Early Jeggo References in the International Genealogical Index

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The International Genealogical Index (IGI) is compiled and published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the LDS or Mormon Church) and is searchable on the internet at  http://www.familysearch.org/

The IGI was searched for 'Jeggo' with exact spelling switched off on 29th November 2003.  The results were searched by decade from 1400 to 1709.  Then the majority of the remainder were discarded, these being Jago and variants in south-west England.  More precisely, Jagoe(e), Jugo(e), Iago, etc. in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Ireland and Wales were ignored.  Jago in other parts of the country, and Jego, Jeagoe, etc. in Cornwall and Devon were included.  The results are tabulated by county.

Some of these references agree (and some do not quite agree) with references in Huguenot records.

Abbreviations:  b - birth/born;  bap - baptism;  d - death/died;  fa - father;  F - female;  M - male;  m - marriage/married;  p - parents.


16/8/1668 F bap Rebecca Jego Swaffham-Prior fa: Francis Jego
3/9/1671 F bap Frances Jego Sutton fa: Francis Jego
1/4/1675 F bap Anna Jego Sutton fa: Francis Jego


15/4/1646 F m Edith Jaggo Saint Teath m Francis Synge
11/2/1663 F m Ann Jaggo Bodmin m Jeremiah Meypower


2/5/1583 F bap Anne Jego Paignton fa: Raphe Jego
13/1/1585 M bap Nicolas Jego Paignton fa: Raphe Jego
10/3/1593 M bap Izarell Jego Paignton fa: Raphe Jego
14/3/1598 F bap Mary Jego Paignton fa: Raufe Jego
2/6/1602 M bap William Jego Paignton fa: Raufe Jego
2/5/1607 M bap John Jegoe Paignton fa: Raufe Jegoe
13/10/1633 F bap Catharin Jego Paignton fa: John Jego
~3/1/1635 F bap Joan Jego Paignton fa: John Jego
18/2/1638 M bap Henry Jego Paignton fa: John Jego
7/3/1646 F bap Alce Jegoe Paignton fa: John Jegoe
27/2/1649 F bap Alice Jegoe Paignton fa: John Jegoe
27/7/1663 M m Henry Jeagoe Paignton m Barbara White
16/1/1671 F m Alice Jeagoe Paignton m Giles Bowdon
2/5/1678 F m Elizabeth Jeagoe Stoke Canon m Nicholas Osmond
19/5/1691 F m Jego St Peter Cathedral, Exeter m John Atherton
8/9/1700 F m Ann Jego St Paul, Exeter m Hugh Johns
4/4/1704 F bap Susanna Jeagoe Paignton fa: Abraham Jeagoe
3/6/1707 F bap Ann Jeagoe Paignton fa: Abraham Jeagoe


23/3/1594 F bap Elizabeth Jegoe Hurworth-on-Tees fa: William Jegoe See Rye, Sussex;  is this an amazing coincidence or an error?


3/9/1600 M m Nathanyell Jego Bocking m Maria Nicoll
6/3/1603 M bap Sidracus Jeggo Bocking fa: Nathanielis Jeggo
25/3/1604 M bap Rechardus Jeggo Bocking fa: Nathanielis Jeggo
7/8/1655 M m Matthew Giggo Toppesfield m Mary Fuller


30/5/1564 F m Agnes Jego Rockbourne m John Dyer
15/10/1584 M m Osmunde Jego Rockbourne m Edithe Mowedie
16/2/1585 M bap Thomas Jego Rockbourne fa: Osmunde Jego
3/11/1634 M m Thomas Gygo Rockbourne m Mary Witt
9/7/1637 M bap Thomas Gygo Rockbourne fa: Thomas Gygo


9/12/1661 F m Tabitha Jagoe St Peter, St Albans m John Wats


~20/9/1562 F bap Elyzabeth Gigo Willesborough fa: Jhon Gigo
13/1/1655 M m Jeremy Jagoe Strood near Rochester m Elizabeth Stocke
11/1/1684 M bap Abraham Jegu Walloon or Strangers Church, Canterbury p Toussaint Jegu & Marte Haton

London: Kensington

29/3/1608 M m John Jago m Margaret Griffen

London: London, Eglise/French Church/Threadneedle Street French Huguenot

10/8/1687 M m Ezechais Jago m Anne le Seux b ~1662 of Bolbec, son of Ezechais Jagio & Marie Yon
1/9/1688 F bap Anne Jago p Ezechias Jago & Anne Lekeux
5/3/1690 F b Marie Jago p Ezechais Jago & Anne Le Seux
13/1/1697 M bap Gabriel Jegu p Jean Jegu & Marie Madeleine
14/3/1697 M bap Daniel Jago p Ezechias Jago & Marthe
18/12/1698 F bap Marie Gigu p Jean & Marie Gigu
26/10/1701 M bap Pierre Jegu p Jean & Marie Jegu
8/7/1705 F bap Marie Madelaine Jegu p Jean & Marie Jegu
21/3/1708 F m Marie Susanne Jegu m Jacques Brau

London: London, St James Dukes Place

19/11/1667 M m Jarvis Jagoe m Phebee Baldwin

London: London, St Katherine by the Tower

11/7/1695 M m Joseph Jago m Mary Grant husband age 23, wife age 17

London: Putney

23/4/1667 M bap Willmot Jegoe p Phillip & Anne Jegoe d 24/8/1668
1/9/1669 F bap Frances Jegoe p Phillip & Anne Jegoe

London: Spitalfields, Crispin Street French Huguenot

9/2/1701 M bap Izaac Jago p Exechias Jago & Marthe Housset b 2/2/1701
17/1/1703 M bap Ezechias Jago p Ezechias Jago & Marthe b 17/1/1703
16/11/1707 M bap Esechias Jago p Esechias Jago & Marte b 31/10/1707

London: Stepney, St Dunstan

4/9/1652 F bap Mary Jego p William & Katharin Jego
22/4/1655 M bap William Jegoe p William & Mary Jegoe
29/9/1669 M bap Richard Jegoe p Roger & Anne Jegoe
4/4/1675 F bap Sarah Jegoe p Nicholas & Alice Jegoe
17/1/1705 F bap Sarah Jago p Samuel Jago & Sarah
3/9/1708 M m Oliver Jago m Martha Barnaby
7/10/1709 F m Margaret Jago m James Evans

London: Stepney, St Mary Whitechapel

23/1/1584 M bap Jarvis Gigoe fa: Gigoe
4/11/1604 M bap Christofer Gego fa: Rich. Gego
29/7/1606 M bap John Gego fa: Rich. Gego

London: Westminster, St Martin in the Fields

10/1/1673 F m Annam Jego m Gregoriam Alford

Midlothian, Scotland

13/7/1693 F m Sarah Gigoe South Leith m John Rutherfoord


23/8/1601 F bap Mary Jeggo St Michael at Plea, Norwich fa: Israel Jeggo
28/8/1603 M bap Ellis Giggo Saint Giles, Norwich fa: Israel Giggo
11/1/1606 F bap Vertewa Gego St Augustine, Norwich fa: Israelis Gego
1/1/1609 M bap Thomas Jeggoe St Mary at Coslany, Norwich fa: Isaak Jeggoe


22/1/1624 M bap Andrew Jegoe North Petherton fa: Andrew Jegoe


7/7/1566 M m Sidrachus Jego Glemsford m Ahnn. Tebold
13/4/1567 M bap Georgius Jeggoe Glemsford fa: Sidrachi Jeggoe
7/5/1568 M bap Isacck Jego Glemsford fa: Sydrachi Jego
20/1/1569 M bap Robtus Jegoe Glemsford fa: Sidrachi Jegoe
22/10/1598 M bap Georgius Jeggoe Glemsford fa: Robt. Jeggoe
19/12/1625 F m Rebeckah Jeggoe Glemsford m Willielmus Allen


8/3/1688 F bap Mary Jago St John the Baptist, Croydon p Nic(h)olas Jago & Honora


17/9/1582 M m Walter Jaggo Sidlesham m Elizabeth Hunt
31/1/1583 M bap Richard Jaggo Sidlesham fa: Walter Jaggo
4/2/1584 F m Elizabeth Jaggo Sidlesham m Richard Martin
23/3/1594 F bap Elizabeth Jegoe Rye fa: William Jegoe See Durham;  is this an amazing coincidence or an error?
23/9/1616 M m Richard Jago Sidlesham m Marye Hobbes
9/9/1630 M m Richard Jegoe St Bartholomew, Chichester m Kathern Modye
6/6/1634 M bap Richard Jeggo Sidlesham fa: Richard Jeggo
23/9/1634 M m Richard Jego Sidlesham m Anne Smith