Dan Jeggo (1868-1955) and Descendants

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Sources:   GRO indexes;
parish register for Sheriffhales;
(01c) 1901 Census for Congleton;
(91c) 1891 Census for Willenhall;
(fr) "The Family Register";
(jac) letter dated 2/1981 from Jack Jeggo to Barbara & Roy Jeggo;
(jl) John Llewelyn, a great-grandson of Dan.

Numbers at the start of lines represent generations.
5 Dan Jeggo b 31/3/1868, son of Charles & Sarah Jeggo
+ q3/1892 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 474)
   Fanny Elizabeth Ball b ~1861/2 @ Congleton (01c) (photograph)
Several members of Dan's family appear in Fred Jeggo's
wedding photograph in 'Jeggo Identity Parade' (1.1 MB)
   6 Marian Leah Jeggo b q2/1893 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 328)
   6 Charles Frederick Jeggo b q3/1894 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 297) (photograph)
   + q4/1922 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 635)
      Daisy M Allen
      7 Sylvia M Jeggo b q4/1924 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 418), res Congleton 2003, has written a book of poems
      + q1/1945 @ Macclesfield (GRO ref: 8a 360)
         Wilfred T Hughes
   6 Ethel Jeggo b q4/1895 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 295), d q4/1900 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 182)
   6 Herman Jeggo b q3/1897 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 302)
   + q3/1921 @ Wolstanton (GRO ref: 6b 209)
      Ada Wilshaw
      7 Harold Jeggo b q1/1922 @ Wolstanton (GRO ref: 6b 134)
      7 Albert Jeggo b q2/1923 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 468), d q1/1929 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 584)
      7 Evelyn M Jeggo b q2/1926 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 440)
      + q1/1946 @ Macclesfield (GRO ref: 8a 327)
         Clifford F Still
      7 Arthur G Jeggo b q1/1938 @ Macclesfield (GRO ref: 8a 242)
   6 Harold Goulden Jeggo b q2/1899 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 299), furniture shop manager
   + q2/1920 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 860)
      Winifred M Espley
   6 Doris May Jeggo b q4/1900 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 276)
   + q3/1924 @ Congleton (GRO ref: 8a 879)
      Albert Kennerley
      7 Elizabeth Kennerley

Details of Individuals

Charles Frederick Jeggo

Photograph supplied by John Llewelyn.
Photographer: Sellman & Co, Congleton.

According to his daughter, Sylvia,
Charles served in the 1st Cavalry
Division, Army Service Corps,
during WW1.

Dan Jeggo (1868-1955)

Born:  31/3/1868 ("The Family Register") @  Woodhouses, bap 9/5/1869 @ Sheriffhales, son of Charles & Sarah Jeggo.
Died:  q3/1955 age 87 @ Salford (GRO ref: 10f 401)
Occupation:  shopkeeper, butcher (jac, 91c, 01c)
Residence:  31 Wolverhampton St, Willenhall (91c);  15 Bridge Street, Congleton (01c)

The following text is extracted from a web-page produced as part of the Congleton Chronicle's 'Millenium Memories'.

LIFE IN 1924

Every year for some years, Heads of Congleton, the publishers of the Congleton Chronicle, produced an almanack and guide.  The 1924 book listed all the town’s businesses, the names of which will be familiar to older Congletonians.  There were no electrical retailers but 24 bakers included Maskery and Co, makers of gingerbread, and the Misses Higinbotham, and 16 butchers, including Herbert Hackney in the High Street, Dan Jeggo and John Hankinson, with two (H. McLeavy and Silvester) listed as pork butchers. There were of course no supermarkets but there were 63 greengrocers, fruiterers and grocers.
Photo with grandson Stanley Jack Jeggo

Photograph of Dan Jeggo at 1, Sparrow Lane, Shrewsbury, where Fred and Leah (née Jeggo) Hales lived from about 1925 to about 1937. (Supplied by John Llewelyn.)


"EVENING SENTINEL", Friday, July 16th, 1954


Doyen of Congleton Butchers

Eighty-six last March and still the active head of his business, Mr. Dan Jeggo, doyen of Congleton butchers, is the town's oldest tradesman, living alone at one of its smallest and quaintest shops.

Built in the 17th century, in Duke-street, it is one of Congleton's few remaining black and white half timbered buildings. These days one steps down into the shop from the pavement, but in years gone by when the Howty Brook flowed across the main thoroughfare and not below it, the shop was reached by three upward steps.

It has been Mr. Jeggo's home for nearly half a century, for it was in 1895 that he converted the business to a butcher's from greengrocery.  Before that it was the home of his wife, who died in 1940 at the age of 80, after living there the whole of her life.

Shilling Steak

Born in the village of Sheriff Hales, Shropshire, one of a family of 13, Mr. Jeggo became an apprentice butcher at the age of 14 and except for some time spent farming has followed the trade ever since. He moved to Congleton at the age of 23 and was married at the Wagg-street Methodist Church.

In those days, he recalls, a leg of mutton sold at 4½d. a lb. and the best steak cost no more than a shilling.

The adjoining shop of Mr. Jeggo's business was for many years kept by his wife as an old fashioned toy bazaar, the delight of countless children.  On market days she stood outside the shop with a stall, projecting into the main street.

Bowls Player

A well known bowls player, Mr. Jeggo was a founder of the Congleton Coronation Bowling Club, and in his heyday was a bowler of considerable repute.  He still enjoys a game, although this season bad weather has kept him away from the green.

He is assisted in his business by two of three sons, Mr. C. F. Jeggo and Mr. Herman Jeggo, but he lives by himself in the low, oak-beamed rooms behind and above the shop premises.

He has become an expert cook; his favourite dish, not surprisingly, is a good meat stew.

"The Chronicle" (Congleton) Friday, 5th August 1955


Passing of Mr. Dan Jeggo

Affectionately regarded in trade and sporting circles, Mr. Dan Jeggo, of 15, Bridge-street, Congleton, died at the age of 87 on Friday.
A native of Lilleshall, Shropshire, where his father was gamekeeper to the old Duke of Sutherland, Mr. Jeggo started as an apprentice butcher at the age of 14, and 10 years later set up his own business in the attractive old world building in Bridge-street, which he eventually shared with two of his sons, Mr. Herman and Mr. Charles Jeggo.
His contribution to bowling activities in the town culminated in the presidency for 10 successive years of the Coronation Club, of which he was one of the founder members. He was also a member of Congleton Band Club.
Mr. Jeggo was also a great lover of horse racing and for 20 successive years he did not miss a Derby or Ascot week, staying for a month, each year, with a brother residing in Surrey, in order to attend the two meetings.
Mr. Jeggo's wife, Mrs. Fanny Elizabeth Jeggo, died over 15 years ago. He is also survived by a daughter, Mrs. Albert Kennerley, of Timperley, and a third son, Mr. Harold Jeggo, who is employed by Messrs. Lawtons, furnishers.
The funeral took place at St. Peter's Church on Monday. The Vicar (Rev. C. T. Walker) officiated, and mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Jeggo, Mr. and Mrs. H. Jeggo, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Jeggo (sons and daughters-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. A. Kennerley (son-in-law and daughter), Mr. A. Jeggo, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Kennerley, Mr. and Mrs. Sproson, Mr. Sproson, jun.. Representing Coronation Bowling Club: Mr. Boardman and Mr. Mitchell. Representing Congleton Band Club: Mr. H. Bailey, Mr. Banks, Mr. Martin and Mr. Davenport.

From the "Congleton Chronicle", Friday, 26th February, 1965:

Bit of old Congleton disappears

Many older Congletonians paused during their Sunday morning strolls last week-end to watch the old oak roof timbers of the former Jeggo's butcher's shop disappear amid the dust which had rested on them for the past three and a half centuries or so.

Doris May Jeggo

Doris photograph supplied by John Llewelyn
Photographer: Sellman & Co, Congleton.
(M. A. Sellman & Co. 28 High street, Congleton is listed in Kelly's 1914 Cheshire Directory. See the University of Leicester's http://www.historicaldirectories.org/)

Doris with daughter
photograph supplied
by John Llewelyn

Fanny Elizabeth Jeggo (née Ball)

Photograph supplied by Sylvia Hughes.

"Fanny (Granny Jeggo (née Ball))"
inscribed on the back.

Press cutting, July 1940:

Kept Congleton's Oldest Toy-shop

A link with old Congleton has been removed by the passing in her sleep on Saturday of Mrs. Fanny Elizabeth Jeggo, of 15a, Bridge St., Congleton.

It was at these premises - she had lived nowhere else during the whole of her 80 years - that she kept "Ye Olde Toy Shoppe" up to about 7 years ago.  This toy business, left to her by her father, the late Mr. Charles Ball, was well known to old and young alike.

Following a service at the house conducted by the Revd. W. Jones (Wagg Street Methodist Church), the deceased was laid to rest in St. Peter's Churchyard on Wednesday afternoon.  Mourners present were:  Mr. Dan Jeggo, widower;  Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Jeggo, L/c. and Mrs. Herman Jeggo, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Jeggo, sons and daughters-in-law ;  Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kennerley (Stretford), son-in-law and daughter;  Mr. A. Ball (Crewe), nephew;  Mrs. A. Ball (Crewe), Mr. and Mrs. Beadles (Crewe), Mr. O. Jeggo (Penkridge, Staffs), brother-in-law;  Mrs. J. Kennerley (North Rode).

Floral tributes included:
To my dear wife, love from Dan.
To Mother from Doris, Albert and Elizabeth, Stretford.
In memory of Mother, from Marion, Ulric and family, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.
In memory of my dear sister, from Mary and Fred, Ashtead, Surrey.
With love to dear Mother, from Harold and Winnie.
In memory of many happy hours, from May, 15, Bridge Street.
To Mother, from Charlie, Daisy and Sylvia.
With fond remembrance from all at Lime Cottage, North Rode.
With loving sympathy from Albert, Maggie, Doris and Fred.
In loving memory of a dear Mother, from Herman and Ada.
In sweet remembrance of dear Grannie, from Harold, Evelyn and Arthur.

Harold Goulden Jeggo

"The Chronicle" (Congleton) Friday, 28th February 1964

Mr. Jeggo Retires from Lawtons

A retirement party for Mr. Harold Jeggo, manager of Messrs Lawton's, the furnishers, of Bridge-street, Congleton, was held at the "Bear's Head" Hotel last Wednesday.

Mr. Jeggo, of 132, Boundary-lane, Mossley, retired on Saturday after 27 years with Lawton's Congleton branch.  He was made manager just after the last war.

After a buffet meal, enjoyed by 36 members of the staff from the Crewe and Congleton branches, the Crewe manager, Mr. A. J. Follows, presented Mr. Jeggo with a walnut nest of plate glass tables.  Mrs. Jeggo, who until five years ago was an assistant at the Congleton branch, was presented with a bouquet and a box of chocolates by one of her former colleagues, Mrs. I. Poole.

Said Mr. Jeggo, who also celebrated his 65th birthday last week:  "I have always been very happy here."

Colleagues look on as Mr. Fallows congratulates Mr. Jeggo (right) on his retirement.  Mrs. Jeggo holds her bouquet.

Undated (must be ~January 1994) press cutting: Mr. H. G. Jeggo

The funeral took place on Friday of Mr. Harold Goulden Jeggo, aged 94, of Alexandra Court Nursing Home, Congleton, whose death occurred the previous Sunday.

He was born in Bright Street, Congleton, the youngest of three sons, who all served with the Army during the First World War, and all returned home safely.

Mr. Jeggo was well-known and respected in the town.  He was a gentleman, courteous and kind.  He and his wife, Winifred, used to manage Lawton's furniture shop (later Waring and Gillow and now the Cancer Research shop) on the corner of Bridge Street and Little Street.  They were married for 63 years.

After the death of his wife, Mr. Jeggo moved from Holmes Chapel Road to Elworth Court where he helped to provide an organ for the residents.  He was fond of classical music and had many interests.  In the early stages of radio, he made a crystal wireless set, and at the age of 90 was still a keen radio enthusiast, listening to citizens' band and pilots talking as they took off and landed at Manchester Airport.

He was very fond of the countryside and he and his wife were popular County Bridge players.

Always well-groomed and unfailingly polite, he will be missed by all who knew him and who remember him with love.

The Rev. I. Sharpe conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium.  Mourners were: Mrs. S. Hughes (rep. Mrs. E. Featherstone; nieces), Mr. R. Jeggo (nephew, rep. Mrs. A. Jeggo, and Harold and Donna Jeggo), Mr. M. Wood (nephew, rep. Mr. P. J. Wood), Mrs. L. Espley (rep. Mrs. N. Jackson), Mrs. Dennerley (rep. Mr. E. Dennerley), Mrs. M. Champ, Miss J. Clegg and Mrs. A. Baker (rep. Alexandra Court).

Marian/Marion Leah Jeggo

child:  7 Stanley Jack Jeggo b 3/10/1917 @ Camberwell, London (jl)
m:  Ulric Basil Richard Gilbert in 1920 in Victoria, Australia (Reg. Number: 3524)
(ref: http://www.maxi.com.au/devs/main.maxi?service=5&product=3&newsession=y
Online search of indexes of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Victoria, Australia)
children:  Marion had four children in Australia, Maric, Sherie, Berril and Basil (jl).

Information found by searching for 'Jeggo' in National Archives of Australia website
( ref: http://naa12.naa.gov.au/scripts/ItemDetail.asp?M=0&B=5105784):
(1) Free passage for Miss Marion Jeggo, fiancee of Ulric Richard Basil Gilbert;
item barcode 5105784; series accession number A2489/1; control symbol 1920/1649;
(2)  GILBERT, MARIC JEGGO : Service Number - VX31080 : Date of birth - 24 Apr 1920 : Place of birth - EAST ST KILDA VIC : Place of enlistment - ROYAL PARK VIC : Next of Kin - GILBERT, MARION; Item barcode 6220551; Series number B883;  Series accession number 2002/05080133; Control symbol VX31080; Contents date range 1939 - 1948.

Maric Jeggo Gilbert's wartime story.  An outline of his war service is on this related page.

Stanley Jack Jeggo  -  Jack Hales

b:  3/10/1917 @ Camberwell, London (jl) (GRO ref: 1d 1005)
Adopted by Fred & Leah (née Jeggo, his great-aunt) Hales, and
became known as Jack Hales;
occ:  accountant
res:  Shrewsbury (jl)
d:  4/10/2004

Photo with grandfather Dan Jeggo


Leah and Jack Hales photograph supplied
by John Llewelyn