Sylvia Hughes née Jeggo

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"Ye Olde Toye Shoppe"
Dan Jeggo's butcher's shop

Bridge Street

Gone, the shops in Bridge Street where
Gran and Grandad lived and died;
Granny kept "Ye Olde Toye Shoppe"
Grandad used to stand outside
the butcher's shop beside.

In crisp white apron, bowler hat,
He'd nod across the street,
to Poole's, Boyce Adams, Maypole;
sending me to buy each week
Hulme's oatcakes from Little Street.

I remember, looking back
fifty years or more,
Watson's, Tylers, Warrington's,
Meadow Dairy and next door
Tatton's hardware store.

Streets meandered through the town
merging into one another;
when it was pedestrianized
I had to get acclimatized -
especially, to Bridge Street.

The Sevastopol Gun

The Sevastopol cannon,
Proudly it stood
Midst bracken and bluebells
At the top of Park Wood

The cannon was presented to the
town of Congleton on June 14, 
1859, and taken for scrap during
World War II "to help the war

Dan Jeggo and Stanley Jack Jeggo at the Sevastopol Cannon, ca 1920.