Jeggo Identity Parade 3

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Five photographs from Gill Law's collection.  Gill is Julia Jeggo's great-grand-daughter, and these photos all come from a Victorian style album that Gill has always presumed was Julia's.  Can anyone out there positively identify any of these?
10.  For a guess, this is Sarah Jeggo and six of her children.  The clothes and hair styles give a date of 1885, give or take a few years.

Walter (b 1874) and Oliver (b 1872) were her two youngest children.  Other photographs of them, when they were much older, provide weak corroboration;  that is, they are not ruled out.

Emily (b 1871), Leah (b 1870) and Elizabeth (b 1867) were her three youngest daughters.  They were unmarried and at home for the 1891 Census, and also apparently without occupations.

Gill wonders whether the girl behind the boy is Julia (b 1861), on account of a family likeness.

Sarah's other daughter was Ada (b 1865).

There are many flowers in this photograph.  Could it have been taken at the time of a wedding?  (Possibly not at the wedding, but in the photographer's studio.)  If so, whose?  Julia's (Penkridge, 1887)?  Jack also married in 1887, but in London, so that seems rather less likely.

So, which four daughters might they be?  John Llewelyn thinks they are Julia, Elizabeth, Leah and Emily.

11.  Gill Law states that this is Leah when she was young.  However, John Llewelyn, whose father was brought up by Leah and who has a number of photographs of her when she was older, is not convinced.  He thinks this is Ada.

Photographer:  Eastbourne Photographic Company, 2, The Pavement, Clapham Common, SW.

See also Nos. 21, 36 and 42.

12.  Or is this Leah?  Gill says one of these two must be her.
13.  Unidentified
14.  Unidentified

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