Jeggo Identity Parade 1

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Can anyone out there on the web complete the identifications of the people in these photographs?
1.  Taken by a Halstead photographer.  This is believed to be Mr. & Mrs. Golden Jeggo - the house has been identified as his, 'The Limes' in Gosfield.

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2.  John Llewelyn, a descendant of Dan Jeggo, has identified this photograph/postcard as Ted and Julia Law and family.  The Penkridge postmark, the fact that Arthur Law was a nephew of "Miss Jeggo, Lilleshall" (Leah), and the ages and sexes of the children are all strong corroboration.  Gill Law has confirmed this, and identified:
Top row:  Ted, Mabel and Frank (Gill's grandfather);
Middle 'row':  XXX, YYY, Julia, Fred, Leonard (maybe);
Bottom row:  Edgar, Dorothy (Dot).
Can anyone complete the identifications?

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3.  John Llewelyn has identified this as the wedding of Fred Jeggo and Mary Ball at Congleton in 1915.  He has visited Sylvia Hughes, who has identified the two young men in boaters (left of Fred as we look at the photograph) as Harold (nearer to Fred) and Herman, sons of Dan Jeggo.  Between and in front of them is their mother, Fanny.  John has further identified the man in the white hat on Fanny's right as Dan himself, who was a witness to the marriage.  The young lady in white with her right shoulder apparently touching Mary Ball's left elbow is Marian Jeggo, one of Dan's daughters.  The newspaper report of the wedding provides confirmation, and suggests identification of the bridesmaid between Fanny and Fred as Doris Jeggo, the man at the right hand end of the front row as the bride's brother Albert Ball, who gave her away and was a witness to the marriage, and next to him the third bridesmaid, Miss Henshall.

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