Law Family Photographs

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Photographs supplied by Gill Law, Julia's great-grand-daughter.
Four generations: 

Julia, her son Frank, 
his son Alan, and 
Alan's daughter Margaret, 
Gill Law's step-sister.

Julia's son Fred. 
Julia seated in front of Bill Morris and, presumably, his wife.
Edward & Julia Law's house, Mill Street, Penkridge
Three unknown ladies and Arthur Law (presumably the man behind them) at Lilleshall.  Other man unknown.

Ted and Julia's golden wedding in the summer of 1937,  in the front garden of "The Bungalow" (see next photograph).
The occasion, location and people have been identified by Barbara Avis née Law, daughter of Arthur, seated at the left-hand end of the front row in the photograph.
Row 1 (standing on chairs): Bill Morris (adopted son of Julia and Edward), Edgar Law, Osgood Jeggo, Oliver Law, Bill Lewis (Dorothy Law's husband);
Row 2 (standing): Alan Law (Frank's son), Violet (Arthur's wife), Mary/Molly (Frank's wife), Frank Law - with Derek (Arthur's son) in front of him, Arthur Law, Leonard Law, Emma Jeggo (Osgood's wife), Daisy (Oliver's wife), Fred Law, Marian (Fred's wife) - holding David;
Row 3 (seated): Barbara Law (Arthur's daughter), Monica Law (Leonard's daughter), Dorothy Lewis née Law with her eldest daughter Freda on her knee, Julia's sister? and/or bridesmaid?, Edward Law, Julia Law, Julia's other bridesmaid?, Mabel Law with Dorothy's daughter Sylvia on her knee, Norma Law (Oliver's daughter) and Raymond Law (Oliver's son).
"The Bungalow",
Wolverhampton Road,

John Llewelyn has letters written by Leah Jeggo from this address.  Mabel Law was living there in the early 1950s, and Gill Law thinks she probably was earlier when Leah stayed there.