Jegon Wills

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The wills are in chronological order of date of death.

Thomas Jegon

Calendar of Sible Hedingham Charity Deeds (SEAX Ref:  T/A 225/35)

Jegon's Charity

4 November 1672.  Probate of the will of Thomas Jegon of Sible Hedingham, 19 October 1669
Gives to poor of Sible Hedingham £10, and to 20 'honest day labouring men', £10 to be equally divided by executor;  bequeathes to w. Ann use for life of house called Cobbolls and personal estate, with lease of land called Arrowsion Croft, 4 pastures and hopground adjoining house occupied by widow Coe, house and orchard occupied by John Danes, house and 1a. pasture called Bucks Tenement, house and 2a. land called Carter's Tenement occupied by Richard Sparke, 2a. pasture called Lane Meadow, house and 8a. pasture called Spinns, occupied by Joseph Mault, 6a. land called Clapsaneside Croft, house and 20a. land purchased of Mr. Plume, 3a. wood purchased of widow Croshall, farm at Bloys, occ. by Moses Hurrell, 6a. wood called Little Wrights and Wrights Laies, purchased of Mr. Allston, and occupied by Joseph Roote;  gives to cousin Jo [sic] Jegon reversion of Cobbolls and personal estate, Arrowsion Close, 4 pastures and hopground, house and orchard, occupied by John Danes, land called Clapes Land, Bucks Tenement, Lane Meadow, Carters Tenement, tenement and 8a. at Spinns Brooke, occupied by Joseph Mault;  gives to cousin John Taylor second son of sister Mary, Sugers Farm and Bakers Grove, Sible Hedingham, occupied by Daniel Wash; bequeathes to cousin John Jegon, clerk, manor of Priors Glascock in Sible Hedingham, charged with 2/8 per week to 8 poor of Sible Hedingham to be distributed as one great loaf each on Sunday;  gives to cousin James Taylor eldest s. of sister Mary farm called Collherds occupied by Moses Harrold, with reversion of wood called Little Wrights Wood;  gives to cousin John Jegon reversion of house and 20a. land purchased of Mr. Plume, and 3a. wood purchased of widow Cresshall;  gives to cousin Ric. Fletcher reversion of freehold house occupied by Nicholas Bedlow, with copyhold orchard, copyhold house occupied by Richard Firman, with 35a. called Nottalls Layes, Nottalls, Groves, and Colliers;  gives to cousin Francis Hatch house at Wickham [St. Paul] and 6a. pasture;  to cousin Robert King remainder of unexpired lease of the 'Christopher' in Cambridge, leased from Bennett College, charged with legacy of £10 each to sisters Frances, Barbara, Elizabeth and Ann, and also bond due from his father and house occupied by Ant. Carter;  gives to bor. Jegon, cousin Killingworth, cousin Gwin, £1 each;  to sister Mary Taylor, cousins Jas. and John Taylor, John Jegon, £100 each;  to cousins Barb[ara] Beddingfield £30, Barba[ra] Killingworth £10, Hunton £1, Batts £1 and a spoon;  to Thomas and George Firman a bond of £2.10.0 to widow Coe £2;  to cousins Arthur King, Tho. s. of cousin Henry Jegon, and William Jegon, £20 each;  to cousins Lee, Fran., Dewley, Barbara Jeerson, Lownds, £10 each
Exix. w. Ann

William Jeggon

William Jeggon, 1691, Stambourne (ERO Ref: 52 BR 10)

In the name of God Amen the third day of January in the yeare of our Lord 1690 I William Jeggon of Stamborne in the County of Essex Yeoman being something weak in body but of ... memory thanks be given to God for the same do make my last Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge In primib? I will and bequeath my Soule into the hands of Almighty God my maker trusting in and through Jesus Christ to have my Sins pardoned And my body I committ unto the earth to be decently buried at the ?discretion of my Ex'tor hereafter nominated And so for those worldly goods that God hath been pleased to lend unto me I give and dispose of them in after this manner  Item I give and bequeath unto Edee Lennit my Sister the sum of five pounds to be pd by my Extor twenty shillings yearly & every yeare after my decease if she the said Edee Linnett my Sister shall live so long  Item I give unto Robert Linnett the sonne of Edee Linnett my Sister the sum of five pounds of good & lawful money of England to be pd by my Extor within Six months next after my decease  Item I give and bequeath unto the three Children of the said Robt my kinsman which he had by his first wife that is to say John Lennitt Robt Lennitt and Martha Lennitt the sum of five pounds of good and lawful money of England to be equally divided ?to?each of them as they shall accomplish their ages of one and twenty years And ?in the ... Lord will it that if any of the said children shall depart this world before they can accomplish their said severall ages that then his or ?their ?rightful ?share shall be equally divided and paid by my Extor to the Survivors  Item I give and bequeath unto John Lennitt my kinsman with whom I now live the sum of forty five pounds of good and lawfull money of England and also all my goods and ?Chtel ?wtsoever both movable and immoveable wtsoever I give unto him the said John Lennitt my kinsman and do make him sole Extor of this my last Will and Testament he paying my legacies and funerall expences  I do hereby revoke frustrate and make void all former wills wtsoever made by me or Letters of Attorney made to any other psons & do declare this to be my last Will and Testament  In Witnesse hereunto I have sett to my hand & seale the day & yeare first abovewithin the ... of William Jeggon Sealed Subscribed published & declared to be the last will and testament of him the said William Jeggon in the ?Presence of us the marke of Jonathan Roote the mke of Thomas Peacocke William Peacocke
Proved December 1691

Edward Jegons

Edward Jegons, 1707, Downham (ERO Ref: 285 BR 15) Very difficult to read.

Suckling Jegon

Suckling Jegon, 1718, Halstead (ERO Ref: 260 BR 17)

The last Will and Testament of me, Suckling Jegon of Halsted in Essex Gent as followeth
I give to my brother Mr. Robert Jegon one hundred pounds and to my cousin Mr. Wm Jegon of Stisted (?Histed) twenty pounds and to the poor of Halsted forty shillings to be given out in bread and all the residue of my ... ... I give to Mr. John Tweed of Halsted aforesd ... ... to pay my debts and funeral charges and I make the said John Tweed the sole exter of this my will.  Witnessed my hand and Seal the twelfth day of April Anno Dno one thousand seven hundred and eighteen Suckling Jegon signed sealed published and devilered by the sd Suckling Jegon to be his last will and testament in the presence of us Robt Fiske  Richard Bennett  ... ...
Probate 1718.