Percy Edward Jeggo (1896 - ?) and Descendants

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Sources:  GRO indexes, 1901 Census (01c), Elaine Jeggo (ela), Jane Paul (jan), Jill Jeggo (jil), Pat Jeggo (pat), Roy Jeggo

N.B.  The numbers starting each line represent generations.

5 Percy Edward Jeggo  b @ Epping (01c) q4/1896 (GRO ref: 4a 413), son of Frederick William Benjamin Jeggo
+ q4/1915 @ St. Albans (GRO ref: 3a 2356)
   Daisy E. Smith
   6 Jessie E Jeggo b q3/1916 St. Albans 3a 1501, still alive in May 2002 (jil, ela)
   + Harold Osbourne (jil)
      7 Yvonne Osbourne (jil)
      7 Silvia Osbourne (jil)
      7 Nicola Osbourne (jil)
   6 Ronald E Jeggo b q1/1918 St. Albans 3a 1164, d q4/1928 St. Albans 3a 867, fell from a tractor/car (jan) or lorry (ela)
   6 Daisy V Jeggo b q1/1919 St. Albans 3a 997, d q2/1919 St. Albans 3a 710
   6 Leslie H Jeggo b q3/1921 St. Albans 3a 1511 and his descendants have their own page
   6 Frederick E Jeggo b q4/1923 St. Albans 3a 1245 and his descendants have their own page
   6 Ernest H Jeggo b q1/1925 St. Albans 3a 1264, res Yorkshire May 2002 (pat)
   + Neen ?, later divorced (jil)
      7 Larry Jeggo (jil)
      7 Tina Jeggo (jil)
      7 Philip Jeggo (jil)
      7 two other Jeggoes (jil)
   6 Stanley C Jeggo b q1/1927 St. Albans 3a 1191, d q2/1952 @ Hatfield, accidentally killed in a press at the De Havilland aircraft factory (jil)
   + q2/1948 St. Albans 4b 417
      Diane B Turner
      7 Corin D Jeggo b q3/1949 St. Albans 4b 330
   6 Doris Patricia (Pat) Jeggo b q2/1929 St. Albans 3a 1386, res Bournemouth May 2002 (jil)
   + Harry Piggott, res Bournemouth May 2002 (jil)
      7 Janet Piggott (jil)
      7 Stephen Piggott (jil)
   6 John Jeggo b q1/1932 St. Albans 3a 1356, res Garston, Watford May 2002, used to work with Roy at de Havilland's/Hawker/Siddeley's (pat)
   + Jean (jil)
      7 Jean Jeggo (jil)
      7 Jill Jeggo (jil)
      + Geoff ? (pat)
      7 Mark Jeggo (jil)
   6 Leonard R Jeggo b q1/1933 St. Albans 3a 1359, d q3/1933 age 0 St. Albans 3a 776
   6 Sheila M Jeggo b q1/1935 St. Albans 3a 1429, d q1/1936 age 1 St. Albans 3a 1399
   6 Barry A Jeggo b q3/1937 St. Albans 3a 1654, still alive in May 2002 (jil, ela)
   + Margaret (jil)
      7 Jason Jeggo (jil)
      7 Darren Jeggo (jil)

Details of Individuals

Ernie Jeggo 1925-

When he came out of the forces, where he was a chef, he went to work for his Uncle Fred who had a hotel/pub in Putney. (pat)

Percy Edward Jeggo 1896-??

Worked at De Havilland's/Hawker Siddeley's aircraft factory. (pat)
Keen angler, enjoyed a drink in a pub (as do many Jeggoes, including CRJ). (jil)

Chris Jeggo's Uncle Charlie knew Percy, and Charlie's son Roy was at school with Percy's youngest son, Barry, now (11/2000) aged 63. According to Barry (via Roy) Percy's children were Ernie, Barry, Stan, Leslie, John, Fred, Jessie and Patricia.  Fred is well into his 70's and living in Perth, Australia. Barry has promised more detailed information.

Ronnie Jeggo 1918-28

According to Elaine Jeggo, "My dad tells the story that in those days when my granddad and his brothers were all very young it was very common for young boys to hitch rides on the back of vehicles.  One particular day they jumped up on the back of a lorry, he fell off and was crushed."