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"The Gosfield Magazine" was published monthly from August 1886 to December 1891.  Bound numbers are held in the Essex Record Office (ERO) -- catalogue number D/P 165/28/2.  It contains articles on church history, monumental and churchyard inscriptions (complete), early history, biographies of former vicars and list of Parish officers, 1741-1882.  According to a letter from Mr. Courtauld, it was "for the gentry".  This web page contains extracts about Jeggoes.

August 1886 - Sunday School Treat

The Yearly Sunday School Treat took place on Wednesday July 28th.  The children walked in procession from the School to the Church where a short service was held at three o'clock.  Each child brought a bunch of flowers which was placed on the Altar step, and at the conclusion of the service the flowers were forwarded at once to a London Hospital.  Tea was provided as usual in the Vicarage garden, and followed by games, races, etc..  The weather was all that could be desired and a most enjoyable afternoon was spent.  The prizes, earned by regular attendance during the past year at the Sunday School, were distributed by the Vicar at 8 o'clock.  Mr. Elliott remarked upon the curious fact that although there were thirty-six girls who received prizes, there were only nine prize-takers amongst the boys.  No doubt some boys who are at work are unable to get their Sundays free, but this would not account for the very small proportion of regular attendants.  The following are the names of those who received prizes:-
Lizzie Kemp Eliza Wiseman Ada Allan
Agnes Saward Lina Everit Emma Jeggo
Essie Heartley Charlotte Lee Lina Saward
Annie Scillitoe Florence Scillitoe Florence Stock
Alice Walsh Ada Chinnery Ellen Smith
Mahala Barnard Edith French William Chinnery
Florence Kemp Annie Saward Thomas Barnard
Alice Chapman Florence Sparkes Ernest Kemp
Minnie Lee Emily Stock Ernest Dance
Ada Pudney Amy Lee Walter Dance
Ellen Lee Emily Barnard William Stock
Katie Saward Beatrice Everit Frank Scillitoe
Lucy Allan Ada Scillitoe Frank Dance
Eliza Jeggo Jane Wiseman Charles Chinnery

The following note has been received from the Hospital to which the flowers were sent:-
London Hospital
Whitechapel Road, E.
30th July, 1886
Miss Hobbs (Night Sister of the London Hospital) is indeed grateful to some unknown friend for thinking of the Patients, and sending them such a nice quantity of flowers.
She would be glad if the Sunday School Children of Gosfield could know how much the poor sick people appreciate their kindness, and how very much flowers tend to brighten their wards.

September 1887 - Sunday School Prizes

Emma, Eliza and Florence Jeggo received Sunday School prizes.

Monumental Inscriptions

No. 48 (in the December 1887 number)

A coped tomb with head and foot stones, on the head stone, in Roman Capitals:-
to the Memory of
Joseph Jeggo
of Boone's Farm, Bocking,
who died Decr. 24th 1867,
Aged 63 years
Within this silent grave lies buried here
The kindest parent to his children dear
Great was their loss for him eternal gain
But hope in heaven they may meet again.
In affectionate rememberance of
Elizabeth Jeggo,
wife of the above,
who died September 24th 1876
in the 63rd year of her age,
"Her end was peace."
On the foot stone:-
J. J. 1867.
E. J. 1876.

Joseph Jeggo was buried December 31st, 1867;  Elizabeth Jeggo, September 28th, 1876.

No. 50 (in the December 1887 number)

Head and foot stones.  On the former:-
To the Memory of
Thomas Jeggo,
of this Parish,
who departed this life
December 30th, 1844,
Aged 54 Years.
Though rough and thorny be the road,
It leads thee home, apace, to God;
Then count thy present trials small,
For Heaven will make amends for all.
In affectionate remembrance of
Sarah Jeggo,
of Great Saling,
who departed this life
March 24th 1863,
Aged 66 Years.
We cannot tell who next may fall
Beneath thy chastening rod;
One must be first, but let us all;
Prepare to meet our God.
On the foot stone:-
T. J.
S. J. 1863.

Thomas Jeggo, of Pear Tree Farm, was buried January 6th 1845;  Sarah Jeggo March 31st, 1863.

No. 51 (in the December 1887 number)

Head and foot Stones.  On the head stone:-
to the Memory of
Thomas Jeggo
who died August the 10th, 1829
Aged 68 Years.
Thy will be done O Lord.
Also of
Mary Wife of the above
who died June 8th 1836
Aged 80 Years.
On the foot stone:
T. J. 1829.
M. J. 1836.

Thomas Jeggo, of Pear Tree Farm, and Broom-maker at Gosfield, was buried August 16th, 1829;  and Mary Jeggo, June 14th, 1836.

No. 59 (in the January 1888 number)

Head and foot stones.  On the head stone, in Roman Capitals:-
to the Memory of
Joseph Jeggo
who departed this life
August 16th 1845,
Aged 73 Years.
Also of Mary his wife
 who departed this life
December 7th 1853
Aged 71 Years.
Also of Mary Ann Cook
their daughter
 who departed this life
October 7th 1868
Aged 60 Years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
On the foot stone:
J. J.
M. J.
M. A. C.

Joseph Jeggo was a tailor, living in one of the houses near the bridge.  He was buried August 22nd 1845;  Mary Jeggo, December 13th 1853;  and Mary Ann Cook, who was of Halstead, October 11th, 1868.

Parish Officers

 Details of Officers  Number of magazine
 1744  Thomas Jeggo  Constable  November 1890
 1752, 57  Thomas Jeggo  one of two Surveyors
 1759  Thomas Jeggo  one of two Overseers
 1763  Joseph Jeggo  Constable
 1769, 72, 75, 77  Joseph Jeggo  one of two Constables
 1821, 30, 35, 36, 39  Thomas Jeggo  Overseer  December 1890
 1828 - 35  Joseph Jeggo sen   Constable
 1833, 34, 35  Joseph Jeggo jun  Overseer
 1837, 40  Joseph Jeggo  Constable
 1842  Thomas Jeggo  Overseer, and Assessor
 1843   Joseph Jeggo  Overseer
 1843   Thomas Jeggo  Assessor
 1844, 46  Joseph Jeggo  Assessor
 1844  Joseph Jeggo jun  Surveyor and Assist. Overseer
 1847, 56  Joseph Jeggo  Overseer  January 1891
 1847-52, 57, 59, 61, 64-70   Joseph Jeggo  Assessor (Land & Assessed Taxes)
 1847 - 74  Joseph Jeggo  Assist. Overseer
 1848  Thomas Jeggo  Overseer
 1849, 50  Thos. Bailey Jeggo   Churchwarden
 1861 - 67  Joseph Jeggo  Surveyor
 1870  Joseph Jeggo  Assessor (Property & Income Taxes)
 1871 - 75  Joseph Jeggo  Assessor (Land, Property & Income Tax)   February 1891
 1878  Golden Jeggo  Overseer
 1882  Golden Jeggo  Assessor (Land, Property & Income Tax) 
 1884, 87  Golden Jeggo  Overseer
 1889  David Jeggo  Overseer

Details of Parish Officials (from May 1891 number)

The date given is the date that they first held office.

David Jeggo  (1889)  Farmer at Hawkwoods.  Son of Mr. Joseph Jeggo of Boones.
Golden Jeggo  (1879)  Farmer and Broom-maker.  Son of Mr. Joseph Jeggo of the Bridge Houses.
Joseph Jeggo, jun.  (1833)  Farmer and Broom-maker, first at Beechleys, afterwards at Bridge Houses.  Died 1875 age 71.  Son of Mr. Joseph Jeggo, sen.
Joseph Jeggo, sen.  (1828)  Tailor and Broom-maker.  Died 1845 age 73.  Monument No. 59.
Thomas Jeggo  (1744)  Farmer at Pudding Croft, afterwards at High Gates and Cut Hedge.  Died 1775.
Thomas Jeggo  (1822)  Farmer at Pear Tree.  Died 1844 age 54.  Monument No. 50.
Thomas Bailey Jeggo  (1848)  Steward to Mr. S. Courtauld at High Garret and Gosfield Hall.  Son of Mr. Thomas Jeggo of Pear Tree.

Note that the magazine gives no details of the early Joseph, official from 1763 to 1777.

First Occurence of Jeggoes in Gosfield

In the November 1891 number of the magazine there is a table listing all surnames found in the parish registers, together with a letter showing in which half-century the name first occurs.

Jeggo first occurs in the second half of the 17th century, i.e., 1650-99.

Juger first occurs in the first half of the 17th century, i.e., 1600-49.

Extracts from Minute Books

From the Vestry Minute Book of the Parish:  "April 17th 1856.  At the vestry held this day for the purpose of considering the proposed alterations of the Church, it was resolved that the alterations proposed are approved" (signed) S. W. Dowell, Basil Sparrow, George Deeks, Josh. Jeggo.  (From the January 1887 number of the magazine.  Dowell was the vicar.)

From the May 1887 number of the magazine:  "On Wednesday, April 27th, a meeting was held at the vicarage to consider the best means of commemorating the Queen's Jubilee in Gosfield.  There were present, Mrs. Sparrow, Mrs. Elliott, Miss Scratton, Miss Courtauld, Mr. Blomfield, Mr. G. Jeggo, Mr. Rankin and Mrs. Smith." ... A committee was set up whose members included Mr. Golden Jeggo.