessions Roll 438 - Epiphany 1678 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 438)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 15 January, 1677/8

29.  Presentment by Hundreds of Hinckford and Witham.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 438/29)
Matthew Jeggoe of "Sebbel Heningham", for warning petty jurymen to the Quarter Sessions and taking bribes, having no authority, of John Cooke and Isaac Cooke of "Pedmarsh" (being 5s.)
Rich. Copsey of Twinstead, for digging up the highway and making dunghills in the highways.
Rob. Smyth of "heningham Casel", for warning petty jurymen to the Quarter Sessions and taking (money extortionately written above bribes struck through), not having any authority, witness Daniel Bedlo and Henry Clarke, both of Twinstead.
Signatures of the jurors.

Sessions Roll 463 - Epiphany 1690 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 463)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 14 January, 1689/90

69.  30 Oct 1689.  Recognizance of Matth. Jeggoe of Sible Hedingham labourer, William Eatherton of Gestingthorpe wheelwright and George Hayes of Bradwell [juxta Coggeshall], husbandman; Jeggoe to answer for assaulting and beating Samuel Miller of Gosfield labourer and Mary his wife.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 463/69)

Sessions Roll 477 - Midsummer 1693 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 477)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 11 July, 1693

15.  10 May 1693.  Recognizance of Matthew Jego of Sible Hedingham (occupation not given);  to indict Samuel Greene of Castle Hedingham for the unlawful taking and killing of coneys out of the park of "Lord Gray of Warke" in Gosfield.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 477/15)

17.  10 May 1693.  Recognizance of Greene (occupation not given);  to answer Jego (as in 15). Owes 2s.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 477/17)

52.  30 May 1693.  Indictment of James Russell of Gosfield shopkeeper and Sam.Greene of Castle Hedingham labourer, 30 May, assaulted Matthew Jego at Little Waltham. Witness: Jego. Ignoramus.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 477/52)

53.  27 February 1693.  Indictment of Greene (as in 52), 27 February, broke into "New Parke" belonging to Ford Lord Gray, Baron of Warke, at Gosfield, and hunted divers coneys there worth 20s. with "a ferrett and flam netts" without licence and killed and carried them away. Witnes: Jego (as in 52). Pleads not guilty. True bill. (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 477/53)

Sessions Roll 478 - Michaelmas 1693 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 478)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 3 October, 1693

74.  28 August 1693.  Indictment of Matthew Jego of Sible Hedingham labourer and Thomas Warren of Halstead wheelwright, 28 August, at Braintree, assaulted Wm. London and unlawfully imprisoned and detained him for an hour without any legal warrant from the Sheriff. Witnesses: Charles Meriton gent., London, William Hawkes, Thomas True.  Ignoramus. (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 478/74)

Sessions Roll 495 - Epiphany 1698 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 495)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 11 January, 1697/8

16.  8 January 1698.  Recognizance of Matthew Jeggoe of Sible Hedingham and John Goldston of Gosfield yeomen; Jeggoe to answer his unlawfully procuring a warrant against Samuel Miller for acts done several years before his Majesty's late gracious Act of free and general pardon and for several other things not examinable before a justice, on purpose to put him to vexation and unnecessary charge. Owes.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 495/16)

26.  12 November 1697.  Recognizance of Sam Miller of Gosfield labourer; to answer for stealing an iron spade, an iron wedge and an axe of Matthew Jego. Owes.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 495/26)

Sessions Roll 512 - Midsummer 1702 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 512)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 13 July 1702

43.  4 May 1702.  Indictment of Matth. Jiggo of Sible Hedingham labourer, 4 May, assaulted John Hill there. Witnesses: Hill and Thomas Smythe.  Recognizance in £20 to the next Sessions. Afterwards discharged. Confessed. Fined 6d. (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 512/43)

Sessions Roll 520 - Midsummer 1704 (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 520)

General Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Chelmsford on Tuesday, 11 July 1704

55.  30 June 1704.  Recognizance of Thomas Playle labourer, and Isaac Playle (occupation not given), both of Helion Bumpstead; Thomas to answer for assaulting Matth. Jego and John Livermore.  (SEAX Ref: Q/SR 520/55)


Bundles of Quarter Sessions documents (not in rolls) from 1828 onwards have been listed by archive and school students working in the ERO.
Bundle 509 listed by Mr. N. Routledge, December 1989.

SEAX Ref. No:  Q/SBb 509/63.     Parish:  Bocking       Date:  1832
Description:  Report of Wm. Thurgood of Braintree of out of court settlement in 'Jeggo v. Bocking poor rate' (27 Sept.)


Assize File 35/85/1

Assizes held at Chelmsford on Monday, 29 July 1639.

45.  Writ of Capias for Math. Jego of Sible Hedingham labourer and Sara his wife, to answer for accessaries to felony.  Return, not found.

Capias -- A writ or process commanding the officer to take the body of the person named in it, that is, to arrest him.  OED.

The following are from "Essex Assize Files 1660-1685"

Assize File 35/123/2

Assizes held at Chelmsford 6 March 1681/2

6.  Indictment of Dan. Butcher of Sible Hedingham labourer, 26 November 32 Chas. II, there stole "three young hoggs" each worth 10s., belonging to Edward Finch on 19 July 1682.  Acquitted. Witnesses: Edward Finch, Samuel Read, Math. Jeggoe, Edmund Gould.  (SEAX Ref. No:  T/A 418/191/6)

Assize File 35/117/2 (Essex)



2-7,  30-33.  INDICTMENTS.  Return:  "Ignoramus" unless otherwise stated.

2.  John Finch of "South Asted" [Halstead] yeo., Math. Jeggo of Sible Hedingham labourer, John Little and James Clarke of Halstead labourers, 20 Jan. 26 Chas. II, at Gt. Maplestead stole two brown cows worth £5, belonging to Tho. Lawrence.  Witness: Tho. Lawrence.  SEAX Ref. No:  T/A 418/181/32 (February 1676)


35.  WRIT ...

Deeds of Brook House, Chigwell  (SEAX Ref. No:  D/DU 400/15)

15 December 1766.  Copy Will of John Ferguson of Chigwell, esq., proved 26 March 1767, and copy 22 April 1782.
Witnesses:  William Ferguson Charles Hunt and Thomas Jago

Fire Insurance Policy of John Jeggo, peruke maker, Great Warley

John Jeggo, peruke maker and shopkeeper in Great Warley, Essex, had a fire insurance policy (no. 430390) for an insured value of £500 recorded in the 1780 register of the Sun insurance company.

Ref:  "Index to Eighteenth Century Fire Insurance Policy Registers, 1777- 1786", R. Floud and B.E. Supple, "London Lives, 1690 to 1800", LL ref: fire_1775_1780_609_60909, (http://www.londonlives.org, consulted 8 July 2010), UK Data Archive, SN 1838.

Thomas Jeggo and the silver watch - Old Bailey Sessions 1786

The Information of Thomas Jago of Gosfield, in the County of Essex Broom Maker, taken before me this 7th day of October 1786.

Who being upon Oath says that the Silver Watch now produced by him, he about Seven Weeks ago Purchased of Joseph Saunders now present, at Gosfield in Essex aforesaid for two Guineas and an half and his own Watch.

(signed)  Thomas Jeggo

Sworn before me this 7th day of October 1786
N Bond

Ref:  Old Bailey Sessions: Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents, 23rd January 1786 - 18th December 1786, "London Lives, 1690-1800", LMOBPS450300310 (http://www.londonlives.org, consulted 7 July 2010) (original source in London Metropolitan Archives).

That's only part of this story about Thomas Jeggo.  Neighbouring "London Lives" pages contain a lot more:-

The Information of Joseph Wigg of Brownlow Street Holborn Carpenter taken before me this 7th day of October 1786.

Who being upon Oath says that on Friday Night the 28th of July last he in Company with Mr. Chivers and Mr. Field was robbed between Highgate Hill and Finchley Common was robbed of a Silver Watch some gold and some silver by four footpads and doth suspect and believe that a silver Watch now produced by Joseph Saunders and Thomas Jago is the identical Watch of which he was Robbed as aforesaid.

(signed)  J. Wigg

Sworn before me this 7th day of October 1786
N Bond

Ref:  Old Bailey Justices' Working Documents, "London Lives", LMOBPS450300309.

The Information of Joseph Saunders of Whitechapel in the said County Dealer in Old Cloaths and Simon Jacobs of Clarks Court Gravel Lane Houndsditch taken before me this 23rd day of September 1786

Who being upon Oath say, and first the said Joseph Saunders says that on Saturday night the 29th of July last between the hours of nine and ten o'Clock a person now present who calls himself John Wood came to his House and Sold to him a Watch, the inside Case of which was plain gold, and the outside Case shagreen for one Guinea - That in a few Minutes afterwards he went to said Jacobs and with him Sold the Watch Movements to a Watchmaker in Dukes Place for One Pound four shillings - That he made a present of the said shagreen outside case to said Watchmaker - and sold the inside case to a Jeweller in Dukes Place for one pound four shillings and six pence, at which time said Jacobs was present - That on the Sunday morning following between the hours of seven and eight o'clock, the said Wood came again to him, shewed him a gold Seal, Impression a head, and asked him to buy it - That at the same time he put into this Informants hand a yellow or gilt Chain and offered it to Sale with said Seal upon which Informant replied that he believed said Chain belonged to the aforesaid Watch which he had bought of him and that the same had been taken therefrom, to which he answered that he had not taken it from said Watch, but that his Brother had given it to him - That at the same time said Wood and one [blank space] a Bricklayer (brother in Law to said Wood) came in - That said Wood privately delivered to this Informant a single cased Silver Watch and asked him what he thought said Watch was worth, and said that he was sure that it was his Brothers who was then present & who immediately said that it was his property and that he wanted to Sell it - That said Bricklayer said he had bought it of his Brother for half a Guinea and his own, old Watch, That some Conversation then passed between them, but this Informant did not buy it - That on the Monday Evening following this Informant told said Simon Jacobs to go to one Joseph Chants the Checquers, in Checquer Alley, Moorfields in search of said Wood, one Thomas Painter, Thomas Carpenter and Thomas Porter, in order to see if said Watch could be bought (as he understood and believed it to be a good Watch) - The said Simon Jacobs says that at the Request of the said Joseph Saunders he went to the House of said Joseph Chants the Checquers in Checquers Alley aforesaid in order to purchase said Watch where he saw Thomas Painter, who immediately asked him for said Wood, and said he had no Money - That he lent him half a Crown - That said Painter asked him if he had bought said silver Watch, to which he replied, that he had not and observed that the Bricklayer had it in his pocket - That said Painter then said he would get it of the Bricklayer, which he did, and the Morning following brought it to the said Saunders and sold for one Guinea as aforesaid in this Informants presence - And the said Joseph Saunders and Simon Jacobs for themselves further say that on said Saturday Morning the 29th of July last the said Thomas Porter and Thomas Carpenter came to them and said that they with said Wood and Painter had committed a Robbery the Night before between 8 & 9 o'Clock on Highgate Hill - That they got nothing but Money except a Watch which he gave to said Wood - That on the said Saturday about 10 o'Clock in the Evening said Wood and Painter came to them and acknowledged having committed said Robberry with said Porter and Carpenter and said that they meant to dispose of the Watches taken to them which they accordingly did as aforesaid


Sworn before me this 23rd day of Septemr 1786
Sampn Wright

The further Information of Joseph Saunders of Spectacle Alley Whitechapel, Dealer in Old Cloaths taken before me this 24th day of September 1786

Who being upon Oath says that the single cased Silver Watch mentioned in the foregoing Information which he received of said Wood as aforesaid he got "Christened" by a Jew in Dukes Place and the Name altered to Thomas Pearson - That he doth not know who said Jew is but paid him three Shillings and Six pence as he believes for Christening it - That about six Weeks ago he went to Gosfield in Essex where he sold to Thomas Gigger, a Broom maker, who keeps an House near the Green Man Alehouse the said single cased silver Watch for two Guineas and an half and his own Watch

Sworn before me this 24th day of Septemr 1786
Sampn Wright

The Information of Joseph Saunders and Simon Jacobs
agst John Wood and others
footpad Robbery
23rd Septr 1786

Ref:  Old Bailey Justices' Working Documents, "London Lives", LMOBPS450300312-315.

I am grateful to Jean Jeggo for drawing my attention to this story.  CRJ

Joseph Jeggo Damaging Leeks

"The Halstead Times", Saturday July 24, 1869.

Castle Hedingham.

Hedingham Petty Sessions, July 10

Before N. C. Barnardiston, Esq., chairman;  Revds. W. K. Borton and J. Foster; and C. B. Sperling, Esq.


Joseph Jeggo, Joseph Pamplin and Robert Alliston, Sible Hedingham, boys aged from eight to eleven, were summoned for damaging a quantity of leeks, to the amount of 10d., the property of Mr. F. G. Fairbank, seed-grower, Sible Hedingham.

Mr. Fairbank said he had previously cautioned defendants kindly but without effect, and he did not now wish to press the charge, but should be satisfied if the boys were cautioned and discharged on payment of the costs.  He had sustained a great deal of damage in consequence of the boys throwing stones at the leeks or cutting them down with sticks.

It appeared that two of the boys could neither read nor write, and Alliston's mother said she received parish relief and was unable to pay for her son's schooling.

Mr. Foster remarked that if such was the case the Board of Guardians could pay the school fees, and if they failed to do so they did not do their duty.

Ultimately defendants were discharged on payment of 2s. 10d. each, a fortnight being allowed to Jeggo and Pamplin.

Kelly's Directory, Essex, 1867

Bocking:  nil
Gosfield:  Joseph Jeggo, birch broom maker
Halstead:  nil
Stisted:  William Jeggo, shoemaker

Kelly's Directory, Essex, 1886

Bocking ("Braintree and Bocking with High Garrett"):  nil
Gosfield:  Commercial:  Golden Jeggo, birch broom maker and farmer
Halstead:  nil
Stisted:  nil

Terence Jeggo Prison Riot Settlement

For the full story see "The Times", "The Guardian" or "The Independent" 27 January 1996.  (Available on CD-ROM in, e.g., libraries.)

Terence Jeggo, 27, of Manchester, claimed to have suffered a personality change during the Strangeways Prison riots in 1990, and received £4500 from the Home Office in an out-of-court settlement.  He had claimed damages for post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from his participation in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue two inmates from a burning cell.

The Home Office did not accept liability but agreed to settle to avoid possibly huge court costs;  "The stress has not been proved".